Remembering Violence and Terror by John Cali

You may recall it was 10 years ago this month the Washington, DC area in the United States was terrorized for 23 days by mysterious, random sniper shootings. Before the police found the two killers, 3 people were wounded and 10 killed. All 13 were strangers to the killers.

At that time I was temporarily living in the Washington area. I clearly remember the energy of fear and terror, as the whole metropolitan area was brought to its knees. Schools were turned into fortresses. People hid in their homes, terrified to venture out, especially into exposed public places.

This month the Washington Post newspaper is running a series of articles recalling those terrifying 23 days. They’ve been interviewing folks who were directly affected by the murders. They even interviewed the one killer who remains alive. (The other was executed a few years ago.)

We don’t normally talk at length about these kinds of subjects in this newsletter. But we’re making an exception today.

I know there’s a lot we consider “wrong” or “evil” going on in our world today. We’ve been talking about that in a few recent blog posts. But there are also a lot of kind, compassionate people doing good all over the planet. That fact is not highlighted much in the news media. But the “bad” stuff, like the Washington murders, gets front-page headlines—even now, 10 years later.

My question is: What good is it doing for the Washington Post or anyone else to re-create and re-live those 23 days of terror? Is that what we want to spend our time doing? I do not.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts.

One individual standing alone in her/his own power is a far greater force than millions and millions mired in the muck of the mass consciousness. One person, standing alone, is that powerful when he/she is fully connected to the spirit they truly are.

When you stand in this place of connectedness and alignment, you are more powerful than all the legions of armies and governments that have ever existed on your planet.

And yet you often immerse yourselves in what’s “wrong” with the world. There’s never really been anything wrong with your world. It is simply the physical expression of the experiences you’ve collectively chosen to create for yourselves.

It will benefit you immensely if you look for whatever feels good to you in your world. There’s far more good than “bad” out there. Do not allow yourselves to be force-fed a diet of everything the news media tell you is wrong, whether past or present. Deliberately, consciously seek out the good. It will uplift and inspire you.

And never immerse yourselves in past pain and sorrow, as John spoke about. We are not saying to ignore pain and sorrow of those who endure events such as those in the Washington area 10 years ago. We want you to have the greatest compassion for them. But we do not want to see you reliving their pain and terror.

Instead focus on what you can do to help heal your wounded world, and those people still suffering. Instead of reliving the pain of the past, look ahead to all the good you can create in the future. Your painful memories are not worth reliving. Your loving thoughts can heal your own personal lives and the world.

Remember how powerful you, one human standing alone, are.


What are your thoughts? Please share with us below.

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19 Responses

  1. Ed

    Not to make light of the past, but maybe the point here is that our world is making progress faster than we know towards enlightenment. If things were really getting worse, the media would be headlining those current events. They are not, which suggests there are less sensational tragic events going on.

    I think we will see more rerunning of old tragedies, in the shortage of new ones, until the media begins focusing on our triumphs. They too need to go through an adjustment phase, which will likely only happen as the old vibration writers are replaced by the new.

    Change in our linear timeline appears so slow, but when you consider eternity, it is all happening in a blink of an eye.

    To the writer Lynn. I must agree with you in that there is no “god” in the religious sense. We are the gods. Each of us has chosen everything in the life we have for a purpose. Our challenge is remembering what our purpose is, and living it.

  2. Lynn

    Thank you for your response below to my post, John.

    I have learned the two most positive virtue’s in life are lying and denying. These qualities are very acceptable in society and honored.

    John you wrote a post awhile back about activism. You said fighting against something, creates more fighting. But standing up for something, is the way forward.

    Today I vow to stand up for all women who have been affected by a society that loves, liars and deniers. A society were religion and spirituality make women second class citizens. A society that gives rich and famous people entitlements, others do not get.

    When people think certain actions are ok for one woman, but not their daughters, granddaughters and other women, that brings up a red flag for me. If an action is ok, for one woman, it should be ok for all. Otherwise it is not ok.

    John you have also talked about how sacrificing, is not in your vocabulary. It is not in mine, also. Society believes to get something good or reach a goal, you have to sacrifice. What a bunch of BS! People love to make up their own rules as they go along in life and change them when needed. That amuses me to no end.

    It is never ok to sabotage a woman’s life or put a micro-chip inside a woman, because you are a control freak. When your life is not affected by violence, you cannot understand what it feels like. I don’t believe we create all that happens in our life. Other people’s projections and thoughts effect us and our lives immensely. The one thing you have control over, is your attitude and response to what goes on in your space.

    I stand up for all women that are being oppressed by others. May they find the strength and courage to stand up to their oppressors. Even your own family, may not have your best interest in mind. That is a family you need to cut ties with. Anyone that thinks you have to sacrifice to get something or someone, is not in your best interest. Sacrifice is NOT in my vocabulary!

  3. Chuck

    I really loved what spirit said:
    “One individual standing alone in her/his own power is a far greater force than millions and millions mired in the muck of the mass consciousness. One person, standing alone, is that powerful when he/she is fully connected to the spirit they truly are.”
    thanks John for the post.

  4. Joseph

    The more I grown in awareness the more of what I believe conflicts with the ‘normal’ perspective, which would choose to shun me for my current views on many subjects. Like Spirit, I would never consider bringing up any past memory containing negativity. Simply put, the basic Law Of Attraction would apply in these cases so what you are focusing on is what you will be attracting. The Universe loves you so completely and unconditionally that it wishes to give you – send back to you – exactly the same energy of what you are focusing on. And because the Universe is neutral, it does not know the difference between positive or negative – it only knows love, thus lovingly gives you what it sees you choosing to experience.
    This concept is foreign to most at this time, but once it becomes more universally know and accepted mankind will learn and know that holding only positive, loving thoughts is the only way to change the world to what everyone says is their ultimate goal – Peace in their hearts.
    For God’s sake (and you are God) stop revisiting the negative past experiences for they not only rekindle judgment, fear, and hatred, they reopen old wounds that time is trying to heal.

  5. Lynn

    I have been reading your posts for at least 10 years. A friend in Lake Tahoe guided me here. I use to be a very religious person, but through great challenges, have come to believe there is no god. I still read your posts, just take out the spiritual part.

    Do you believe that people should be accountable for their actions, if they greatly harm others? Or should we just allow these people to get away with their violence? My father sold me to a Muslim man, who has been entitled to terrorize my life, for at least 10 years, behind my back like a coward. So many people have been a part of utterly terrorizing my life, it is mind boggling. This is an evil man, an evil situation and so many people continue, to allow this to go on.

    I believe people need to be accountable for their actions, especially when they continue to do evil deeds. Otherwise you create monsters. Monsters are told they can do whatever they want, without consequences.

    • John Cali

      I’m not sure how you can take the spiritual part out of our posts. 🙂 But thanks for sticking with us for 10 years.

      Yes, I believe people “should be” accountable for their actions — but I suspect not in the same way you do. There is no “higher power” that judges or condemns us. We do a pretty good job of that ourselves. However we all reap what we sow. So the results of our actions, “good” or “evil,” will always return to us in one form or another.

      “Evil” is a loaded word, and it all depends on your perspective. I do not believe there is an objective “evil” out there. I would ask you to consider whether you are really a victim — or if you have control over your own life.

    • beachdrifter

      Lynn, one thing is certain, if there is someone who terrorizes another, the one who terrorizes is, for the most part, feeling just as bad as the one being terrorized. In fact that’s the only reason why he lashes out in whatever way that he does. It’s a misguided attempt to just feel a little better, a little less powerless, a little less insecure. Don’t let outward appearances deceive you. The consequences you’re demanding are right there.

      But that doesn’t really help you, does it? You sound pretty fed up with whatever has been happening to you, so there’s no doubt in my mind that you will find your own way to take your power back. I’m rooting for you!!!

  6. Shirl

    It is an interesting thought for me. Sometimes it seems that I have been blessed with a uniquely different life experience than most others. Surely I don’t know why, but I suspect in my pre-incarnation planning with the counsel for this lifetime I suggested the best way this tender heart would be able to make it through this turbulent and often confusing excursion into 3D would be if were able to bring in certain KNOWINGS that I could be steadfastly anchored to.

    I certainly have had those knowings about several important things. I have always known that there is a Divine Higher Power, the All That Is, that has a divine plan and order for us here on this planet at this time. Never have I doubted that.

    I have always known as one who is a part of All That Is I can and always should have a conversation with that Divine Higher Power about any of the things that are confusing, frustrating, or indiscernible to me. I have done that in an ongoing way since I was 15. Lots of conversations.

    I have always known that there is a continuum of light that we all journey upon. At any given point in our journey here we may be more towards the lesser light end of that continuum or moving joyfully along more towards the higher light point. Each of us is just where we are in this now moment and through our intent we may progress exponentially towards the greater Light. It is always our choice.

    The one that pertains especially to your question is this: I have always KNOWN, as I know now, that I AM DIVINELY PROTECTED. Nothing can ever harm the I AM that I AM that is the true me. So I have lived a life without fear. I have often smiled and said, “What is the worst that could happen? Someone or something could kill this physical body?” For me that has never been a fear. How ever I leave this earth plane it makes no difference at all. And this physical body is just the “home” that my spirit essence resides in for this small space of time.
    So. . .if the physical body quits living. . . (Big Smile). . .I am just on my way home. Home. Home, a place that I have longed for all of the 72 years I’ve been here.

    Many people have challenged me about my “belief” or actual knowing that there is never any need for fear. I just haven’t personally ever experienced real fear. It is a great way to live a life. Fear brings us nothing but discordant vibration. It disturbs our focus. And when we focus on fearful things and negative possibilities, that is indeed what we call to us. WE ALWAYS GET WHAT WE FOCUS ON. It is the law. The law of attraction. That which is like unto itself is drawn.

    If ever there is a circumstance where someone is feeling in a state of emergency, they surely would want me to be there because I go immediately to a state of deep calm and clear thinking. It has happened many times over the years. I am always the one that brings calm and resolution to the situation.

    That does not mean I am anyone more special than any other. All could experience things just as I do if they chose it, If they touched that deep knowing place within.

    What you truly know is the reality you create for yourself.

    I do not deride or judge those who do experience fear. They are just where they are and that is a perfectly perfect place for them to be. We all can choose to change. . .or not. None is greater or lesser than any other.

    Blessings and Hugs

  7. Julia

    HI John,

    I am back living in Northern Virginia and we get the Washington Post every day and I totally missed that they were doing this. Probably because I only read the comics in the Style Section most of the time.

    In many ways it seems like this area never recovered from the events of that time, both the snipers and 9-11. It’s a fear-filled place, or seems so to me. For whatever reason there sure are a lot of cranky people living here now.

    So, maybe these articles are a good thing. Maybe looking back, seeing how it was a one of a kind event, something that hasn’t happened again, will lance the boil of the fear. Maybe it will bring it back up so it can be expunged from the areas collective consciousness. Maybe it will allow the healing to begin. I hope so.

    I remember that time vividly but probably not for the same reason as many others do. At the time, they thought that the snipers were using a white van. I was the catering manager at a barbeque restaurant at the time and our delivery van was a plain white van. Every time I pulled out of the parking lot to make a delivery, within a few minutes, I was pulled over. I had a bubble of solitude me around everywhere I went, as other drivers sought shelter in distance, even on I-66 and I-95 which are normally slightly mobile parking lots. Every time I parked people would stop, or duck behind cars or turn and go back into whatever building was closest to them until I hopped out. I was denied access into parking lots where I was making deliveries until they had fully inspected the vehicle. If it happened now there’s be a website for the emotional support of people who drive white vans, or a petition against the persecution of people who drove white vans but back then, it was just insane. I had one delivery to Walter Reed and it took me 3 1/2 hours to get through their security because it included bomb sniffing dogs and the smells from the barbequed meat threw them off their game.

    I remember thinking at the time how thankful I was that I hadn’t done anything truly stupid in high school, that I’d lived a legally clean life.

    So, maybe this is a truly Good thing. Maybe it will help everyone to relax their guard a bit. To come off of the Red Alert on the Terrorism Attack Scale. Maybe it will help remind everyone that not everyone is your enemy, not everyone is to be feared and it’s okay to smile once in a while. That’s my hope.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Julia, for sharing your thoughts and experiences during those 23 days.

  8. Marilyn

    John, thank you so much for this uplifting post today. As a resident, I remember quite well those events in Washington; they felt quite terrifying, I recall. Spirit’s words are a great comfort, and help me feel stronger in my own work to make the good in the world stronger for myself and everyone, to the best of my ability and understanding. Blessings to you and yours!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Marilyn. I think those events are etched in the minds of those of us who lived through the 23 days. It sure wasn’t fun!


      • Patience

        I just have a bit of mischief in me today so had to jump in. Spirit says we are here to have ‘fun’ I seem to recall and yet I can understand why those 23 days were not fun. And yet from what I read it was created by the folks who lived (and did not) live though it.
        My head is spinning…thinking too much!
        However I am feeling a bit lighter. Focusing on the good and seeking a connection with Spirit. To assure myself Spirit is real I think.
        Unity has a phrase that helps me at times, ‘Let Go, Let God’.

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