You may recall it was 10 years ago this month the Washington, DC area in the United States was terrorized for 23 days by mysterious, random sniper shootings. Before the police found the two killers, 3 people were wounded and 10 killed. All 13 were strangers to the killers.

At that time I was temporarily living in the Washington area. I clearly remember the energy of fear and terror, as the whole metropolitan area was brought to its knees. Schools were turned into fortresses. People hid in their homes, terrified to venture out, especially into exposed public places.

This month the Washington Post newspaper is running a series of articles recalling those terrifying 23 days. They’ve been interviewing folks who were directly affected by the murders. They even interviewed the one killer who remains alive. (The other was executed a few years ago.)

We don’t normally talk at length about these kinds of subjects in this newsletter. But we’re making an exception today.

I know there’s a lot we consider “wrong” or “evil” going on in our world today. We’ve been talking about that in a few recent blog posts. But there are also a lot of kind, compassionate people doing good all over the planet. That fact is not highlighted much in the news media. But the “bad” stuff, like the Washington murders, gets front-page headlines—even now, 10 years later.

My question is: What good is it doing for the Washington Post or anyone else to re-create and re-live those 23 days of terror? Is that what we want to spend our time doing? I do not.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts.

One individual standing alone in her/his own power is a far greater force than millions and millions mired in the muck of the mass consciousness. One person, standing alone, is that powerful when he/she is fully connected to the spirit they truly are.

When you stand in this place of connectedness and alignment, you are more powerful than all the legions of armies and governments that have ever existed on your planet.

And yet you often immerse yourselves in what’s “wrong” with the world. There’s never really been anything wrong with your world. It is simply the physical expression of the experiences you’ve collectively chosen to create for yourselves.

It will benefit you immensely if you look for whatever feels good to you in your world. There’s far more good than “bad” out there. Do not allow yourselves to be force-fed a diet of everything the news media tell you is wrong, whether past or present. Deliberately, consciously seek out the good. It will uplift and inspire you.

And never immerse yourselves in past pain and sorrow, as John spoke about. We are not saying to ignore pain and sorrow of those who endure events such as those in the Washington area 10 years ago. We want you to have the greatest compassion for them. But we do not want to see you reliving their pain and terror.

Instead focus on what you can do to help heal your wounded world, and those people still suffering. Instead of reliving the pain of the past, look ahead to all the good you can create in the future. Your painful memories are not worth reliving. Your loving thoughts can heal your own personal lives and the world.

Remember how powerful you, one human standing alone, are.


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