Life’s Eternal Questions #2

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. . .the meaning of life is the most urgent of questions. ~ Albert Camus



This week we’re continuing our question-and-answer series.


I think I once heard Abraham (Hicks) say that when someone is victim in a life-ending accident or crime, the consciousness pulls itself back just before the real experience, so that the human (body) doesn’t feel anything of it. I find that a very comforting thought.

I would love to hear Spirit’s perspective on this.


That is generally exactly what happens (though not always) in the case of a human or an animal dying.

You (human or animal) are always being watched over and cared for by your spirit or soul. Although physical life is just an illusion your human minds have created, it can seem very real and very painful.

With animals, however, they know physical life is just an illusion. So they live fully in the present moment with deep joy. Since they are always consciously aligned with Spirit, in life or in death, they are great role models for humans.



From a spiritual perspective, what is the explanation for the phenomenon of bisexuality?


Here is a summary of what we have said over the years about bisexuality, and sexuality in general:

  • All sexual orientations are right and good.
  • You are all a combination of masculine and feminine aspects, with one generally being the predominant aspect.
  • There is no cause or justification for condemning or judging one who chooses a homosexual or gay lifestyle.
  • All relationships, sexual or not, are always for the highest good of all concerned.
  • You focus too much on the sexual aspects of yourselves, and not enough on your true nature.
  • Your true nature, what and who you are, is pure love.
  • Love transcends sexuality and all the other “differences” you perceive among yourselves.
  • Love embraces all those differences.
  • Love is the choice to see God in yourselves and all others.
  • When you love in that way, there are no differences.
  • Then you will see yourselves and all others as God and we see you.
  • We see you as bright and beautiful beings of light, for that is what you truly are.
  • When you see yourselves and others—and all that is—through our eyes, through the eyes of God, you will have returned to your true essence, which is love.



How would you summarize the purpose of life in one sentence?


Find joy in every present moment.


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Here is a short, powerful talk by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on the meaning of life.


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  1. George

    Yes; I do usually look for joy in every present moment but sometimes I get distracted. Thanks for the reminder. Love, George

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, George. I think most of us get distracted now and then.

      Love, Johnny

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