Lately many of my lessons (or reminders) are coming from my dreams, particularly the vivid ones. Last night I had yet another vivid dream.

In the dream there was a large gathering at my house, including friends and family from my past and present. They were noisy and argumentative, talking almost nonstop about all their complaints and problems. It was utter chaos.

I was not involved in any of the conversations—I was just a passive observer. But I was feeling all the negative energy and turmoil. The dream seemed to drag on for hours, and I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from it all.

Then I woke up.

Here are Spirit’s thoughts:

Many of you reading this are more sensitive to energy than most humans. That’s not a bad thing, but sensitivity comes at a price. As one of John’s favorite teachers says, “The price of sensitivity is sensitivity,” How true!

You sensitive ones are likely to easily pick up on other people’s thoughts and feelings, often without consciously realizing it. This is where you get into the difficulties John did in his dream. As he said, he “was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from it all.”

So what’s the solution?

It certainly is not to be less sensitive. Your sensitivity serves you well unless you let it drag you down by taking on other people’s “stuff.”

The key here is discernment.

Pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings, especially when you are in situations such as John described in his dream. Chances are your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with you. You’re simply picking them up from others.

You do not have to be physically with, or even close to, people to pick up on their energies. This can happen a great distances, especially with those you love.

When you recognize all this—and you can train yourself to recognize it—you will free yourself from others’ “stuff.”

We’re not saying you should not care about others, especially your loved ones. But we are saying you cannot help others by immersing yourself in their sadness, grief, anger, turmoil, etc.

You help others best by putting yourself first. Unless you love yourself first you cannot truly and fully love another.

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