Romantic Relationships by John Cali

As you already know, romantic relationships are a popular topic among us humans. The topic comes up often in conversations I have with many folks. Many times my spirit guides have said  relationships, romantic or not, can be delightful or devastating. Either way they are always opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

I’ve noticed a couple “common threads” when people come to us with romantic relationship issues.

First, those who have a relationship usually want to know how to make it better, even if that means getting out of it. Sometimes they feel desperate.

Second, those who don’t have a romantic relationship and want one, almost invariably want to know when it’s coming. They’re often impatient and frustrated.

If you’ve been in either or both situations, you know what I’m talking about.

My spirit guides usually tell people their first priority must be to love themselves unconditionally before they can improve an existing relationship or find a new one.

What are your experiences with relationships, romantic or not? Please comment below.

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