Are You Scared of the Law of Attraction?

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There has never been an injustice anywhere in this physical time/space reality or anywhere else. Law of Attraction does not promote injustice. Law of Attraction amplifies the vibration that is within you. ~ Abraham-Hicks


This is the next post in our ongoing question-and-answer series.


What is the best way to clear bad karma?


There is no such thing as “bad” karma. Karma is simply cause and effect—what you sow, you reap.

If you’re sowing negativity, negativity will return to you. If you’re sowing positivity, that will return to you.

You are in control. You have all the power you need to lead a productive, positive and happy life.



How do I invoke spirits?


We’re not sure what you mean by “invoke.”

But spirits are with you all the time. In fact, your true or higher self (which is who you really are) is spirit. Also, everyone has spirit guides or angels all around them.

So communicating with your spirit guides and angels is easy if you are open to them. They want to communicate with you. They have many ways they can do that.

Some of the most common ways are through your dreams at night, through your intuitive thoughts and feelings, through what you call “coincidences.” And so on. The ways are endless.

The critical thing is to simply ask for their guidance. And then be alert and aware. They will answer you.


Our last question and answer is from Barbara Clark’s popular website, Beyond Affirmations: Healing and Motivational Meditations for Mind, Body and Spirit. Also check out her equally popular mobile app, Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants To Hear.


Some Law of Attraction teachings set people up to be frightened of having even a tiny negative thought and I believe this is a mistake. So true. There are times when your negative thoughts are not in your control, like in depression or PTSD. If during such times, you read law of attraction teachings, you feel more scared and your negativity is multiplied all the more.

Sometimes, I really wonder for whom this motivational literature is written. For those suffering from negative thinking and depression or for those who are not.

Barbara’s Answer:

Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. I guess my base line, or rule, is does this make people feel better or worse? It’s really that simple. I want to meet and value people where they are without judgement. After all, who among us knows the soul purpose behind anyone’s life?


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Here is a great conversation with Neale Donald Walsch on how the Law of Attraction and manifestation really work.


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6 Responses

  1. Ron B.

    The law of attraction is clear and simple. However it is not the only ¨law ¨ within this reality. For example and this applies to this question, there is such a thing as momentum. It is ¨unrealistic¨ to expect anything with momentum to stop on dime.
    Conditions within the realm of humanity or even within the animal kingdom are complex when seen from a universal point of view. So the result can be called the law of accident (as taught by the Fourth Way system).
    We make a big deal out of the results of this mixture of conditions, probably because we tend to not be able to take in our reason for existing in this reality or any other. We are here to have experiences, make decisions(consciously or not) and then learn from the results of those decisions. Sometimes we are affected by the decisions of others.
    That is still an experience which requires us to also make decisions and either way to LEARN from the results of such. All is well indeed and deciding to judge anything negatively will lead to further experiences and on and on it goes.
    If this leads anyone to question the why of this setup the area to search for that answer is in the expansion of the universe, meaning that either growth or stagnation must ensue. Growth is positive and therefore positivity has to be more powerful than negativity or there would no longer exist anyone to ask this question. This takes us back to the law of attraction.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Ron. Your comments are very interesting, and give us much “food for thought.”

  2. Jeannie

    I’ve always disliked the law of karma. If everyday is fresh and new it doesn’t hold water. Now the law of attraction does and puts the onus on you to change your pattern of thinking and expectations. Once we take responsibility for how we think and how we attract things to us things do change. I have seen it at work within myself and my life’s experiences. Not that I don’t fall back on old thoughts but I know to change them when I fall into them. I think why am I here now, something here to see, to change and I do so. Sometimes it takes me time, sometimes not. We all grow and learn, that is what makes life interesting.

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      I was never a big fan of karma either, Jeannie. 🙂

      I do believe in Law of Attraction. I first discovered it many years ago in the Seth teachings. But I don’t think he called it Law of Attraction. I think the problem with it — and it’s not the law itself, but the way people perceive and use it — is they beat up on themselves or others when the law doesn’t seem to work for them. But that’s another story for another day. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

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