Politics As Usual by John Cali

I know this isn’t exactly a “spiritual” subject. But, on the other hand, everything is spiritual.

I don’t pay much attention to politics and political news because it’s often so negative and adversarial. You know, politics as usual. This is especially true of my country, the United States. And it’s probably true of other countries.

I do not belong to any political party, nor do I have any political convictions. So I’m impressed when I see a US politician willing to go up against his own party in the name of decency and fairness. US Senator John McCain is such a politician.


What are your thoughts? Please share with us below.

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9 Responses

  1. Judith Anderson

    Mr McCain is one of my Senators, and I am a very political person and frequently disagree with him. He often behaves with political expediency and no integrity at all. (Check out the Keating Five scandal.)

    However, he has these rare moments of integrity that show the core of who he could be if he were honest with himself. Which is probably true of most of us.

    He is also obviously a wonderful father and has raised a daughter who is a woman with great integrity and purpose.

    ~Judith Marie

    • Judith Anderson

      It is several hours later, and I continue to be bothered by this discussion.

      I find it appalling that doing the right thing is so rare in Congress that doing so is seen as a sign of integrity and courage.

      It should be the norm, not an aberration.

      I was brought up to always speak up when there is an injustice or racist statements, for not doing so seems to be tacit agreement. It can be very difficult to do, but I saw my own father, who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, do so over and over again, and I have tried to model myself after him. And, living in AZ, I get far more opportunities than I would wish for.

      I am glad that McCain said what he did, but it was what he and his fellows should have been saying all along.

      ~Judith Anderson

  2. Grant Connolly

    There is a very apt joke I heard once that says it all…

    Question: Why don’t Sharks eat Politicians?

    Answer: Professional courtesy.

    John McCain does not fall into this category. I can’t say I agree with many of his views but I do admire the man. He is my idea of a true American Hero.

  3. Joseph

    Mr McCain is a paradox yet a core of integrity lies below his unique perceptions. Our friends from the Galactic Federation have been channeling information these past few years that humanity will be moving, must move, into integrity to ascend into the higher vibrations, where anything less cannot exist. They have recently also mentioned that those of a ‘dark nature’ have been contacted and made aware that their ways are no longer to be tolerated so they must surrender to the light or suffer the consequences.
    It has also been reported that many complied, some still resist, and some have chosen to transition presently or in the near future. It was also mentioned that some of those who have transitioned have had ‘walk-ins’ of higher light take over their body.
    Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, it has been suggested, may be one who has ‘seen the light’. Is John McCain another? It will be interesting to see life’s dramas unfold in these coming months and years.

  4. Ron

    It seems to me that pretty well the only time I hear from politicians is when there is an imminent election. I fully endorse communication between them and the electorate but it is rare.
    Even in this case there is an upcoming election and I can well imagine that it could be in some sneaky way motivated by his greed for power or just plain habit, just like the rest of us.
    Channellers often speak out with integrity but believe it or not their credibility among the masses is little to none. I would say that an inspirational speaker from whatever background is not forthcoming. This cannot happen till one is imagined and therefore wanted. Maybe that would be a good subject for a movie and it could change the tide, but who is going to invest their millions in such a one? Hope in man’s heart eternally springs.

  5. Patience

    Yes, I think he has integrity. He may believe differently than I do on issues, but that belief is based in an honest conviction and not greed, self-interest or fear from what I can tell.
    I try and avoid watching politics as well, but the negative energy is all around and I do feel the potential for suffering of humans, the planet and the animals as greed and fear gain hold and influence so many of the decisions of all politicians. So much time spent blaming someone else and posturing. Ego, ego, and more ego.
    But of course I am not immune to ‘ego’ either. It all makes my head spin!

  6. Sam

    I often disagree with McCain on many of his positions but I felt much gratification and gratitude when he took this stance. Whether or not I agree with him on his politics, he appears to be a man of integrity and that’s rare these days.

    • John Cali

      I agree, Sam — he is definitely that relatively rare politician who has integrity.

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