Are You Shackled To The Past Without Even Knowing It? by John Cali

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A couple nights ago I had one of the most vivid dreams I can ever remember.

The dream included only two people—a friend from this lifetime and me. The setting seemed to be around the mid-1800s in a house I know very well in this lifetime. We were having a disagreement about our relationship, and the dream ended without us settling our differences—even though we both said we loved the other.

When I woke up I knew exactly the message the dream was giving me. The dream was about a past lifetime the two of us had shared in a close relationship. In this lifetime we are only casual friends.

But when we met (in this lifetime) many years ago, there was an undercurrent of uneasiness in the relationship. That uneasiness exists to this day. I never knew the reason till the dream this week.

Many years ago I was fascinated with past-life regressions. They helped me understand some of the experiences I was having in this lifetime.

For example, I’ve always been fascinated by the history of ancient Rome. I even graduated from college with a degree in history. In one regression I saw myself as a Roman Army officer who had killed himself because he hated killing others. It was a vivid and emotional experience.

Today neither my spirit guides nor I are much interested in past life work. But I’ve come to realize the work can be useful in certain circumstances, such as interpreting the uneasy relationship with my friend in this lifetime.

After I woke up that morning I asked my spirit guides to help me with the dream. As they came in, one of them was brandishing what looked like a large sword. The sword was not made of metal, but of blindingly brilliant white light.

With the sword my guide slashed through the negative energy connection between my friend and me. And I knew the relationship had been healed—finally—after many years and several lifetimes.

(As a side note, the house I mentioned had always had restless, uneasy energy—as if it was “haunted.” Somehow the sword slash also cleared that energy.)


Here’s a fascinating interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network with Amy Weiss, daughter of past-life expert, Brian Weiss, MD:

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Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you had any past-life regression experiences that gave you insight into this lifetime? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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About John Cali
John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions: Conversations With Spirit, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming. Sign up for his newsletter here.

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  1. Susan

    I love that you introduce me to different ways of thinking and ever evolving ideas — helps to keep me unstuck!

  2. Joseph k

    I am also intrigued by past lives
    Brian Weiss indeed does great work in that field
    Many lives many masters was his first book and told the story of his expieriences with a young Woman patient and the past life regression worked an helped her more than anything else
    She went from being anxious etc to exuding a sense of peace so much that people told her all the time it’s a bit of a magical journey of a book and a happy ending anyway
    I passed it onto my uncle who’s just become qualified and practising as a counsellor ,he thought it was great and recommended it to my cousin too
    You could probably get it in the local library
    Also his book messages from the masters explains a lot of this spiritual and psychic stuff ,channeling ,common threads in religious teachings etc etc cuts through a lot of the phoney baloney
    It’s good to see someone break out of the narrow mindset of the status quo and hitting gold

    Also a lot of the time I think of my family etc in terms of past lives
    How we could have been connected through the ages and how it relates to how we are now
    I think it explains a lot of current life traits in personalities ,gifts and talents and abilities etc
    I find it entertaining at least, better than boring tv anyway!
    I often think how we could have been all involved in a monastery/convent ,a Native American tribe or an English estate
    So past lives can help make sense of present situations
    I was told I was a composer in a past life in a brief psychic reading
    And that accounts for my musical abilities etc etc
    So also I think some of us could have been native Americans in past lives and hence the
    Attraction to a long dead chiefs spirit talking to us and guiding us now through online newsletters and social media!
    A reincarnated tribe maybe!
    I do think we have a life purpose ,most of us
    And that we have a contract to fulfill in his life that can help guide us and make sense
    Of this funny ol world we live in
    And once we come across our life’s work and purpose we can really get down to the business of living life the best we can
    And I think a connection to the past and where we come from can bring a sense of richness and meaning to our lives
    That’s my humble opinion as the native Americans say!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Joseph, for your “humble opinion.” 🙂

      I love all Brian Weiss’ work. He’s helped so many understand what past lives are all about — and also what they are not.

  3. beachdrifter

    I think the idea that one carries patterns of resistance from one lifetime to later liftetimes is not accurate, and I also don’t think reincarnation works in the way that is implied within that idea.

    However, I do believe that every thought that has ever been thought still exists, and that Law of Attraction will dish up streams of thoughts to you based upon your point of attraction in any given moment.

    Your focus and belief system determines what occurs to you. And if you’ve been uncomfortable in a certain situation, you’ve asked for relief, and that relief will eventually reach you through the path of least resistance, which, again, is paved through your belief system.

    I think there is great value in using dreams and/or what people call “past life regressions” to release resistance in the here and now. Everything that works in that regard is a wonderful thing!

      • beachdrifter

        John, I think you’ve demonstrated perfectly how to use these valuable experiences to your advantage.

        I’ve seen people do the exact opposite however, blaming their plight in this lifetime on past life experiences, rendering them powerless in the now…”If only I hadn’t done THAT in my past life…”

        And then, there are various religious groups that seek to control your behaviour with the threat of “punishments” after this lifetime…it can be a slippery slope for those who still believe anyone or anything other than yourself can create your life here and now.

        • John Cali

          Thanks very much, beachdrifter!

          Like you, I’ve seen folks blame a past life for their problems in this life. Or they blame the past of this life for their current problems. Either way, their giving up their power as creators.

          I grew in a religion that threatened us with punishment after this lifetime. Many years ago it got so bad at one point, at least for me, that I was afraid to do anything that might anger that mythical, judgemental God we were taught to fear.

  4. Conshana

    So many are either afraid of reincarnation, or feel it is satanic, and ungodly. I thought and prayed on this over a period of time, and came to the following realizations.
    Past lives are NOT meant to be relived, nor worshiped, but to be used as object LESSONS, with the EXPERIENCE ITSELF left behind. In other words, as you did, John, pull the Lesson forward, and let the past heal itself.
    Karma, as is commonly understood, can lead one into grievous error. Karma is a HEALING energy, when understood in that manner. Hence, the brilliance of so many of our great musicians, scientists, and teachers. Many of our evolved Spiritual Teachers have been Shaman / Shawoman, Medicine Healer, or “Crone” in prior lives. We don’t need to LIVE those lives again, but use the knowledge gained there, as a TAKE-OFF point for today’s LEARNING and SHARING, that our Brethren can advance, and so can we. AND by doing so, we can also assist in alleviating or even undoing and healing the errors in the teachings that have been passed down historically in the various ideologies. (I am trying to choose my wording with care.)
    John, IMHO, this is one of the most important posts you have made, in the time I have been privileged to share with you.
    Blessed Be,
    Love and Living Light,,,
    I AM Conshana

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Conshana.

      I agree — past lives are not meant to be relived, worshiped, idealized, etc. etc. Even if we do try to do any of that, we’re doing it now, in this present moment — which is all we have anyway.

      For many years I had that common misunderstanding of karma you speak of. It was, and I saw it — and as some still do, “punishment” for our past misdeeds from other lifetimes.

      Maybe this is an oversimplification, but I see karma as simply the results of choices we’ve made in the past, whether the past of this lifetime or other lifetimes. There is no good, no bad — just results. Or, to put it even more simply, it’s the law of attraction in action.

      I deeply appreciate your kind words, Conshana. I hope my sharing this post brings to others the insight that dream experience brought me.


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