The kingdom of God is within us. The whole of the Godhead is to be found within our individual being, not in holy mountains nor yet in the temple at Jerusalem, but within us. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith



Usually when I channel my spirit guides I have a specific subject I want to discuss with them. But occasionally they will simply “pop in” and start dictating to me. So I quickly grab a pen or pencil and start writing. That’s how this short post came about.


Separation is but an illusion, and exists only in your mind. Can you imagine what your world would look like if you saw the truth here?

The truth is you are not separate from God. You are not separate from any living being. Once that becomes as obvious to you as it is to us, your entire world will be transformed into what you’ve all dreamed of.

You will let go of the world you have created and see us in spirit as real. You will know the world you have created and see as “real” is but an illusion having no reality.

You will awaken from the unreal world of dreams to the real world of God. All it takes to do it is to see the oneness, to see all as one. You are one. Others are one. All that is is one. God is one.

There is no separation. There is no difference between you and God.


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This lovely, peaceful video is not directly related to today’s blog post. It’s about Richard Bach and his seaplane, Puff. As a pilot and a devoted fan of Richard’s books, I found it inspiring. I hope you do too.


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