The Rabbit by the Side of the Road by John Cali

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We’ve talked about animals in several recent posts, and we’re doing it again today.After this we’ll move on to other subjects.

A couple days ago while I was walking home after my early-morning run, I spotted a cute little rabbit by the side of the road. He didn’t run from me, as rabbits usually do. So when I got up close to him I could see his hind legs were mangled, probably from being hit by a car.

The poor little creature was just dragging himself along, trying to get off the road. I helped him up onto the grass, and sent him as much healing energy as I could. I also asked my spirit guides to help him. But it was so sad!

When I got home I called the town hall and was routed through several police departments till I got the right one. Wyoming is not exactly a haven for animals, as hunting is a major sport and tourist attraction here. Wyoming folks are wonderful, but animal welfare is not high on their or the local government’s agendas.

I talked to polite lady who said she’d notify whomever takes care of injured wildlife. And that was the end of it.

Living here in Wyoming, I am often reminded of Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s words, If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life.”

I felt a sadness hanging over me the rest of that day, even though I’d done all I could. As my spirit guides said in our recent post, Messages From the Dragonfly:

Pay attention to the animals in your life. Especially when they appear to you unexpectedly. They have a message for you. The animals in your life are always messengers from Spirit.”

So I had to ask myself what the message was for me from this beautiful little rabbit who was, almost certainly, dying.

This video gave me some clear insights into why this precious little creature and I had crossed paths that day. I hope you gain some insights too.

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Did you find any messages from the rabbit video you resonated with? Do you believe animals, no matter how we meet them, have messages from Spirit for us? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

What other subjects would you like us to talk about in these posts? Please email me.


About John Cali

John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions: Conversations With Spirit, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming.

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  1. sheila

    Hi John,

    So glad to read todays message. I volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary twice a week here in NY.
    I find the most amazing creatures there every time I go. We have our regulars such as a blind red fox and baby squirrels who have lost their mom. I have been rehabilitating a turtle in my bath tub who got run over by a car. We even have a wolf who cannot be released ever again.
    He IS an magical amazing animal though and we have learned so much from him.
    I truly believe that animals are here to teach us the most important lessons we can learn….
    compassion, empathy and understanding.
    I believe that rabbit was on your path for a reason and you clearly did the right thing. 🙂
    Be well

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Sheila, for sharing your experiences with all those beautiful creatures. As you say, they are here to teach us those important lessons we somehow don’t get on our own.


  2. Ron

    As a child I had a friend, Andy, who preceeded ” The Fonz ” and was the spitting image of the TV character. He was a born leader and was loved by all and followed by many such as myself. He had charisma. .
    During those years,it was a compliment to call someone ” Hard ” and this guy was the hardest.
    The Law of Attraction explains very well how he would be the very one who would contract a very rare disease called Elephantitis. His skin was turning hard.
    Your article reminded me of the last time I saw him alive. He was holding and petting a bunny rabbit.

  3. Barbara

    I just found a nice synopsis of Watership Down if anyone is interested.

    I love this last part:-

    The story’s epilogue tells the reader of how Hazel, dozing in his burrow one “chilly, blustery morning in March” some years later, is visited by El-ahrairah, the rabbit-folk hero who invites Hazel to join his own Owsla. Leaving his friends and no-longer-needed body behind, Hazel departs Watership Down with the spirit-guide, “running easily down through the wood, where the first primroses were beginning to bloom.”[11]

    I am imagining your little guy running through the woods – beautiful.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Barbara, for sharing this. Until I read your comments, I had totally forgotten about “Watership Down” — it was one of my son’s favorite stories when he was growing up. And now I remember how much his mother and I loved it too.

      I too am imagining my little guy running through the woods.


    • Pat

      The animated film, “Watership Down” is very moving, and has powerful messages on many levels.

      John, your incident with the rabbit touched me deeply.

  4. Barbara

    Absolutely beautiful!

    I have always loved rabbits. At one point as a kid I had nineteen but there were four or five really special ones. They used to follow me around the garden like dogs and all had their own, distinct personality. I read Watership Down when I was very young and never forgot it or the lessons it held.

    I’ll also never forget the rabbits we met in Wyoming and I am certain that little one felt your love and compassion.

    Barbara x

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Barbara! And thank you for sharing with us the photo you took here in Wyoming of our “Backyard Bunny.” It was perfect for that post.

      Love, John

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