I know that’s a really weird title, but please bear with me for a moment.

My good friend Pete is a Wyoming cowboy. We’ve known each other about 20 years. Pete (not his real name) and I were chatting not long ago about a physical problem he was having. He mentioned the essential oils he’d been using to help with the problem were very effective.

Now, essential oils are not exactly a mainstream medical treatment, and I’d assumed they were used mostly by folks interested in alternative spirituality. So I was more than mildly surprised when Pete mentioned them. Even though we’d been good friends so many years, I had no idea what his spiritual beliefs and values were.

So we got to talking about spirituality. I found out, for the first time, he was deeply interested in the spiritual work I do. So we chatted about that and other related topics for a long while. It was a warm, positive, uplifting conversation.

I realized I’d been making false assumptions about Pete. After all, he’s a cowboy. Cowboys aren’t supposed to be interested in spiritual subjects. Was I ever dead wrong about that!

I also realized I’ve made other wrong assumptions about other people in my life. It was only when we became more open to each other, and talked freely, that we saw aspects of the other we never dreamed existed.

How much joy and love we deprive ourselves of when we do what I’d done with Pete so many years. My spirit guides talk often about how interconnected we all are—not just people, but all of life. But we have to pay attention.

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What about you? Have you had similar experiences?

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