What Are Coincidences? by John Cali

A couple nights ago I had an unusual dream. In the dream I was visiting my hometown in New York State. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember the feeling and the energy of the dream. It was one of the most peaceful dreams I’ve ever had.

The next morning when I checked my email there was a letter from someone I grew up with in my hometown. He and I are about the same age, and our families were good friends when we were kids. But we hadn’t been in touch with each other for many years.

The details are not important, but our reconnection after so many years benefited both of us.

Was that a coincidence?

My spirit guides have often said there are no coincidences. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a coincidence is “The occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident.” In that sense I agree with my guides. Nothing happens by accident. Everything is perfectly orchestrated by the universe.

Yet we all have experiences like the one I just described. So coincidences do happen. But exactly what are they?

I’m away from home this week. So we’re revisiting an article we wrote a while back, Snakes and Synchronicities.


Have you had similar, seemingly coincidental experiences? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. Chuck

    Its not that often i have observed huge co-incidences. but a while back i was thinking of calling an uncle from another country. I kept sort of postponing being lazy. BUt i knew i wanted to call and talk to him since he went thru stuff in their family.
    eventually his daughter corresponded with me and i asked about him and she said he went to east coast to meet his son. then after a day i called and my cousin did not pick up the phone and i called my cousins wife and they were on their way driving to LA to meet another cousin which is where i live too. So i met him that evening. If i had not called that moment i would not have met him.
    What a co-incidence, i had intention of connecting on phone with him in another country but i actually met him in person!

    I also had some numbers coming to me. LIke series of 1s. Like i would get 1111am or pm or 111 am and pm. my battery would be 111 mins left. I honestly never tried consciously to look at time, but in a sudden flash it would be 111pm etc. I rationalized that its there and i did not observe before and that now i am more attuned to it. So thats why it appears like that. Then at that moment i realized i live near 111, 10, 110 freeways and the floor i work on is 11th floor too. I still dont know whether its just that now my awareness to those numbers causes them to standout and its really nothing special. But i have been trying to be open to think of that as a sign.

  2. Shih-Min

    Spirit (channeled by John) said:
    Law of Attraction: What you focus on is what you get. The Universe, by its own Law of Attraction, must deliver to you what you focus on.
    But it would be to your greater benefit if you would give your attention to (focus on) what you really want. Of course, you are free to give your attention to what you really do not want. And, when you do that, you usually do it by default. That is, by not paying attention to what you’re paying attention to.
    Either way, the Universe will deliver. What it will deliver–what you want or what you don’t want–is totally up to you.
    What is “give your attention to what you really do not want” like? What is “not paying attention to what you’re paying attention to” like?
    For example, your child or your sister was killed in a terrorist attack. Shocked, angry and sad you are. You heart is torn and a traumatic sense of emptiness prevails.
    Yes, we understand your grief and pain.
    And we also know the Universe is waiting for your next step.
    Will you rise up from ashes of the disaster, muster up courage, pass through the chamber of mourning, and emerge still the person whom your lost one would love to be with, love to talk to, love to share joy and peace with anytime?
    Or will you rather stay in that uncertain state immersed in anger, hate, distrust, exhausting yourself in piles of data in a painful effort to condemn “who did it, what conspiracy is involved, what really happened, who should pay”​?
    We are not saying which is good/right or which is bad/wrong. No judgement. We respect your freedom, you are entitled to your free choice.
    We are only explaining that if your focus is on courage, love, joy and peace, you will get them from the Universe in wonderful ways, and if you pay much more attention to anger, injustice, causes for hate and revenge, you’ll be contributing to the same kind of energy, and you’ll not get what you really want.
    That’s the Law of Attraction.

    With Love,

  3. Robin Becker

    I feel like I have a team in non-physical. My Inner Being, spirit guides, Source and past loved ones. When coincidences happen…I feel it is all the cooperative components of the Universe working together on my behalf to guide me towards some experience or person in the perfect timing to bring about something I desire….if I am in the vibrational range to be in that right place at the right time. Abraham always says, “we are all in this together.” And I totally believe that and get subtle signs of it when in alignment.

    For me one big example would be I always cheer when I look at clock and all the numbers are the same. Because I have made this a reason to celebrate in my alignment it happens quite often. I believe my Inner Being or Spirit causes me the inspired feeling to look at the time.

    I have dreams (vivid) that play out in near future. Years ago I had spent a beautiful day with my Mom shopping, out to lunch and she had a doc appointment. On our way out it just popped out of my mouth ” what are signs of a heart attack and what to do.” and then I drove her home and we were in high spirits and laughing. On my way out the door I did it again with words popping out and said to my brother who was lying on the couch “oh, by the way, if Mom complains of chest pain, etc this is what you need to do.” And with in a half an hour of getting home I got the call…come home, it is Mom and the ambulance is on the way.” It wasn’t till later that we remembered those statements I had made and were freaked out by where the heck did they come from. I am so blessed to say she survived that massive heart attack. Now when I get a vivid dream, a voice telling me to do something or a feeling..I pay attention. Once you get tuned into your non-physical team you will know they are there and always guiding you towards good.

    Thanks again for thought provoking question, John Cali. I really do enjoy being able to come here and discuss openly our experiences with non-physical.. Lots of love and light to all ♥

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Robin, for sharing your experience with your mom. It’s great that you trust your inner guidance so much. If we all did that more of the time, this world would be a very different place.


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