Is the World Driving You Crazy? Part 2 by John Cali

A few days ago we published a blog post called Is the World Driving You Crazy? We got quite a few comments on that post.

One comment in particular caught my attention. I always read them all—and I appreciate the time and energy all of you put into your comments. So thank you for that.

This comment was from our dear friend, Ian Barnfield. I realize not all of you may have seen Ian’s comment. So I wanted to share it with you today.

Ian was replying to our 2 questions in that blog post: Is our world hopeless? Or is it actually becoming more hopeful?

Here’s his comment:

Depends how you look at it I think. Which might sound like a cliche, but I believe it to be true. Seems to me that the world is becoming more polarized—light /dark, “good”/”bad,” or hopeful/hopeless, however you wish to name it. And it really does depend on how you view it.

I don’t know the back-story here, and have no desire to explore it but, from reading the other comments, it sounds as though this is another case of of someone focusing so intently on what is wrong and what could, possibly, go wrong in the future, that they end up living in a world so full of fear and hopelessness that they decide the best thing is to take themselves and their family out of it.

To the outside observer this might look a successful businessman with plenty of money, material possessions, opportunities, a great family and everything to live for—and on one level this will be completely true, if you choose to look at it like that. And that’s how I see the world—full of opportunity and joy and all manner of wonderful things.

On the other hand, it’s always going to be possible to focus on how hopeless everything is. What if the government messes up? What if the economy takes another downturn? What if terrorists target us? What if the terrorists are defeated and defense contracts are cut? All these things are possible and, if you choose to focus on them, may well make your world seem hopeless.

It’s also entirely possible for all those “bad” things to “happen” to someone and for them to experience having plenty of money, material possessions, opportunities, a great family and everything to live for at the same time.

What’s changing, I think, is not that the world is becoming more of anything, but that it’s getting easier for individuals to experience the extremes. Many people, myself included, think the world is just brilliant, and full of hope and positive expectation. Others are finding the world so terrible and hopeless that they no longer wish to be here. In both cases an outside observer might find these views strange as they don’t always seem to match the external reality observed.

Our world is not going to hell in a handbasket, unless you choose to believe it is—in which case that becomes true for you. I prefer to be full of hope and unreasonable happiness—and my world is wonderful!

And it’s not just a case of ignoring all the “bad” stuff or wearing rose-coloured glasses. For me this is real. We all need to choose.

How do you want your world to be? Full of hope or going to hell? What do you want to experience?

P.S. Ian and his partner, Cara Wilde, have a beautiful website and blog, both filled with lots of wonderful spiritual inspiration and information. Please visit them here:


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18 Responses

  1. Micki

    Hi John,
    I am a great believer that you make your own joy and light, by doing so, you spread it around.
    I have always seen the positve side of life and enjoy every moment. I feel that there is always a reason for why things happen to you and how you can make a change for the better.
    Life IS wonderul, if you look for that, so it will be.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and joyful weekend and beyond.
    Love and hugs,

    • IanB

      Thanks Sarah – you’re very welcome 🙂

  2. Joseph

    Everything is always perfect to one’s level of understanding and the accompanying challenges and lessons needed to create a pathway for light to enter. Surrendering, allowance, gratitude and foregiving are the keys to unconditional joy were crazy has no potential and experience is all that is.

  3. jerry


    oh, one more thing = ) .. if the world is driving you crazy… get them away from the steering wheel…. kick them out…. and YOU drive!!!


  4. jerry

    Hi John and Spirit,

    I love the opening of A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens!

    First Line: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way–in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

    Last Line: “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

    Every word ever written… every thought ever thought… is someone’s opinion, someone’s reality. War storied, love stories… it doesn’t matter at all. It is only YOUR experience that is real. No one else knows your thoughts, ideals, or anything about you… not even your family. This goes for ‘MASTERS’, also. Every master is different! They are ‘masters’ because they know they are GOD. That’s all there is to it… you are GOD… so get over it and live.. laugh… and love with all your heart (spirit).

    Love to all

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry. Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorite books.


    • IanB

      Hi Jerry

      Well said! Both you and Mr Dickens. I haven’t read it – an oversight that I think I may attend to soon! (ah, the reading pile grows further 🙂 )

      And I love your last line – I’d like to quote it if I may. Is it yours, or does ‘(spirit)’ indicate that this is a John Cali/spirit quote?

      IanB ~

      • jerry

        Hi IanB

        It just came to me as I was writing… yes, you may use it anytime, Ian!

        Thank-you for your thoughts and to John for posting!


  5. Conshana

    I am not a religious individual: Rather, I see myself as a Spiritual Being, and I further see The Christ as a Masterful Teacher, who could only be the individual He was, and the only One who could give the Message that He did. I don’t see “Salvation” as religious individuals do. THAT all said, where is the Power of the individual, when even religious teachers have said, “You have within you the power that flung the galaxies in their courses !”
    That is one very powerful statement, but where is the proof for its being said?
    In my humble opinion, there are a series of verses, but I’ll list just a few here, for the sake of space and time for the reader. Genesis 1:26-27, “God said, Let US make Man after our image”, which then begs the question, what is God’s Image? In John 4:24, Jesus tells the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well, “God is Spirit, and must be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth”
    We, then, cannot worship in a manner in which we are NOT, therefore we, ourselves are Spirit and Truth ! ( John 10:34 ties to Psalms 82:6 )
    Where is the Kingdom of God? Luke 17:21 tells that “The kingdom of God is WITHIN you !” according to the King James version.
    Why have the Teachers not taught us our true Reality? Control. Fear of loss of control. Power. Greed and Lust for that which is not theirs by right nor privilege !
    We have been denied the Power of the Truth, by those who have used and abused their positions for purposes not in the best interest of their followers !
    Paul said, “Pray without ceasing”. One can only do that, when one has internalized the Love and the Power and the Compassion of the Spirit of God, making one a Companion with the All Powerful Creator God, which is a “right” which religious leaders have denied us since the time, Not just of Christ, but of MOSES and ABRAHAM ! !
    Am I angry at the denigration of the Human by those in supposed “Authority”? Yes. But I feel I have been taught, and been gifted by an even Higher Authority, even as Christ told Pilate – “You have not authority, except it be given you from above”.
    Forgive me the length of this comment, yet, even so, I have MUCH more I could say, and still not say all that could be said !
    Blessings to all,
    I AM Conshana

  6. Karolyn

    I agree with Ian. There are a few humans in my life that I would say are having exceptionally emotional reactions to everything that is swirling around us. I don’t feel the desire to preach but I let it be known that I don’t share their views on what is going on in the world. Sometimes I have hold my hand over my mouth to keep them from seeing me giggle but alas, the mirth also shows in my eyes…… what a game they are choosing to play and I applaud them for it, but it isn’t my game.

    • IanB

      He he – yep, and I spend plenty of time giggling at myself when I manage to unpick some patterns and see the games that I’ve still been playing myself. It’s all learning, and it’s all good fun!

      IanB ~

  7. Shirl

    Great questions. As I observe the world around me I see that many people are confused, fearful and feeling that if it isn’t they who are crazy it is certainly most everyone around them.

    To quote the old joke. . .Is the world driving me crazy? Well, it would be a very short drive. LOL

    There certainly are numerous folk who view my philosophies and spiritual concepts as down right crazy. That’s just fine with me. I do rather a lot of head shaking and repeating of “that’s just where they are along there path at this time.” Love them anyway.

    I truly wish with all my heart others were able to see and experience the beautiful, joyful and extraordinary world that I envision, the one that is just on the other side of that door just across the room, the one that I visit often.

    The potential is astounding. . .we are right there on the threshold of the most amazing and glorious experience we can possibly imagine. I visit there often and am renewed and refreshed and ever encouraged that ALL have the potential to move into that glorious space.

    I keep my space in the 3D realm as the observer and the purveyor of pure loving energy that others may connect to if they choose. It is very wonderful to see how much a smile, a touch, a kind, loving, listening ear can lift another’s energy level. It is also very rewarding to know and understand that whether I ever view any direct impact my sharing of higher, loving energies may have it does make a difference. It is something we all do and share. I am no more special in that aspect than any other may be. It is my chosen service to my earth family members. . .and we are all family in the highest sense of that word.

    Blessings and Hugs

    • IanB

      Hey Shirl – absolutely – the more you bring that light and love into the world, the more you help others shine, which helps us all – so keep shining!

      IanB ~

  8. Patience

    I want my world to be full of hope. Yes, I do see the wonderful things out there and the good that is happening. But I don’t see how this ‘creates’ my world. It creates my limited view of it that is true, editing out what I don’t want to see. I can be in denial of what is going on and focus on the good and be happy (as I was when I was a child, ignorant), but it doesn’t change reality, only my perception of it. The bad things went on when I was a child, I just didn’t know about it.

    Victor Frankl chose his attitude during the Holocaust and survived, but it didn’t change what went on around him. The suffering around him and his suffering was real. What if the rest of the world had just ignored it Hitler? The world is based on actions as well as inaction.

    Based on this statement ‘And it’s not just a case of ignoring all the “bad” stuff or wearing rose-coloured glasses. For me this is real. We all need to choose.’ I would like him to explain how he is NOT ignoring the pain and suffering all around him. If he ‘chooses’ then does the pain and suffering not happen? The person isn’t robbed or killed? If you stop watching TV or reading the paper or visiting countries where people are starving then you are ignoring through your choice. I can choose my reaction to the world and my attitude, that is true and in that way ‘create’ my reality. But if we all go around with blinders on and do nothing to be the change we want in the world we may be in for a rude awakening. Or is this not real and it doesn’t matter if the planet is destroyed. The humans and animals are all actors and there is no real physical pain? I don’t find that to be true when I stub my toe. We are here physically IMHO and we need to fully BE here.

    Or are you saying that I am the only one that is ‘real’ and the planet and animals and other humans are only my creation. Including you? If so then I’d best make some changes.

    • IanB

      Hi Patience 🙂

      Good questions! Bottom line, as I see it: Yes, I’m just an actor in your reality, reading the script you’ve set up for me. And at the same time I have called you into my reality to give myself a chance to refine my understanding and improve my explanation of what I believe.

      You create me and I create you? Mu. I think this only works when you remember that there is no me and you. Yes you create me, but also you are me. We are all one. Bob Scheinfeld’s Busting Loose From The Money Game is good for a mind expanding / head hurting view on this.

      Pain? Yes, I see pain, both physical and emotional, as very real – the difference is whether or not you judge them as bad. From Aurora’s perspective there is no ‘bad’, and that can be hard to see from ‘down here’. If you regard pain as part of your guidance system it can be an indication that you want to choose something different, but it can’t be ‘bad’.

      When you stop seeing people, things and events as separate this guidance can become very real. Why did you stub your toe? Most people would say they were just clumsy, or unlucky, or it was someone or something else’s fault. But you can also ask what happened just before – did you make a decision, criticize or praise yourself? How often have you looked in the mirror and thought “I look good today, I love myself” – and then turned round and stubbed your toe?! Start noticing these things.

      Hitler and the Holocaust – highly emotive subject, and I don’t want to trivialize the pain and suffering that surely took place on a physical level. Yes, Viktor Frankl proved that he could choose his attitude and his his own experience of events but it didn’t change what others experienced. It still happened, but it happened through choice. We are all choosing, actively or by default, and all creating our experience.

      The Holocaust happened because when Hitler spoke people agreed with him and chose to buy in to that reality. Many people were feeling powerless and he offered a way to regain some control of their life and world, or so it appeared, and so they chose to play his game, with horrific results. If everyone had ignored Hitler, if EVERYONE had said ‘I don’t believe that, and I don’t want to do those things’ then for most people he would simply not have existed.

      And what about the people who suffered such horrors, did they choose that? This is where one gets slammed for being insensitive, uncaring and out of touch with ‘reality’, but yes, at some level they must have done or it would never have happened. This is only a problem when you view everything as separate and judge things as good or bad. Remember that, from a Soul perspective, there is no ‘bad’, this is all an adventure!

      Frankl might not have done his great work if the worst suffering he experienced, and had the opportunity to transcend, was a toothache and getting made redundant. Germany and Japan might not have become such industrial and technological giants had they not suffered such defeats. And so on. And no, I’m not espousing the virtues of conflict but of cooperation and conscious creation.

      Phew! This comment’s going to be longer than the original post soon, but hopefully it helps clarify my understanding of this. Here’s a new bottom line: We’re all in this together, as one, but we can only (and should) take responsibility for our own experience. When enough of us decide to choose cooperation over conflict, and love over fear, then the magic really starts – and I believe we’re starting to see it, hence the polarization. No more middle ground, it’s time to pick sides, and I’m going with love.

      IanB ~

      • Patience

        Thank you Ian…I will contemplate this along with much else, including the very existence of Spirit or God. Perhaps it is all an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves to make this life bearable before we disappear forever.

        I find it easier to accept humans deciding to endure what they have chosen on this planet, murder, starvation, torture etc. I find it much harder (more like impossible) to accept the suffering of the animals and other sentient beings at the hands of humans who choose to hurt them. John (passing on the message from Sprit) has told me that the animals DO choose and even though they are being tortured and hurt in ways beyond comprehension, they are experiencing what they chose. I’m working on assimilating that.
        I guess I am too confined in my physical self with its ability to experience excruciating pain to understand why an animal would chose to be burned alive (as they are doing to leopards in India) by humans (guided by their soul choices?) who do such things. I have been told there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it is only there because we judge it so. Again my ‘head’ can get it, but my heart still says that to deliberately cause the suffering of another living being is evil.
        Shakespeare said all the world is a stage and we are actors. Perhaps it is so, but from my point of view as director a lot of the actors are not following direction!

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