Perspective Is Everything by John Cali

The comments we got in response to our last blog post, Hell on Earth, turned into a lively discussion on perspective. I found it curious to read all the various perspectives on perspective.

As we all know, our personal perspective can influence our lives positively or negatively.

Here’s a magnificent real-life example of how our perspective can powerfully and positively influence our lives. This one will probably bring tears to your eyes.

Over the years my spirit guides have talked many times about how perspective — the way we choose to view our lives, no matter how “good” or “bad” those lives may be — can either sink us or help us swim. Here are a few bits of their wisdom.


Craig, that young man in the video, is a magnificent example of seeing yourself through the eyes of God, through the perspective of Spirit. He doesn’t consider his “disability” limiting in any way. In fact, it’s freed him to be more of who he really is than he might otherwise have been.

If you see painful situations from your higher self’s perspective, your pain will go away. Only love remains — and freedom.

Changes or “disabilities,” painful and difficult as they may appear from your human perspective, are always for your highest good. If you could see you as we do, you’d never have another “bad” day again.

God never judges you — you do a very good job of that all by yourself. Be easy on yourself. Love yourself. Then you will find the joy and freedom you came to this lifetime to experience. Your perspective is everything.


What are your thoughts about Craig and others like him? Are these folks really “disabled?” Or is it just the rest of us who are disabled by our self-imposed restrictions — by our limited perspectives? Please share with us below.

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  1. anny

    Hallo John,

    I bookmarked this post of yours and I just happened to check this bookmark tonight to see what it was.

    I also just happened to receive a link yesterday from a friend from the USA (our former neighbor in Israel) about the fabulous young man I wrote about in my comment to this post and whose name I had forgotten.

    I do not believe in just coincidence so here it is for you to check out:



  2. anny

    I think Craig most definitely is not disabled. I gather he can do pretty much everything everybody else can do. Except, he had to try so much harder to get there and he definitely had to switch his perspective. So in effect I think he is far ahead of most of us but he gives so much inspiration for us to overcome our own disabilities too.

    I know of at least one other young man exactly like him (with the same ‘disability’) who goes out and gives motivational speaches. I forget his name but I encountered him twice through films on You Tube.

    And then there is this young man who did not have any birth defects but got caught in a horrible fire in a carseat when he was only two years old. For months they never thought he would make it and they had to do one amputation after another and maybe he even got blind or deaf. He got burnt all over except for the place that was covered by his wet diaper.
    Still he grew up to be very positive and grateful and allowing. He is now a very loving young man who got married and lives as normal a life as possible and he also works at inspiring other people.

    All three of them live in America (USA or Canada) and are religious I think. So we should not write off religion too soon when it can inspire people to a life like they live.



  3. Micki

    Hi John,

    That is what I would call the true “Human” “Spirit” WOW!! what a beautiful person.
    Thank you once again John for bringing this to us all.

    Love and hugs.


    • John Cali

      I agree, Micki — he’s a beautiful soul, and a great role model for all of us.

      Love & hugs,

  4. Monica

    Disabled physically … or is that Enabled spiritually…?

    your perspective….
    with love

  5. Cinda Miller

    I think that Craig is a great big angel that was sent to this earth to encourage us and to help us feel that we can accomplish more than we think. He is a blessing to all of mankind and one of God’s greatest joys.

    It was heart warming to see all those at the end of the swim cheering him on and feeling proud to be a part of his achievement. Wish we could feel that way toward all mankind, we could end war and life on earth would be heaven.

    Thank you for sharing such a touching video.

    Much love,

  6. Chris

    PHEW!!! What an inspiration! This is not to minimize in any way his phenominal accomplishments BUT this Incredible Soul has never known life in any other way.
    My concern are those who’s lives have been smacked with disabilities, dis-ease, pain, that hit them in the middle, so to speak of their lives. These are the Souls who, I think, have perhaps a greater challenge. They wake up each day with the remembrance of a life “before.”
    I know that there are many, many of them who have adapted and would profess that their lives are better now as they appreciate so much more in their lives. Of course, I speak from personal experience and, though I know how abundantly blessed I am in so many ways, I would so like to wake up tomorrow free of an unseen yet chronic, for over 20 years anyway, condition that has baffled the medical community, allopathic and otherwise. Questions,Comments, Suggestions are all welcome.

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