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Is suffering necessary while we walk the earth? It would seem it is, given that today many people are suffering deeply, and many more have suffered down through the centuries. In our work, Spirit and I often come across folks who believe their “lot in life” is to suffer.

John Cali

This past month or so I’ve been preoccupied with family matters and also with some unexpected changes in my work. So this week we’re repeating an article, Pain and Suffering, we wrote several years ago on this daunting issue of suffering so many folks struggle with.Read more

posticon Is Joy an Impossible Dream? by John Cali

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As you know, if you’ve been with us long enough, my spirit guides often talk about finding meaning in life through joy. In fact it’s one of their major “themes.” They often advise us to look for the joy in all our experiences, even the tough ones — especially the tough ones.

Now and then I get angry objections from some of our newsletter and blog readers. They usually go something like this: “How can I possibly find joy or meaning in this experience (death in the family, terminal illness, no home, not enough money, miserable marriage, etc.)?… Read more

posticon A Day of Peace by John Cali

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Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace, also called World Peace Day.

It all began in 1981 when the United Nations General Assembly declared its opening session, the third Tuesday in September, as International Day of Peace. Since then we’ve celebrated every September 21 as World Peace Day.

Are we any closer to world peace today, 30 years later, than we were in 1981?… Read more

posticon A Death in the Family by John Cali

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We had a death in our family last month. Actually, several deaths. The last two were just a few days apart.

John Cali

The first death last month was a young US Army soldier, only 23 years old. He died in the widely publicized helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6. We wrote about this young man in a recent blog post, The Rose.

The second death, shortly after the first, was an elderly man, nearly 100 years old. He’d lived a long, happy life with a wonderfully warm, caring family.… Read more

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