Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. ~ Eckhart Tolle


Bierstadt_Albert_Sunset_on_the_MountainSunset on the Mountain
by Albert Bier

I’ve been sick the past couple days, something very unusual for me. So we’re revisiting a piece we published long ago.


Have you ever been completely captivated by a beautiful setting—maybe a golden sunset on a mountain, freshly scented air after a soft summer rain, or moonlight over the sea?

One Sunday morning John awakened just before dawn. The nearly full moon was hovering over the rugged mountains to the west. On the eastern horizon the sun, an orange-gold globe, was peeping over the foothills, bathing the summits of the western mountains in an otherworldly glow.

Puffy white clouds raced across the deep blue sky, pushed by a warm wind blowing out of the west. Suddenly the whole valley around him was alive with a golden-amber light. Everything was glowing, transformed as if he’d moved into another dimension.

He stood there amazed at how much beauty there is in your world! You don’t even have to look for it. It’s all around you. No matter where you live—in the city, at the seashore, or in the mountains.

If you will but look for that beauty all around you, knowing in your heart it is there, you will find your life becoming more joyful and peaceful. Look for the beauty everywhere—in the obvious places, as in the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains, the sea. But also get used to looking for it in unexpected places. Look for it everywhere.

One of the best ways to become more aware of your planet’s beauty is to take a walk out in nature. Even if you live in a city, find some trees, flowers, or grass—anything alive and growing. Study its beauty, feel its energy.

You will be uplifted and inspired. Your worries will vanish and you will know all is right with you and your world. You will feel that deep sense of beauty, joy, and power you can find only in the present moment.


In this short video, Eckhart Tolle, author of the best-selling book, The Power of Now, talks about what it means to be present in your own life.

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