Travels in America, Part 2: The Gate Is Opening by Hans Brockhuis

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon
US National Park Service

 Have you ever read the book by John Steinbeck about his travels with his dog Charley, in search of the true America? I did many years ago, and remembering this it somehow triggered me to one day travel to the U.S. with my wife. I was also in search of promising and overwhelming landscapes, of people, animals, and the way of living, as well as anything that would come our way. The main reason, though, was to enter on a spiritual journey to the New World. I’ve had a desire for many years to try and meet the Hopi Nation. Not as a tourist, but in an endeavor to get to the core of this fascinating people. Furthermore I wanted to visit Myriah Krista Walker of

Here’s part two.

Grand Canyon

When I first looked at the Grand Canyon, a vortex of spiritual beauty overwhelmed my spirit, my nervous system, and my being. This unique creation of Mother Nature made me speechless and emotional. The vibrations rumbled through my body and spirit. And during an everlasting heartbeat the universe expanded into a great light that was incomparable to anything, at least for me.

Only one heartbeat later everything is brought back to normal proportions when a bus full of tourists arrives. They loudly exhibit their interest in photographing each other, using the Grand Canyon just as a backdrop when they are on the loose for the zillionth time. I know this is a judgment, but at that moment I am pretty pissed off that they are destroying the wonderful epiphany I just experienced.

I know the only canyon that is bigger in our solar system is the Vale Marinaris on Mars. This huge vale has a length of no less than 5,600 miles. So one can call it the big brother of our own Grand Canyon.

A little while later we are taking a long drive through Navajo country where many stalls with Navajo art draw the eye. It makes me think of our journey through Lapland/Finland a few years earlier, where it is the same story. When we are shopping in the local supermarket an older Navajo, who is shopping with his wife, asked if we want to buy a beautiful but giant self-made rug. We are not interested (it would take up too much space in our suitcase). And so we drive on via Page where a big dam is taming the Colorado River and forming a big lake. Somewhat later we are driving into Utah where we are accompanied by the red cliffs for a long time. We are spending the night in a cheap motel so we can be in Zion National Park in time the next day.

The Gate Is Opening

Later, after our adventures in Zion, Bryce Canyon and Escalante Petrified Forest, which are not significant in this context, we drive on to the Boulder Mountains where it is snowing. Nature is overwhelming here. Many times we feel inclined to stop and admire the beautiful landscape.

Even though it is still very light out we are feeling it is time to fulfill our friend Breg’s wish to experience a sunset together with her and her late husband Jos, who now resides in an invisible universe. But there are too many clouds with intermittent rain and snow, and it does not look like we are going to have a spectacular sunset tonight.

Nonetheless I visualize a place to spend the night on a hill with a great view, including a fantastic sunset. Two seconds later I get my first confirmation. The clock in the car is showing 4:44, and a short time later we cross mileage marker 111.

An hour and a half later we arrive at a motel with the prosaic name, Wonderland Inn, situated on a low hill in the town of Torrey. There is a view of table mesas in the west and that are not too high. The setting is perfect. Now we need the right weather and indeed, soon a hole starts to open up in the clouds and some rays of light are diagonally falling through. The gap gets bigger very slowly  until suddenly the sun shows us all her glory.

Half an hour later the sun is setting slowly in-between two banks of clouds behind one of the table mesas. From one moment to the next we see a kaleidoscope of  magnificent colors. They are the usual colors of a sunset like we have in the Netherlands once in a while, yet this time topped with a deep indigo color and a bright metallic magenta with vibrating rays of potent energy around it that are moving toward us, twirling and vibrating, straight into our admiring and touched hearts.

My friend Jos feels very, very close. For a moment his fragile face is visible in the opening between the clouds. This gate to another world is opened wide for a few minutes, and Jos’ presence radiates a penetrating peace that is very clear and gives us an intense feeling. Annie receives vivid images, memories from the time the physical Jos was still living in his homestead. The way he laughed, his voice, the way he talked and walked, his presence in the living room, his unique way of saying “Welcome to my home.”

In short, Jos radiated quietness and peace with his present existence, combined with a deep gratefulness for no longer having any shortcomings, physical or spiritual. From the perspective he is in now, he was totally able to let go of the traumas he endured in the internment camp in Indonesia during World War II. All is well. At the end of this sunset experience Jos wishes his own Breg the very best and his deepest greetings are just for her.


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National Geographic filmed these stunning aerial views of Grand Canyon. They will give you a greater appreciation of one of our planet’s most spectacular places.

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About Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an e-mail to this address mentioning “subscribe Running Fox” in the subject line. His last newsletter can be found here.

12 Responses

  1. Susan

    Thank you, Hans, for this wonderful story of your journey. Seems to me you actually broke through the veil altogether, at one point! The Divine Light revealed in full glory…

    John, thank you as always…

    Love and blessings,

    • Hans

      Hi Susan,

      I can assure you it has been a most awesome moment when the veils lifted and I was able to look my Friend Jos in the face.

      Moments like that one does not lightly forget.

      Thanks for your comment Susan and wish you well!


  2. Margaret

    A pleasure to read the continuing adventures you experienced in America. Thank you Hans. I can only imagine the wonder you experienced. We get some wonderful sunsets from the eighth floor…..wide horizons are so liberating. I love the clouds that create islands in a sea of golden sky. It’s a magical ethereal landscape. I used to try and capture the moment in paint but now more content to watch the changes as the sky mellows as the sun goes down.

    It is encouraging to know the veils are lifting.

    Much love to you


    • Hans

      Thanks for your comment, Margaret. Indeed, our trip to the USA has certainly been an uplifting one. In many ways.

      For short we ourselves used to live on the ninth floor of an apartment building, with the flat but beautiful countryside of Holland at our feet. Every day the light was different and the clouds floating by always indicated a hunch of heaven.

      And yes, the veils are lifting. Isn’t that an encouraging notion?

      Sending Love back to you,


  3. Hans

    Thank you, Pat and John, for your kind words. You know I’m just a humble writer doing what I like to do most. And that is writing. Furthermore, languages are kind of a second nature to me. I was born in Germany, brought up in the Netherlands and I just like to juggle with words, trying to express my feelings. Emotions as you, Pat, describe it.

    Thanks again and bless you both.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Hans. I’m mostly a writer too — so I understand your sentiments.

      Bless you too, my dear friend.

  4. Gail

    I also read Travels With Charley during my college days and loved it. It is interesting to read a new travelogue.

    Also, I can understand the difference between a bus load of tourists taking pics of each other, as opposed to really absorbing the energy of the place. That seems to be what most people do now, especially retired people. They travel in herds. It was a reminder to me to really tune into a place rather than just glossing over it. We do not need to be at the Grand Canyon to appreciate the wonder of nature.

    Thank you for the writing of your experience.

    • Hans

      Thanks very much for your comment, Gail. What I describe in my blog is the intense difference between the energies that occur, when you dig in the view of one of the wonders of the world, as compared to that when, one heartbeat later, the whole thing has become so completely different. I assure you, it cost me a moment or two to recover from the intense shock. I’m sure these frolicking people enjoyed the scene in their own way, and that is good as it is.

      Thanks again, and wish you well!

  5. Pat

    John, you continue to impress me with your generosity. Hans, you continue to impress me with your ability to express some very complex thoughts in English, even though English isn’t your first language. Of course no one’s first language is English, Dutch or whatever. It’s emotions. Some folks seem to have a hard time getting over that. Given time we all do. 🙂 Thanks again to both of you. Lovely stuff.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Pat, for your kind words. We’re all very blessed to have Hans and his wonderful posts on this forum.

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