Soul and Salvation by Hans Brockhuis

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An old Dutch saying wants us to believe that if you would sell your soul and salvation, you absolutely would want to sacrifice all of who and what you are. Perhaps to live quietly as a hermit, meditating about what once was, what is and what will be. But that’s not what I want to say with these words.

I want to speak with soul and salvation about Love. Because is it not true that love forms a roof for your soul and salvation? That Love is the most important thing in this universe? Love is the opposite of fear. Not only if you read these words, but much more so during all the time you dwell on this earth. And then under any circumstance, summer and winter, day and night, for better and for worse. The poet says:

The rain rains
The winds are blowing
But the sun is shining in my heart
Because I love you!

When two people meet each other for the first time and something begins to grow, the soul is not the first thing which is thought of. In most cases, the outward appearances are much more important, as well as the circumstances in which the two people encountered each other. In general, attention is not in the first place given to soul and salvation and also not to pitifulness and definitely not soullessness. Notions like soulfulness, soul search and soul mate are just experienced and not mentioned.

The Oxford dictionary tells us about soul the following:
“Soul: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. A person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity: in the depths of her soul, she knew he would betray her. The essence or embodiment of a specified quality: he was the soul of discretion, brevity is the soul of wit.
Old English sāwol, sāw(e)l, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch ziel and German Seele”

All true of course, but I wonder what to do with this knowledge. I imagine every soul on this earth—consciously or subconsciously—has its own definition of his or her soul, of the core of life, of love. Having thought that, a tiny poem by the late Dutch entertainer Toon Hermans pops up, summarizing all in four short lines. Any further words are truly superfluous.

I was surprised, beaming, in love,
I’ve picked you like a flower.
Forever you will thrive
ecause I’ve planted you within my soul.

The essence is always love. That is, I’ve said it already, what it is usually all about in life. Firstly, there is the love for each other, but also for yourself, your family, your relatives, for your fellow man, animals and plants, for the world in which we live. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 talks about his vision of love. “Without love a man is no man. It gains him nothing.” But love is truly the way to the divine soul.

What is meant is to always honor the way, Love, Life, Power, and the Good things of life. It is actually so simple. When you set a good example by showing to others what it is all about, you make a start with the sowing of the plant of love in each other’s soul and in that of others.

Zalig,” or blessed is a word that is no longer often used in our country these days. In my youth a nice cup of tea could be called: “zalig.” Nowadays we call it just “lekker,” or “delicious. But the word “zalig means more. It is derived from the Greek word μακαριος (makarios) meaning: blessed, or that you can be congratulated. You could say: “lucky to be praised. The English say, “blessed. In Dutch that would be “gezegend, which got in the course of time by Christianity a broader and deeper meaning than the more general “happy, or “gelukkig.

What I try to make clear is to encourage you to live with soul and salvation and to propagate that in silence so that life for you in particular, but also for others may be fulfilled of the great Love. Of course during the time you are on Earth you are only able to reach a fraction, but if you know that you, like everyone else, carry the divine spark within you, you also know you are capable to move mountains. This is not something I have devised myself but which is described in the large reference work for the Christians, the Bible.

Running Fox wishes you much Love, with Soul and Salvation.

Copyright © 2014 Hans Brockhuis


About Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an E-mail to this address mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox” in the subject line.


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6 Responses

  1. Hans

    Dear Margaret,

    You are, as a matter of course, right in the way that my English, a second language for me, is not always as fluent as it should be. But I honor myself that you, nevertheless, have been able to understand my feelings very well. My communications with Judith are always special and from time to time she comes around to give me hints as to what to do.

    My next blog at John Cali’s site will be about life ‘beyond the veils.’ I’m sure you will appreciate that too, Margaret.

    Wishing you Love, and Light and Laughter,


    • John Cali

      Hi Hans,

      I just wanted to comment here about your use of English. You and I have known each other many years, and I have always considered your English to be excellent.

      I know it’s a second language for you. But you handle it beautifully. You speak and write English better than some people I know whose first language is English. You come across clearly, with a depth of feeling I greatly admire.

    • Margaret

      Thank you Hans,
      I will look forward very much to your next piece ‘Beyond the Veils’
      Much love light and laughter to you too 🙂

  2. Hans

    Thank you very much for your reply, Margaret.

    Its so good to be able to notice when one’s thoughts are pulling through, if that is the right expression.

    I wish you very well on your path, Margaret. You are so very right. The essence of life is Love: Follow also this link if you like:

    Love to you!

    • Margaret

      Thank you Hans for the link….I was very touched by the profound communication you received from your daughter, Judith.
      Your communication is all the more potent because you use the English language in a rather refreshing way….you don’t always have the ‘normal’ phrases but your efforts are very creative.
      I think you meant to say that it’s good to know your thoughts are ‘getting’ through, but ‘pulling’ is much more fun.
      I think it is often very hard to put into words what you have experienced on a deep level and it is these experiences that are so good to share.
      Much love Hans

  3. Margaret

    Dear Hans
    Thank you for this blog.
    I have found it a great help whenever I have been unsure of the way forward to ask myself a simple question. “What is the loving thing to do ?” The answer is then not only clear but invariably inspires and energises into positive action.

    I loved the poems.
    Paul’s letter to the Corinthians about Love has inspired me too over the years.

    Words from a hymn I once knew come to mind…..Love, Love alone is Life.

    Thank you Running Fox

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