Reader Question: How Does the Changing Energy of This Time Affect Us Physically? by John Cali

A while back a reader asked us that question. Here’s her full question:

I do have a question. It is about the changing energy of this time and how it affects us physically. I have been reading quite a few blogs that say we may be feeling tired or less than our usual selves because of adjusting to the increasing energy/vibration of this year and I wasn’t sure how to think about it.

Are we (as Abraham sometimes says) making too much of all of this? I was wondering what Spirit’s thoughts are about changing energies.


We would agree with Abraham — you do sometimes blow this thing out of proportion.

There’s no question the energies, the vibrations of your time and your world, are changing. You’ve heard many say the consciousness of humanity is rising, often very rapidly. That is certainly true.

The old ways are falling apart because they no longer work. You’re seeing this with your governments, churches, financial institutions, etc. — and in your own personal lives.

Times certainly are changing!

But think about this for a moment — there has never been a time in your human history when there was no change — never. Sometimes the change came slowly, sometimes swiftly. But there has never not been change.

Also, remember all change — no matter how it appears to your human minds — is good. It’s all good.

You want to grow, don’t you? You can grow only through change. Change is inevitable. Growth is inevitable.

If you take the perspective we’ve just described, you will move more easily though the changing energies of your world today.

Yes, there may be times when you feel tired or less than your usual selves. But your “usual selves” are changing too. The tiredness is temporary. But change is not.

Go with the flow, be easy on yourselves. Then you will move more easily through these times. And you will do it with joy — and with the sure knowing it’s all for your highest good.

All is well.


What are your thoughts about the changing energy? Please share with us below.

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  1. Wendy Iredale

    Thanks John, that was really helpful. Spirit always gets right at the heart of the matter and it feels really right. Spirit and Abraham often seem to be very similar in what they have to say to us and that’s fun for me. Think I will put up a sign for myself with ‘all is well’ on it so I don’t get distracted! 😉

    thanks again,

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Wendy! Glad it helped. I like your idea of posting that sign on yourself. 🙂


  2. Rene

    Thank you John and Spirit. One of the spiritual guides has said, “the only thing constant is change”. And I agree, if things didn’t change. What would we have learned. I personally feel more attacks mentally, testing what I believe in and how committed I am. Staying in the eye of the storm especially to day means also increasing ones vibration to higher ones. With all the bombardment from all sources. My higherself return me back in line somehow daily. I just say, Thank you!

    Peace on Earth

  3. John Cali

    Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your thoughts. I think we do have “our own personal frequency modulators” — certainly meditation is one of those. We do indeed cling to what we know, often to our detriment.


  4. beachdrifter

    It’s a wonderful answer from Spirit, and since the reader talked about Abraham, I’d like to add that there really is no such “energy of this year” that causes tiredness within you, but rather you not (fully) keeping up with your own expansion. It’s all about your own perception, or perspective, in the moment.

    You can live a very content life in “this year”, maintaining your balance pretty easily, not expanding that much, thus not having to reach far beyond where you are, and so tiredness wouldn’t be your experience. Or you could go for a more exciting journey that includes periods where you have to reach much further, where you can’t keep up as easily…but that’s all up to you, and not dictated by the world at large.

    And I think that why the blog posts he read didn’t fully resonate with him – because they seem to attribute the cause of the tiredness to something happening “out there”, which puts you in a reactive position, rather than the truly creative stance that you’re really about.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for your comments. I agree — if we abdicate our own personal responsibility, then we make ourselves “victims” of whatever is “out there.”

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