Trust your angels to catch your wish and bring it to you in a delightfully surprising way. ~ Doreen Virtue

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Over the years many of our readers have asked about angels. I personally have been fascinated by the subject ever since I was a little boy. I still remember my mother reading angel stories to us at bedtime.

Today we’re featuring an article by my dear friend, Mary Ellen, aka “Angel Scribe.” She’s a talented writer and widely published in several different areas, including angels.

Manifesting Angels

And so, it came to pass,
the Angels descend to earth.
and made themselves known.

They left feathers at people’s feet.

They appeared in cloud formations,
they left pennies on people’s paths,
like business cards….
….for us to see they had indeed passed this way.

And people still questioned.

They asked:

  • “Do you think it was an Angel Cloud?”
  • “Or my imagination?”
  • “What bird would drop a feather here?”
  • “Why do I keep finding pennies?”

All the while discounting the Angels’ presence,
and discounting their support.

Angels must have sacks full of it to work with questioning skeptics.

Folks who want to know about the Angels’ presence,
then neglect the presents left at their very feet.

And when a miracle happens,
do you discount it,
and call it a coincidence?

A synchronicity?

… and miss the very fact that God’s Divine energy is still every day present,
and in good/God working order.

If you ask to see,
if you ask to work with Angels,
expect them to show up
and offer their assistance and guidance,
and believe in it.

Let someone else be the skeptic whose mind neutralizes the miracles.

It is your job to believe.

You asked for Angels.
Believe in them enough to know they will manifest in any way they can.


Copyright © 2014 by Mary Ellen, “Angel Scribe”


In this video, Do Guardian Angels Exist? ABC News interviews John Geiger, author of the book, The Third Man Factor. The interview probably raises more questions than it answers.

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