That title was a question a reader asked us recently.


Many humans think of heaven as a place. Just as those who believe in hell think of it also as a place. But where do you think those places would be? They are certainly not physical places because you cannot take your physical bodies with you after you die.

Let us say this: Heaven is whatever you want it to be. After all, you do create your own realities while you are on your physical earth in your physical bodies. So too do you create your experiences after physical death.

Life and death — they are part of the same spectrum of your eternal selves. You come and go throughout eternity.

Heaven is not a reward you earn for living a good life. Nor is hell a punishment for your sins. We’ll go so far as to say heaven and hell do not exist — at least as you think of them.

The closest you can come to heaven, whatever, you imagine it to be, is when you leave your physical bodies. You then return home to your spirits. That is heaven.

But you can also get glimpses of heaven on earth when you are aligned with your spirits — for example, through meditation.

As for hell, that also is your own creation. But you can experience it only while in your physical bodies, when you become misaligned with your spirits. That is hell.

You can live in heaven or you can live in hell. It’s your choice.

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