When I was younger I dreaded change of any kind, big or small. I felt threatened by it, as if my world was about to come crashing down around me. I deal with change much more easily now. In fact, I welcome it.

Many years ago I had a secretary who, when confronted with change, would be almost literally paralyzed with fear. She just couldn’t function. She was an extreme case, but not all that unusual among some folks I know.

This year of 2012 has been a time of huge changes for all of us, individually and as a global family. And it’s not over yet. My spirit guides say the coming years will be easier, especially for those on a conscious path of spiritual growth.

Here are some little tidbits of wisdom my guides have offered over the years:

  • Change is not a bad thing—it’s not the demon many humans see it as.

  • Change is a cleansing, a clearing of old ways and old energy that no longer serve you.
  • Change is the only constant in life.
  • You cannot live your life without changing, because change equals growth. And you cannot not grow.
  • All change, no matter how you view it, carries you to a higher vibration.
  • Fear of change is fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty.
  • Certainty is a myth. It does not exist.
  • Embrace uncertainty with love. Love the uncertainties of life—love the changes. You’ll have more inner peace, and more fun.
  • You will never find safety in stability, an unchanging reality. You will find only stagnation. You seek safety in the very place you will never find it.
  • Safety and security are within you. Everything you desire is within you.
  • You are whole. You are one. You are God. That is the one thing that will never change.

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