There Is No Difference Between You and God

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The kingdom of God is within us. The whole of the Godhead is to be found within our individual being, not in holy mountains nor yet in the temple at Jerusalem, but within us. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith



Usually when I channel my spirit guides I have a specific subject I want to discuss with them. But occasionally they will simply “pop in” and start dictating to me. So I quickly grab a pen or pencil and start writing. That’s how this short post came about.


Separation is but an illusion, and exists only in your mind. Can you imagine what your world would look like if you saw the truth here?

The truth is you are not separate from God. You are not separate from any living being. Once that becomes as obvious to you as it is to us, your entire world will be transformed into what you’ve all dreamed of.

You will let go of the world you have created and see us in spirit as real. You will know the world you have created and see as “real” is but an illusion having no reality.

You will awaken from the unreal world of dreams to the real world of God. All it takes to do it is to see the oneness, to see all as one. You are one. Others are one. All that is is one. God is one.

There is no separation. There is no difference between you and God.


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This lovely, peaceful video is not directly related to today’s blog post. It’s about Richard Bach and his seaplane, Puff. As a pilot and a devoted fan of Richard’s books, I found it inspiring. I hope you do too.


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10 Responses

  1. Karen Lee Samson

    Beautiful words of remembering we are all connected, and part of the light of God. There are many layers and levels, dimensions, yet all are connected… developmental levels of awareness or understanding, all lead to The divine source of light, God. Being on Earth there are two distinct thought processes: Love or Fear.
    Love is equated with joy,happiness,kindness,compassion,truth,honesty,helping,hope etc.
    Fear is equated with negativity,hate,abuse,violence,anger,fighting,lies,dishonesty,stealing,killing,vengeance etc.
    Remember there are differing feelings and many levels, yet all emotions and actions fall under either Love Or Fear.
    I love your newsletters And find the messages worth sharing .

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Karen. That is such a simple, yet profound truth: There is only one choice we can make: for fear or for love. And, if we’re in fear, we can choose again.

      I really appreciate your kind words, Karen.

      Love, John

  2. Ron B.

    quote, ¨ But occasionally they will simply “pop in” and start dictating to me.¨

    Since as you said we are not separate, then who or what do you Believe is sending you the messages? Recently you expressed appreciation for the food for thought.
    Then appreciate your Self. When experiencing this food for thought, usually questions about newer perspectives, you receive insight from your Self. That is what is meant by Ask And It Is Given. Keep up the fine work and enjoy it all.

    Ron B.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Ron.

      As long as humans live in physical bodies in time and space, there is going to seem to be separation. It’s an illusion, but one we choose to live with. More important is our awareness of the illusion, and of the fact there is no separation. It’s pretty simple.

  3. Elaine Joe

    Hello John and Spirit,

    Thank you so much for your message of oneness with our source and with each other. Every Saturday, I look forward to your postings because they are filled with light and the reality of love. Lately, I’ve been coming across messages (on youtube) from (spiritual) people who see darkness mixed in with the light, and those views feel just plain weird and full of fear. I don’t know — still trying to figure it all out. But I prefer to create my reality with your words of light and love.

    Elaine (yeah, kind of rambling here, aren’t I?)

    • John Cali

      Hi Elaine,

      You’re most welcome. And thank you for your comments, and your kind words.

      I’ve seen a few of those messages you mention. There are spiritually-minded folks out there today whose perspectives include some (or a lot of) darkness. Like all the rest of us, they’re still trying to figure it all out. But, as my spirit guides are fond of saying, all paths lead home.

      These days, I like to focus the teachings from A Course in Miracles. Among my favorites of their teachings are these two:

      1. “If you remain as God created you, you must be strong and light must be in you. … This is the Self that never left Its home in God to walk the world uncertainly.”

      2. “Fear is deception. It attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. Not one thing in this world is true…We are the Sons of God. There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love Itself.”

      No, you’re not rambling — you’re making perfect sense. 🙂 Thank you again, Elaine.

  4. anny

    This is so true. I have known about it for ages and try to find different words and images for it all the time in order to make it clear to people.
    It is already mentioned in the Bible in Genesis where it says that God put Adam to sleep in order to create Eve from one of his ribs. Until then Adam was androgynous, bot male and female, but then these two sides are separated and start to function independently. The Hebrew word for rib means side also. Nowhere it is mentioned that man awakens from this deep sleep, this dream. Not until now, at least not for more than certain individuals.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Anny. I’m not a great fan of the Bible, but there is much wisdom in it that humans have ignored for centuries.

      • anny

        Hi John,

        The Bible has been much misunderstood. Most of it is not meant to be taken literally. There is a lot of symbolic language in the Bible and once you understand some of that it becomes clear that in the hidden layers much the same message is told as in the channellings of today.

        People who might be interested in this approach may read more about it on a website covering this subject where different writers cover different aspects.

        • John Cali

          Thanks very much, Anny.

          I agree with you. I said I wasn’t a big fan of the Bible, but I did study theology for 8 years when I thought I wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. So I understand exactly what you said — there are hidden layers that contain the same basic messages as many modern channellings. Thank you for that link.

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