The Myth of Deterioration by John Cali

Almost two months ago we published a blog post called Destined To Deteriorate. I was reminded of that post a few days ago as I was reading an article about aging.

One of the folks interviewed for the article, a medical doctor, said it was virtually inevitable, if we live long enough, we will all fall apart mentally and physically. As he put it, eventually we end up as the patients of some medical practitioner or other.

I was turned off by the good doctor’s comments. I’m sure his intentions were honorable. But it showed me, once again, how pervasive and deeply rooted that belief is in our society. I call it “the myth of deterioration.”

Unfortunately for many folks, the myth has become their reality. But here I disagree with the article — it is not inevitable. What is inevitable is this: If we believe the myth it will become our reality also, as it has already for so many others.

So I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the subject.

I’ve been working on a writing project the past month or so. The project includes some of Spirit’s thoughts on this subject. Here are a few excerpts:

● Your mass consciousness dictates your physical bodies will — must — deteriorate over time. Most of you buy into that false perspective. And so, since you all create your own realities, a deteriorating body becomes your experience. You expect it, you believe it, and it happens. It must happen. Law of Attraction ensures that.

● Every moment is a new beginning. Every breath you take is a new beginning. With each breath you are born again. With each breath the cells of your body are born again. What existed one breath ago no longer exists with your next breath. New beginnings abound with every breath you take. In this moment your body can restore and renew itself, no matter what its condition.

● You can move through time without aging physically. Or at least you can keep the aging process to a minimum. We are sure you can find evidence of this if you look around you. How many “young” 80-year-olds do you know? And how many “old” 35-year-olds do you know? You’ll probably find at least a few, if you look.


What are your thoughts about growing older? Is a bleak old age all we have to look forward to if we live long enough? Please comment below.

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  1. anny

    Dear John,

    I fully agree with everything you wrote and the commentaries but maybe there is also another side to it.

    In the east they do not emphasize the deterioration of the body when you get older but the gaining of wisdom, gained partly because the deterioration of the body forces you to step back from the worries of everyday life and reflect. They respect their elders as they are the wise ones. I recognized that in my own grandmother, who, by the way, was a very young 92 year old by the time she passed away, even though her body had become very frail. loved to visit her and talk to her, but it was hard to ever find her alone because she had become a very wise and loving woman with great interest in the lives of not only her many children, grand- and greatgrandchildren but of everyone who came into contact with her. Everyone wanted to consult her or just to spend some quiet moments with her, even the manager and staff of the senior citizens home where she spent her last years by her own choice because she did not want to become a burden to anyone. She loved life till the very last but was not at all afraid of death.
    Long before I ever heard of (and agreed with) the idea that we do not have to deteriorate physically, I stopped being afraid of old age because of the fabulous example she gave us all. Because of that I have always concentrated on the gaining of love and wisdom as I got older and not for a moment on a possible deterioration of the body, because giving up the body never frightened me in the first place.



    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Anny, for sharing that beautiful story of your grandmother. Many of the folks I know, especially in the USA, could benefit from your grandmother’s wisdom and perspective.


  2. Stephanie

    How old would you be .. if you didn’t know how old you were ..?

    MOST of the time I can honestly say I feeeeeeel … half my chronological age …
    My mantra for years has been … I AM perfect health … and the Universe has supported this belief well for the last 20 years …

    Have positive expectations for your health and body … and let nothing and no one cause you to let go of them …

    Love yourself … as your Creator loves you …

  3. Toni

    So true, John! I never open “jokes” my friends send about aging and old people. I’m not old! Thanks for this and for others’ comments.

  4. Cara Wilde

    Hi John

    I agree with you and think that this is one of the most powerful gifts we can give ourselves. Claim back our mind towards our health and bodies. I’m 39 and looking forward to getting older because I have discovered that the more I know I create my body, the more it responds to my love and attention. I am finding that with age, I am growing stronger and fitter and believe that I will continue to do so.

    I have found that my body responds in the most amazing ways to my mind. Simply imagining exercising (vividly) results in a change in my body shape. I am aware that my body does enjoy movement but my exercising is motivated purely by pleasure rather than a drive to be fit.

    I am so grateful for messages such as your blog, that continue to remind us of how powerful our mind is.

    In love

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Cara! I completely agree with you that our minds have powerful effects on our bodies, either negatively or positively. It all depends on the thoughts we choose to think.

      Love & hugs,

  5. Joseph

    Dear John,

    I look forward to the result of your writing project. I too have long believed that aging and even death, like all things in this earthly journey, are the result of our thoughts / beliefs. One of the factors factored into this experience is mass consciousness, which in one way is the ultimate paradox considering we are here to come back to Oneness. Anyway the veil of mass consciousness weighs heavily upon all who take on this earthly journey. Separation doesn’t cut it either, atleast externally. It isn’t until we look inward to find / discover our true essence which is beyond the physical reality / game.
    So, yes aging and even physical death are just beliefs that the pharmacidical industry and orgainzed religion would rather you do not discover. It is the thoughts/ beliefs / fear they engender that creates the blockages in the flow of God’s love which sets off our disharmonies, dis_eases, aging and death. So pull the plug from the mass consciouness outlet and begin the road to recovering your divine essence of Love which is ageless and infinite. Never forget you receive what you believe.
    Namaste, Joseph

  6. George

    Thank you, John. I have always been young at heart and I was recently reminded of that by a friend. My body continues to work well at age 76. Yet, my brain seems to have bought into the mass consciousness with respect to memory. I often think of the hereafter. I go into a room and I wonder what I am here after. Maybe I can reverse that as you are suggesting. “My memory works well.”
    Love and one hug,

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, George. I know you can reverse your memory situation. I’m not all that much younger than you, but my memory is actually better now than when it was years ago. So I know you can do it.

      Love, John

  7. Kathleen

    Another great post John. Sadly it is so true about the belief’s we carry. They come from generations of belief systems that came before us. It is in our very DNA. It is also to the benifit of our “medical insitutes” that we do deteriorate, that keeps them in bussiness! We can however, step out of that loop and continue to focus our energy into wellness even when we are not as well as we would like to be. It is our focus that counts! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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