Free Will

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Recently, Berna and I were discussing free will. She mentioned that, in fact, we have been given free will to discover that we are doing God’s will.


We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Your will and God’s will are one, they are the same.

“How can that be?” you might ask. “After all, look at all the awful deeds humans have committed over the centuries.”

Great question. How indeed could a good and gracious God ever allow those awful deeds to be heaped upon the heads of his children?

Well, God would not—does not—allow those horrors. But he does not forbid them either.

Remember, he gave you free will. And we just said above your will and God’s will are the same.

The answer to this seeming contradiction is simple.

We’ve said many times, over many years, you are God—every one of you.

Yet you do not always believe that. Many humans do not even know that. And so they act out in the ways you are too familiar with, throughout the world and down through many centuries.

But when you become aware of your true identity (which is GOD) you will act in ways which bless and uplift all living beings, including yourself.

Then your will and God’s will are the same.

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In this video physicist Michio Kaku discusses free will and physics.

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