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Today Barbara Clark and one of my spirit guides talk about her experiences with the wild creatures of Wyoming.

If you’ve been with us a while, you know my spirit guides are fond of talking about animals—particularly about what great teachers and healers they are for us humans.

Barbara was here in Wyoming in summer 2012. In this video discussion, recorded after she returned to Scotland, she talks to my guide to get his perspective on the magical critters of Wyoming. The conversation between Barbara and the spirit guide was a private reading. But after Barbara and I listened to the recording, we thought our readers would enjoy her and his perspectives on the animals.

After Barbara returned to Scotland, she published an article on her website called Critters of Wyoming. The article is a partial transcription Barbara made of the above video discussion. Here, with her permission, is that article:

The animals of Wyoming gave me such a huge gift, it was absolutely magical.

I had an opportunity to ask Spirit why John and I had been so blessed, loved, and surrounded by animals and birds. This was their beautiful answer:-

“As you know, we have always said, animals are often, almost always in fact, your best teachers, because they are so aligned with their higher selves, with their souls, their spirits, with God, Goddess. And the animals, here where John lives, in Wyoming, are not used to people like you or like him. People who can communicate with them. Everybody can communicate with them, but few do, especially in a place like this and so, they recognised a kindred spirit in you.

And it doesn’t matter what animals we’re talking about, the deer that visited you in the back yard in the mornings, the crows, the eagles, the rabbits. They were clustering around you because they loved your energy. They knew they were safe, they were loved, there was no danger there, they just simply wanted to be in your energy.

Even the wolves that you talked to telepathically, they picked up on that too. And we can tell you, with certainty, that some of those wolves who would have been shot and killed when Wyoming opened the season on them on October 1st did move in to a safe place. Perhaps it was Yellowstone, it probably was Yellowstone for some of them at least, because they’re safe there..….

That’s why they were drawn to you, because they know who you are and you know who they are.”

Deepest gratitude to those beautiful creatures, that incredible land, Spirit and, of course, John Cali.

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All photos Copyright © 2012 by Barbara Clark

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