Tuning In Now by David Thomas

David Thomas, the filmmaker of the popular Tuning In movie a few years ago, continues to move forward on his brand-new successor film, Tuning In Now.



The channeled material I have been delving into for years now is amazingly consistent: we are masters who have not quite realized it, we are powerful but limit ourselves with errant thought and action, this lifetime is more significant than most others we’ve had.

If this is the basic message, told to us again and again in different ways and voices, what really is the necessity of another “Tuning In” movie, or more channeling at all?

It’s a legitimate question, and one I believe I can answer.

Because we are scraping off centuries upon centuries of fear, faulty teaching and tar-like energy, and it takes the gentle scrubbing (sometimes not so gentle) of wise channeled bristles to get the job done. The barnacles of fetid energy cling tenaciously to our human hulls and cannot be removed with a single cleansing.

So we return again and again, each new message burrowing deeper into our marrow. Watch a profound offering like “Tuning In Now”. Rinse. Repeat.

We are playing a game of Russian nesting dolls with ourselves, going further and further, excising layer upon layer. In the process, sometimes jobs, relationships and ways of life fall by the wayside, sloughed off snakeskin. We solider on, not truly knowing where we are going, but realizing innately it’s too late to turn back now. We couldn’t even if we tried.

So the value in a movie like the one I’m doing is in this deeper delving, which facilitates a spit-shining of soul. I notice some may disagree since we have not yet raised enough money to actually shoot the film. I will continue with the crowdfunding until the goal is met, so please check out the new campaign.


Here’s the trailer for the new movie, Tuning In Now:

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