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A couple nights ago I had one of the most vivid dreams I can ever remember.

The dream included only two people—a friend from this lifetime and me. The setting seemed to be around the mid-1800s in a house I know very well in this lifetime. We were having a disagreement about our relationship, and the dream ended without us settling our differences—even though we both said we loved the other.

When I woke up I knew exactly the message the dream was giving me. The dream was about a past lifetime the two of us had shared in a close relationship. In this lifetime we are only casual friends.

But when we met (in this lifetime) many years ago, there was an undercurrent of uneasiness in the relationship. That uneasiness exists to this day. I never knew the reason till the dream this week.

Many years ago I was fascinated with past-life regressions. They helped me understand some of the experiences I was having in this lifetime.

For example, I’ve always been fascinated by the history of ancient Rome. I even graduated from college with a degree in history. In one regression I saw myself as a Roman Army officer who had killed himself because he hated killing others. It was a vivid and emotional experience.

Today neither my spirit guides nor I are much interested in past life work. But I’ve come to realize the work can be useful in certain circumstances, such as interpreting the uneasy relationship with my friend in this lifetime.

After I woke up that morning I asked my spirit guides to help me with the dream. As they came in, one of them was brandishing what looked like a large sword. The sword was not made of metal, but of blindingly brilliant white light.

With the sword my guide slashed through the negative energy connection between my friend and me. And I knew the relationship had been healed—finally—after many years and several lifetimes.

(As a side note, the house I mentioned had always had restless, uneasy energy—as if it was “haunted.” Somehow the sword slash also cleared that energy.)


Here’s a fascinating interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network with Amy Weiss, daughter of past-life expert, Brian Weiss, MD:

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