Lessons I Learned From A Bar of Soap

Well, here we go again with another of our weird titles.

Many years ago, my fourth grade teacher had us do a brief experiment for her science class.

Two students stood facing each other. One closed her eyes. The other held a strong-smelling bar of soap under the nose of the student with the closed eyes.

The teacher instructed the student with the closed eyes to let the class know when the other student had removed the bar of soap.

After a minute or so, she said it had been removed. But it was still there.

I don’t know what the scientific explanation is. But the teacher’s point was, after a minute or so, the student’s sense of smell no longer detected the soap. Yet the soap was still there.


This story of the bar of soap is powerful because it so clearly depicts many of the experiences you’re having in today’s world.

Basically, you’ve become blinded to the world as it really is. You can see this in so many experiences you have every day.

How often do you truly see that next-door neighbor? You may notice her or him, but do you really see the person? You probably have no idea what’s going on in their lives. They may be enduring a blinding tragedy, or experiencing a deeply joyful time.

But you likely never notice. Just like the bar of soap.

Our point here today, dear friends, is to urge you to see, truly see, the world around you—the people around you, the animals and plants around you, the sky, the mountains, the seas—everything.

Notice it all. Appreciate it all while you can. It won’t be there forever. Nor will you.

The Creator placed all this beauty here for your benefit, to enjoy and to immerse yourselves in. If all you see is the “darkness” (or what you consider darkness), you’re missing the whole reason you are here, the whole reason God/Goddess gave you this gift of life.

Copyright © 2021 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


In this short video, British author Jay Shetty, shows us the beauty all around us, but which we often fail to see.

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