The Great Realisation

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For those of you thinking we misspelled our title above, bear with us. (Of course, if you’re British, there’s no misspelling.)


If you could see into your future, what would you see? For yourself? For your world?

Of course, the future does not exist. You create what you call “future” only in your present moments.

But let’s pretend you can see the future. How do you suppose, in 100 years, you would look back on this year you call 2020?Read more

The Web of Life and Our Global Community by John Cali

We hear much today about our worldwide global community. With all the wonders our modern communication technologies have brought us, every part of our planet is only a heartbeat away from every other part.

We’re gaining a greater awareness of what our spiritual teachers and guides have been telling us forever—we are all connected. We are one, in every way.

This new year has started out with a big surge in my workload. So today we’re revisiting an article we wrote a while back, A Sense of Community.Read more