Philosopher Albert Camus said “Peace is the only battle worth waging.”

War and peace are much on the world’s mind today, especially with the recent Syrian crisis. And, of course, the other conflicts raging around the planet.

Here are some of Spirit’s thoughts:

  • You will never make peace with bombs and guns.
  • If you carry any hatred, anger, resentment, or bitterness in your heart, you are making war, not peace.
  • You cannot create peace by waging war. You cannot create peace by protesting war.
  • Every act of violence, hatred, or killing comes back at you like a boomerang.

  • Every hateful thought you hold further wounds your world.

  • Every loving thought you hold helps heal your world.

  • Let all your thoughts and words be filled with peace.

  • The absence of violence and war is an achievable dream for your world.

  • Peace on earth is not only the absence of violence and war. It’s also the accepting and embracing of every person on the planet.

  • You can create peace only one person at a time. Begin with yourselves.

  • You are all connected. You are one. When you see that clearly you will have peace on earth.

  • True peace begins within your hearts.

  • Create peace in your hearts first. Then you will have peace on earth. Then you will have an end to war.


Here’s a beautifully inspiring video of peace quotes from A Course in Miracles. Thank you, Susan!


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