Appearances often are deceiving. ~ Aesop


This past week I had an early-morning appointment. When I went out to my car, it was completely dead—no battery power at all. The battery was brand-new. At first, I started moaning, “Why me?” But I quickly caught myself and stopped that line of thinking dead in its tracks.

Why not me? I knew there was a good reason for this unpleasant surprise. I knew it was something other than what it appeared to be.

So I simply turned it over to the universe, trusting all was well—not something I would have done in earlier years. Back then I would have cursed and bemoaned my lousy luck.

I arranged other transportation and got to my appointment on time.

Later that day I called the American Automobile Association. They came and got the car started. Then I called Joe, my mechanic. Joe’s an automotive genius and diagnosed the problem right on the phone—one of the parking lights had come on by itself and drained the battery. It would cost only a few dollars to repair. Joe told me to bring it in, and he’d have it fixed in no time.

So I did. While he was working, Joe discovered a dangerous problem with the car’s suspension system—it could have caused a deadly accident. So he fixed that too.

Then I realized why all this happened—the universe was taking care of me, ensuring I was safe and secure. It was a warm, fuzzy feeling. I knew all was well—always, no matter what seemed to be happening.


Here are Abraham and Esther Hicks talking about making the universe your partner, allowing it to support you.

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