Your Body: Friend or Foe?

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In the workbook for A Course In Miracles, one of our favorite lessons is “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”


While your true identity is not your physical body, that does not give you an excuse to misuse or abuse it. But that’s what many humans are doing today, for various reasons.

Your physical body is the “vehicle” you have chosen to help you accomplish the mission you’ve chosen for this lifetime. As the sacred vessel it is, it deserves your love and care.

There are several ways you can, and should, care for your physical body. One of those, which we will discuss today, is food—the nourishment your body needs to survive.This is a topic we’ve written about before, and one that you often have a love-hate relationship with.

Your scientific and medical researchers do much good in your modern world. This is evident today as you move through the coronavirus situation.

But they have also misled you at times, albeit with the best intentions.

One example: Many foods most of you have used one time or another have been labeled “hazardous to your health.”

For example, some foods have been linked with heart disease or cancer. Later there was proven to be no link.

Our point here is that it is important to provide yourselves with healthy food. It should be as close as possible to its natural state, with no chemical or other poisonous additives.

But, just as important is the mental attitude with which you consume your food and drink.

How many people do you suppose developed cancer because they ate foods labeled by the experts as cancer-causing? Foods later exonerated from that label?

Many, we would say. Yet the food had nothing to do with the cancer. It was the belief, the mental attitude that caused the cancer.

You are powerful creators. Your minds can harm or heal you.

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In this delightful short video, Eckhart Tolle discusses the relationship between food choices and spirituality.

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  1. George Ball

    Yes, with the help of you and others my mind has me as healthy as ever even at the age of 85 1/4 today! Wish me a happy birthday. Love, George

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