Is the World Driving You Crazy? by John Cali

This past week’s newsletter article was Are You Trying To Save the World? Here’s our brief introduction to that article:

Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been hearing a lot from folks having a tough time with what’s happening on our planet today—the wars, corruption, financial collapses, crime, etc. etc. They feel lost and lonely, despairing of ever being able to change things for the better.

Is our world going to hell in a handbasket? Is there any hope, any light at the end of the tunnel?”

This morning I read a disturbing newspaper article about my old neighborhood in Virginia. In the middle of the night a troubled man shot and killed his wife and two teenage sons, and then himself.

Police interviews with the family’s neighbors revealed the husband was generally depressed and distraught about what’s happening in our world today. He was upset about the economy, politics, etc. As one neighbor put it, “He was worried about everything.”

He obviously couldn’t deal with life any longer—the world was driving him crazy. And, as tragic as it is from our human perspective, he decided to kill his family and himself.

Of course, on the soul level, we know these four people co-created this human tragedy. But knowing that doesn’t necessarily ease the pain of those close to them.


Is our world hopeless? Or is it actually becoming more hopeful? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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28 Responses

  1. Ed


    I think as we shine more light on the world, more things that were in the dark become visible. We are seeing that now. This makes it appear that there is more negative, when it is just that we are becoming aware of the negative that was hidden in the dark all along.

    Now that we are seeing what our light is exposing, we can deal with it. This will continue to make news as we move forward, as news has historically focused on the horrific sensation of the moment. But as the light of the world spreads and we deal with everything that was hiding, expect the news to begin focusing on the positive outcome as well.

    We are moving towards world peace, but we have some things to clean up along the way.

    This is an incredible time in our society’s development.
    It is why we all incarnated in this lifetime!

    Fear not!
    Go within, find your peace, become a Light and send it, without expectation or bias, into the world!

    Love & light!

  2. Margaret Unger

    Driving to work, listening to all the accidents on the traffic reports in the morning I remind myself that 4 million of us are safely driving in our city at the same time. Persceptive is all. Decades ago, Seth (J. Roberts) said our respons-ibilty was where we directly intersected with the universe and no where else. Currently we have billions on the earth to anchor the energy and to exacerbate everything so we can see where all the functional and dysfunctional patterns are in our systems (beliefs). Keeping that in mind its not so bad. Persceptive again. If you watch Frontline or History Channel and other documentaries on the past few decades, its amazing to see where our heads were at during those times. As bad as it seems now, peoples attitudes and belief systems are so much better now. I also remind myself that everyone is an authentic portion of source creating the life it wants to explore for its and hence our own growth, experience. I remind myself to trust source. It As Us, is creating all this. Its all good at some level. Presceptive – sometimes like the one death brings always helps to see the larger picture.

  3. Chuck

    I feel since the news media mostly covers tragedies or dramatic events, it looks like everything is going crazy. Nowadays with internet and TV, news is very accessible in 1 minute.

    If the news media covered all the people having a great time then i wonder what people will feel and whether they would even get the thought that that world is going crazy.
    Example last saturday night i went to a piano bar in los angeles. There were more than 100 people, singing along and dancing, and drinking and having such a great time. There were 2 girls getting married and there were handful of birthdays.
    this only on 1 saturday night in a place. There are 1000s and 1000s of restaurants, and families meeting every friday and saturday night. And if media covers that – just imagine!!
    Talk about perspective then!

    • IanB

      Hey Chuck – thanks for that – I have a wonderful image now of mainstream media reporting every time someone has a party or celebrates getting married, an anniversary, passing exams, making a win/win business deal or sale, getting a new car/house/toy/job/partner/clothes or just enjoys a good meal or reading a great book. Imagine? Yes I can! That would be awesome!

      To be fair, our local newspaper (yes, curiosity gets the better of me sometimes!) does report some of these stories, though most are hidden away behind the multiple pages of doom and gloom – and even manages a good news front page headline on occasion. But if these stories dominated the TV, radio and tabloids?

      Part of me says this is just never going to happen, for so many reasons, but on the other hand… there are many thousands of crimes, accidents and tragedies every day but, statistically, only a handful make big news – the number of ‘good’ things that happen must outweigh them hugely, so would it really be any more random and less relevant to most people’s lives to read “family enjoy great meal and go to movies” than “family shot dead”?

      Again, part of me cringes to write that because I’m conditioned to think that that attitude is uncaring. I should be spending time feeling sorry for this group of people, but these other people who are just having a good time and enjoying life are not important. What’s going on there?

      I believe we’re here to find creative ways to express our joy and passions, and to encourage and celebrate other people doing likewise – this is what’s important. I shall continue to shine my light, as best I can, so that others may see their own greatness, and I shall shine it on things that I find joyful.

      So let’s party!

      IanB ~

  4. Karen

    My thoughts on this: Just because it’s easy to over-expose ourselves to hopelessness and negativity doesn’t mean hope, desire, and love are absent. Far from it. I choose to focus on those things that make me feel good, and I continue to see more and more of the same in the world around me.

  5. IanB

    Depends how you look at it I think 😉 Which might sound like a cliche, but I believe it to be true. Seems to me that the world is becoming more polarized – light / dark, ‘good’ / ‘bad’ or hopeful / hopeless, however you wish to name it. And it really does depend on how you view it.

    I don’t know the back-story here, and have no desire to explore it but, from reading the other comments, it sounds as though this is another case of of someone focusing so intently on what is wrong and what could, possibly, go wrong in the future, that they end up living in a world so full of fear and hopelessness that they decide the best thing is to take themselves and their family out of it.

    To the outside observer this might look a successful businessman with plenty of money, material possessions, opportunities, a great family and everything to live for – and on one level this will be completely true, if you choose to look at it like that. And that’s how I see the world – full of opportunity and joy and all manner of wonderful things.

    On the other hand, it’s always going to be possible to focus on how hopeless everything is. What if the government messes up? What if the economy takes another downturn? What if terrorists target us? What if the terrorists are defeated and defense contracts are cut? All these things are possible and, if you choose to focus on them, may well make your world seem hopeless.

    It’s also entirely possible for all those ‘bad’ things to ‘happen’ to someone and for them to experience having plenty of money, material possessions, opportunities, a great family and everything to live for at the same time.

    What’s changing, I think, is not that the world is becoming more of anything, but that it’s getting easier for individuals to experience the extremes. Many people, myself included, think the world is just brilliant, and full of hope and positive expectation. Others are finding the world so terrible and hopeless that they no longer wish to be here. In both cases an outside observer might find these views strange as they don’t always seem to match the external reality observed.

    Our world is not going to hell in a handbasket, unless you choose to believe it is – in which case that becomes true for you. I prefer to be full of hope and unreasonable happiness – and my world is wonderful!

    And it’s not just a case of ignoring all the ‘bad’ stuff or wearing rose coloured glasses. For me this is real. We all need to choose. How do you want your world to be? Full of hope or going to hell? What do you want to experience?

    IanB ~

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Ian! You said it all beautifully and perfectly. Whatever we choose to focus on — the “good” or the “bad” becomes our experience.

    • Barbara

      Absolutely, Ian!

      It’s all perspective, just as my recent experience of my father’s passing was. I was grinning during the funeral when my sister was talking about his love of roses. The messages and scent of roses I’d had since he passed, just made the whole “funeral/loss” thing seem absurd and I could not help but smile.. There is no such thing as death and we never “lose” those we love, we never “lose” anything or anyone. I am closer to him than I ever was in “life”.

      Everything is perspective.

      Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with us all.

      Barbara x

    • Shirl

      It has been my constant mantra for more than 25 years. . .We get what we focus on.
      If we don’t like what’s going on in our life, we need to change our focus, because we ALWAYS get what we focus on. It is the law of attraction.

      Blessings and hugs

  6. deborah

    I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this incident but I have great empathy for this man and his family. I’m sure that was a decision that was very difficult to make. My heart goes out to this man and his wife and children and family left behind. I have no judgement about what he did, I’m sure he felt that was the only choice he could make under those circumstances. Too bad he couldn’t find help.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Deborah. Nor do I have any judgement about this man’s actions. As my spirit guides have often said, we all commit suicide anyway, one way or another.

  7. Rene

    Greetings John and Spirit!!

    It certainly seems we are headed for doom, especially for most that give the media fear base broadcasting importance in their life. But for me. I feel hope and know that the time has come to rid Mother Earth of the evil energies that has strangled her for centuries. I stopped watching TV in 2005, and I have never been a newspaper reader, and only about sports at that. Timely for me, I can accept the craziness that goes on in the world, and allow it to work it’s course. I know who I Am and know why I’m here so much more than 7 years ago. No, the world can never drive me crazy,,,Only I can drive me crazy.

    Blessings and awakening for all!!


  8. Patience

    From what I understand the man who killed himself and his family allegedly had a history of mental illness, apparently his father also killed himself. He was also a wealthy defense contractor who feared losing his income according to the stories I read, so it would seem there was less despair about the state of the world, and more to do with his own future and the burden on his kids regarding the national debt. A lot of fear about money.

    Very tragic.

  9. Stephanie

    I believe the news media has become the most wide-spread ‘terrorists’ in the world today.
    I also believe that watching the news is a CHOICE .. a God-given free-will choice. My choice is NOT to watch the news … especially since I know that whatever I focus upon becomes MORE in my life.

    My job is to love, respect and take care of me … not pay attention to the choices of others across the country or around the globe …
    My goal is to enjoy and appreciate life on planet earth …
    My desire is to be a LIGHTHOUSE … attracting to me those who are of like-mind …

    Meanwhile … may the family and friends of those whose lives were lost gradually and SOMEDAY be able to focus more upon the blessings of knowing these people .. rather than the loss … Sending light and love … Stephanie

  10. jerry

    Hello John and Spirit,

    I have never seen so much drama in all my life as time is coming to an end! But, I feel as the higher frequency energies manifest more and more as the year comes to an end, the outer world has lost it’s facade and showing us our inner world of spirit. ( I just looked at my clock and it showed 3:33 😉 Most people who rely on an exterior god think they will be saved from this mess, but if they go inward, all of the answers are there and it is all perfect!

    Seeing all this drama in the world has helped me immensely! For me, I see how the drama strips energy from everyone unless you, as Jesus said, ‘Ask, Seek, and Knock’. I think its going to get a lot crazier, yet! I think that is why many channels say to hang on to your hats! If we become the ‘observer’, we can just watch it all go by and stay centered.

    All is well,
    Love and Hugs to all,
    Jerry ; )

    P.S. Thanks for all you do and your time, John!!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry. I agree with you on becoming the observer. Chief Joseph, one of my spirit guides, told me recently it’s important for us to become the “peaceful observer” of what’s happening in the world today — and, more importantly, of what’s happening in our own personal and spiritual lives.


  11. Joseph

    The world is in a crisis so they keep saying
    The word crisis means moment of truth
    And also in Chinese it means danger and opportunity
    So it’s a time of danger and immense opportunities
    We just have to get It right now to make th world a worthwhile place to live for us and future generations
    The native American prophecies point of view is that this is a tim of purification to face ourselves and remove the disease the corrupting influences of a decaying old worldview and it’s ways, but some are prepared to fight to the death before giving in to positivity
    All the negativity is literally a dis ease ,but we have to cure ourselves before we can cure the rest of th world and wider humanity
    Maybe humanity is in the bathroom ,you know a bit constipated or whatever
    But the relief of cleansing should be enormous
    Little by little goes a long way etc
    We can turn the world into a refuse dump or clean up our act and create a garden of bliss paradise
    All possible we just have to get into it
    We have to help each other and help ourselves to make the orld a better place we all want and wish for
    There are a lot of positives for instance being able to communicate nd connect like this is a miracle in itself
    We just have to get our act together and not fall prey to the churning negativity that threaten our well being and peace of mind
    Blessings and keep up the good work here
    Glad to be able to connect on this
    Looking forward to what others have to say
    An it is possible to live your dreams you just have to believe in and live up and act on them
    As the great paul Brady song says
    “the world is what you make it”
    God bless yis all

      • Ron

        In order for expansion to exist the better gets better and the worse gets worse.
        So for anyone who is addicted to the negative aspects it only makes sense that what they witness will be worse than ever. So why would anyone go there?
        It is mostly due to programming. When one realizes that, it is called awakening.
        Life is wonderful when I mind my own business.

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