We received quite a few comments on two of our recent articles, The Power of Animals and The Power of Animals, Part 2.

Pat, one of our readers, left the following comments and questions. With her permission I’m including them here:

John – first of all I wanted to say I just watched and enjoyed your participation in the May 2012 YouTube version of the documentary Spirit Channelers in America. The information is truly enlightening and sychronistic with my personal growth right now.

With regard to this post on The Power of Animals, I have a question. You mentioned that animals find joy, passion and pleasure in their lives even when they appear to us to be suffering. Can you expand on this a little more?

About a year and a half ago we lost a beloved horse. We had had her over 30 years since she was 2. She was an easy keeper with virtually no physical problems throughout her life bordering her on our property in our backyard. Our daughters grew up with her and we all learned through 4-H how to ride and take care of horses. Our children grew up and have families of their own now and we continued loving and tending to our horses like they were a part of our family. This mare had had a half brother we also bordered almost 30 years since he was 1 we lost a few years earlier. Both with virtually no physical problems throughout their lives.

One morning my husband went out to feed and found our mare curled up in her stall emaciated with colic and obviously in a lot of pain probably most of the night. I can still feel and see her pain. We were able to call our vets and they came quickly to put her to sleep.

There is much I don’t understand about death and still have a lot of conditioning I’m releasing and sorting out and hope you can help with explaining about suffering. Do animals sign up for things like we do to be a part of our lives and play out certain things we need to experience and learn? What can possibly be learned from innocent animals suffering when they’re not a source of food for predators.

Somewhere in me I already know what you’re going to say but I still have a hard time with innocence in suffering and death.

Thank you John.

Here is Spirit’s reply to Pat’s questions:

Animals, unlike humans, are always aligned with their spirit selves. Therefore they do not view physical suffering the same way humans do.

They certainly feel physical pain. But they do not feel the mental and emotional pain humans do. They know, even in the midst of physical pain, they are safe, they are loved. They know who they are—which is God. They are always connected. They know all is well.

They are a great role model for humans. For they teach you to be joyful always, even in the midst of pain and suffering. They know this too shall pass. And they know they are eternal. They know they live forever.

If you could be more like the animals you would feel that joy they feel. You too would know all is well, always and in all ways.

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