You Did Not Come Here To Fail

Have you ever wondered what happens to a person who commits suicide?



Your society generally condemns suicide. It looks down on those who attempt it, especially if they succeed.

Is that condemnation justified? In our opinion, no!

Many of you reading this have been affected by the suicide, or attempted suicide, of someone close to you.

Why You Came to Earth

First of all, you must remember no one on your planet today came here without a good reason. In most cases, that reason is to help your sisters and brothers who are struggling with the worldwide transformation your planet is working through right now.

Some who are struggling choose not to continue the struggle, and end their time here prematurely.

What happens to those souls when they transition back into the realms of Spirit?

Well, they are met by loved ones who have gone on before them. They are helped to review, in detail, their most recent physical incarnations.

And, in virtually every case, they understand they did not finish the work they had begun in their recent physical life.


They are not condemned to eternal hellfire for killing themselves. Instead, they now understand they have unfinished business on earth. So, in nearly every case, they choose to reincarnate so they can finish their work on the physical plane.

None of you came here to earth to fail. You had a task to complete. And you will complete it at one time or another.

As our title of this post says, you did not come here to fail. You are all majestic goddesses and gods in human form for a time. You have work to do here on earth. And you will complete it, one way, one time, or another.

Copyright © 2021 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


In this video, Deepak Chopra, M.D. answers the question “Is There Life After Death?”

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  1. Jean Horn

    Life goes on whether you are physical or not. The challenge is to remember the power of our life lies within each of us. What we believe, expect and think are the tools to life itself. We have that power and no one goes to hell unless you believe it. Even in the afterlife, more so than physical life your thoughts, beliefs and expectations are instantaneous. So there is no hell . But before you choose suicide as a way out try to remember You are the Power in your life. Whatever is happening you don’t like, are afraid of, just say no, no more, I have done with this. It works, you have to mean it and believe. As it states, All Is Well!

    love and hugs

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