A prominent stereotype today is homeless people.

In several recent conversations I’ve had with folks about homeless people, the common attitude was, “If they had any ambition, they wouldn’t be homeless. They’re simply irresponsible.”

In other words, it’s their own fault. But is it?

The Canadian organization, New Leaf Project, recently did a research project on homelessness. They gave 115 homeless people $7,500 each. One year later, most of the 115 people had $1,000 in savings, and were able to feed themselves and their families.

Does that sound like the stereotype we just described? Does that sound like irresponsibility? These folks simply needed a helping hand.


You’ve all needed a helping hand at one time or another. Remember your reason for coming to this lifetime—to help your planet move through these dark times into the light beyond.

There are many people—your sisters and brothers the world over—who need your help. That help can take many forms. It does not always have to be money. Though it certainly can be, especially if you are blessed in that way.

But it can also take other forms: your time, your prayers, and, mostly, your love.

You’ve heard it said love is the answer to every problem. You cannot name a problem—whether in your personal lives, in your families, in other of your groups, in the world as a whole—love cannot solve and heal.

The greatest gift is always love.

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This is a powerfully touching video of a homeless man. If you’re like us, it will make you think twice about judging others based only on their appearance.


Last February, Berna and I spent some time among the homeless of New York City. It was a powerfully moving experience both of us will forever remember.

James Twyman, aka The Peace Troubadour, and his friend, Bill Free, organized the event. Jimmy and Bill also created a full-length film based on their travels to New York City. The film is free, but they’re asking everyone who watches it to donate to the homelessness fund they’ve created. Here’s the full movie:

Have you ever seen homeless people up close?

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