A while back a reader asked us that question. Here’s her full question:

I do have a question. It is about the changing energy of this time and how it affects us physically. I have been reading quite a few blogs that say we may be feeling tired or less than our usual selves because of adjusting to the increasing energy/vibration of this year and I wasn’t sure how to think about it.

Are we (as Abraham sometimes says) making too much of all of this? I was wondering what Spirit’s thoughts are about changing energies.


We would agree with Abraham — you do sometimes blow this thing out of proportion.

There’s no question the energies, the vibrations of your time and your world, are changing. You’ve heard many say the consciousness of humanity is rising, often very rapidly. That is certainly true.

The old ways are falling apart because they no longer work. You’re seeing this with your governments, churches, financial institutions, etc. — and in your own personal lives.

Times certainly are changing!

But think about this for a moment — there has never been a time in your human history when there was no change — never. Sometimes the change came slowly, sometimes swiftly. But there has never not been change.

Also, remember all change — no matter how it appears to your human minds — is good. It’s all good.

You want to grow, don’t you? You can grow only through change. Change is inevitable. Growth is inevitable.

If you take the perspective we’ve just described, you will move more easily though the changing energies of your world today.

Yes, there may be times when you feel tired or less than your usual selves. But your “usual selves” are changing too. The tiredness is temporary. But change is not.

Go with the flow, be easy on yourselves. Then you will move more easily through these times. And you will do it with joy — and with the sure knowing it’s all for your highest good.

All is well.


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