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As some of you know, I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church, and spent many years in Catholic schools. I graduated from a Jesuit college.

I loved the Jesuits because back then, when the church was still entrenched in the Middle Ages (it seemed to me), they were the vanguard, the forward thinkers.

Nonetheless, the Jesuits still taught traditional theology and philosophy. But they added an exciting new perspective, in contrast to everything I’d been taught before. They also added a brighter energy, an alternative to the sense of unworthiness and guilt I grew up with in our conservative Catholic parish.

One of the theological teachings of the Catholic Church was (and maybe still is) there were in the beginning only “good” angels. But some of them rebelled against God and were cast into hell. They became the “fallen angels.” Lucifer was one of those, and he, according to some accounts, is the entity also known as Satan.

And then there are the lesser “evil spirits.” These spirits can, according to Catholic teaching, “possess” humans. In fact, the church has a procedure for removing evil spirits—it’s called “exorcism,” a term most folks are familiar with.

Pope Francis, in May last year, may or may not have performed and exorcism—it depends on who you listen to.

According to a recent article in The Independent, a British newspaper, the Catholic Church in Italy and Spain has seen an increase in requests for exorcisms. Therefore, some Italian and Spanish dioceses are training more priests to do exorcisms.

I grew up in a family of Italian immigrants,and lived in a small town where there were many other Italian immigrant families. Some of the older Italians in my grandparents’ generation believed in what they called the “evil eye.” Supposedly someone who had a grudge against another person could cast an “evil eye” on them, thereby cursing them with an evil spirit or two.

There were some Italian women, generally the older ones, who were supposedly able to remove these curses. That was, I guess, also a form of exorcism.

All this is interesting to me and, I’m sure, to others. But even when I was a practicing Catholic and we were taught all this stuff was real, I had a hard time believing in Satan, evil spirits, the “evil eye,” etc. Today, of course, I don’t buy into it any of it at all.

Over the years my spirit guides have spoken many times about evil, and human misconceptions of what evil really is.

They have also spoken often about God and love. Their definition of God is, simply, “all that is.” Love is, by their definition, the choice to see the divinity in all beings—in all that is.

Everything that exists is part of God. In fact, everything is God. So, if we accept that, then it logically follows that everything we call “evil” is also God.

There’s a longer discussion of these ideas in the Tuning In movie.

P.S. Although I’m no longer Catholic, I greatly admire and respect Pope Francis (who happens to be a Jesuit). In my opinion, he’s the greatest thing that’s happened to the Catholic Church in a long, long time.


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