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New Year Celebration in Rome
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It’s that time of year when many folks make new year resolutions, often to abandon them only days or weeks later.

I no longer make new year resolutions. I prefer to call them intentions. When we create an intention the universe infuses it with powerful energy. That enables us to effortlessly flow toward fulfillment of the intention — as opposed to struggling to stick to a resolution.

This year my spirit guides suggested a list of 10 intentions to easily enrich our lives. Forget the rigid resolutions.


First we’d suggest you intend 2015 to be your best year ever. If you feel the power of that intention in your gut, know it in your heart — so it will be.

  1. The most important intention you can create at the beginning of the new year — or any time at all — is to love yourself unconditionally. No matter what is happening around you.
  2. Intend to greet every person you meet with love and good wishes. Say to them, silently or aloud, “Namaste.” (Which means “The divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.”)
  3. Take time every day, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes, to nurture yourself — with meditation, walking in a natural setting, treating yourself to a moment of luxury.
  4. Intend to take care of yourself, in the best way you can, by nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.
  5. Do something for yourself or another you’ve been putting off.
  6. Intend to let  your light shine, to get your work out to the world — in whatever form that may be. You came to this lifetime to help others shine their light. The best way to do that is let your own light shine. Each of you have a unique gift and vision to offer the world.
  7. Intend to begin every day, the moment you awaken, with thoughts that feel good.You will thereby draw more good-feeling thoughts, and more experiences to feel good about, through your day. This is a simple, powerful way to put the Law of Attraction to work for you.
  8. Know when you are feeling good and consciously choosing more good-feeling thoughts, you are aligning with the Source within you. This is the Source of all that is, God. You will radiate a light and power nothing can diminish or destroy.
  9. Always be true to yourself, knowing the source of everything you have ever wanted is within you. Every day say to yourself “I am the light of the world. I can move mountains.”
  10. Always remember, even in your darkest moments, your inner light can dispel the darkness for yourself and those whose lives you touch.

Laugh more. Have more fun. Be happy.

P.S. I’m taking Spirit’s advice to do something I’ve long wanted to do. On January 1 I’m starting a year-long daily study of A Course in Miracles.

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This video by Ine Braat features music by one of my favorite performers, Irish singer Enya. It starts out with a list of new year wishes. And it has some spectacular shots of wild animals and beautiful scenery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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