• Meditate. Every day if possible. It keeps you aligned with Spirit.
  • Always be good to yourself. You deserve it.
  • Look for the best in all people and all experiences. It’s always there, but you have to be willing to see it.
  • Never judge or criticize another. You see in them only a reflection of yourself.
  • Avoid those who complain constantly. Their energy is too negative for you.
  • Spend time regularly in nature. It will soothe and heal you.
  • Know the universe is abundant. There is no lack of anything you want.
  • You can have, be, and do anything you want.
  • Listen to your body. Its natural state is always to be whole and healthy.
  • Pay close attention to all your relationships. They always have something to teach you.
  • Do only what you love. Otherwise you are wasting your precious time.
  • Think happy thoughts and you will be happy.
  • If something or someone is not fun, avoid them.
  • Move through your days knowing all is well. For it really is.
  • Know you are always safe, secure, and loved.

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