Do You Have a Bad Back? By Barbara Clark

Introduction By John Cali

How many people do you know with “bad” backs? If you’re like me, probably plenty. In fact, when I was younger I used to have nagging, persistent back pain.

In today’s post, Barbara Clark talks about her healing work—specifically, her experience in helping folks with back pain.

Here’s Barbara:

After my article, Are You Burying Your Head in the Sand?, was published many people asked how they could get themselves out of the way and allow their bodies to heal. How could they connect, appreciate and love their bodies more?

We are all unique and there is no one definitive answer. I hope this article provides a bridge to help people understand the importance of self-talk and beliefs, and move towards having a more loving, appreciative relationship with their bodies.

Much has been written about the interconnection of emotion and physical dis-ease. And, although each of us is unique, it is possible to generalise where a particular emotion will manifest a physical symptom if it is not dealt with. Our language gives us clues as to the truth of this. For example, have you ever said, “So and so is a pain in the neck”? Or “He/she has the weight of the world on his/her shoulders”?

Dr. John Sarno MD, a traditionally trained professor at New York University School of Medicine, came to the same conclusion. After many years of treating patients with back pain using standard remedies, he continued to get lousy results until he realised that 88% of his patients also had stress-related problems.

When he started to teach his patients that tension, not structural problems, was to blame for their pain, he started to see good results for the first time in his career. Andrew Weil MD, also traditionally trained, calls himself, “a great believer in Dr Sarno’s ideas”.

Because so many people suffer from back pain, I am using the back as an example, but the same is true for all other parts of our bodies. Because our backs carry so much emotional “stuff” for us, it is divided into three parts. But as I say, this is, to a degree, a generalisation.

The Upper Back

The upper back represents the reverse side of the heart; this is where we find fear, irritation, anger, resentment and frustration.

The Middle Back

The middle back holds the balance in the centre of the body; therefore it is connected to decision-making. Resentment can also be found in the middle back. The saying “I bent over backwards to help…” relates to the middle back.

The Lower Back

The lower back is often where we store feelings of being unsupported, of the weight of responsibility. Issues of security, isolation, survival and self-support are often stored in the lower back.

So what to do about it?

If you have been unable, so far, to get yourself out of your body’s way with any other technique, I suggest your first step is to suspend your disbelief and change your self-talk. If you can do that, even for a short time, you are giving your body a welcome respite. And in that place of peace, healing “miracles” can occur.

For those who are telling themselves the story that they have a “bad back”—is it really? What would it have to do to become a “good back”?


Barbara has just launched a new website, Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants to Hear. If you need physical healing, you’ll love what she has to offer.

As Barbara puts it, “I am passionate about helping people realise, ‘Your Body is Not Your Enemy!’ You cannot have a single thought or feeling, without your body responding to it.”

In a world filled with influences that don’t always allow us to easily nurture ourselves and our bodies, we need to take charge of our own well-being. That is exactly what Barbara’s purpose is in putting this wonderful work out to the world.

You can view free samples of her work here.


Do you have a “bad” back?” What can you do to turn that around to heal yourself and have a “good back?” Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. George

    Hi Barbara, John, and Spirit, Thank you very much for this posting. I feel healing from watching your two You Tube movies, Barbara, and I’ve gone to your web site, Beyond Affirmations, and added it to my Favorites. I was glad to see you Spirit, through you my good friend, John, pronouncing your work, Barbara, valuable and important. I also felt particular benefit from your calm and reassuring voice in the You Tubes, Barbara.


    • Barbara

      Oh George, thank you! How extremely kind you are, what a lovely message.

      I am glad you enjoyed the videos. I had fun making them and finding a good use for the zillions of photographs I’ve taken over the years. Most of them were taken within walking distance of my house, but there a few shots from beautiful, sunny, Wyoming.

      Huge love and hugs to you, dear friend,

      Barbara x

    • Barbara

      p.s. I am currently writing a script for a Headache & Migraine recording. And here I am happily procrastinating……..

      I shall get to it. LOL

      Thank you again, dearest, George.
      B x

  2. Damian Purdy

    Greetings everyone,

    I find this article very interesting. When I was younger, I would get heartburn. The older I got, the more things would give me heartburn. I decided back then, to pay attention to my body, what it was telling me. The heartburn subsided, yet, it still persisted. It wasn’t until I paid closer attention to how I was ‘feeling’ and what I was ‘thinking’ did I really began to make progress. Just a year ago I was overweight, and yes, back pain. I have done nothing to change my diet or exercise. I have lost a good 30 pounds, my back doesn’t hurt, and heartburn, it doesn’t exisit. I feel like a teenager again, just a bit slower, heh. Thank you for this posting. It has help clarify more for me. It has me curious as to what other body parts relate to kinds of feelings we have, but in the end, just be Happy. Imagine a body feeling pure happiness and joy…it has me excited.

  3. Barbara

    Hi Jerry,

    I love your sense of humour, it is wonderful.

    What a wise and enlightened chiropractor you had.

    Don’t you just love how the new energy/consciousness is permeating through all sections of society?

    I am going to stick my neck out here and say, how wonderful this new era of conscious enlightenment is! And it really is, because so many people are literally “lightening up”.

    Love and smiles,

    • jerry

      Hi Barbara,

      Thank-you for responding! I probably should also state that since that occurrence with the chiropractor, I have started to be more aware of my thoughts affecting my physical health.

      Now, anytime I have any type of pain, I stop and review what I have been saying or thinking to assist in changing my thought pattern. I have noticed that when my mind is filled with appreciation and other positive thoughts, that all is well, mentally and physically and pain cannot reside in that energy!

      Love and hugs,

      • Barbara

        Hi Jerry,

        I completely agree with you, that is how I live my life too and not just with pain. If I have an “accident”, my first thought is why did I do that to myself? What is going on with me?

        A few years ago I had a bad fall down the stairs. I had been up and down those stairs a million times, sometimes carrying a laundry basket, sometimes stepping over sleeping cats. I never fell. But on the occasion I did fall (and it was a bad one) my first thought whilst lying on the floor was “why did I throw myself down the stairs?”

        I don’t believe in “accidents” or “co-incidences”, we create it all and we can change what we choose to create.

        Love and gratitude,

  4. Sarah Drury

    Very interesting post, John and Barbara. I find the whole area fascinating. I do have one question, though. If a Health problem is genetic, how has it manifested? Is it some kind of emotional imprint handed down through generations? Oh, Barbara I love your work and your website.

    • Barbara

      Hi Sarah,

      Firstly let me thank you for your very kind comments about my work and my website. I really appreciate it, it means SO much to me.Thank you!

      I completely agree with John’s answer, but I’d like to add a little of my perspective to it.

      You and I are both mothers. I feel where you are coming from and it’s not always easy. My (now 20 year old) daughter, was born at 26 weeks gestation and I am sure you know what that implies. Before her, my son was born at 24 weeks and didn’t make it. Although he is with me in spirit and was always by my side when I needed him.

      It has not always been easy for me, but I truly believe that anything we, as humans, take on, is our soul’s plan, an agreement and for a very good reason.

      I blamed myself and my body for many years. But that is not the truth. As I see it, the truth is, we all agreed to play our parts in this physical “play”. Every single one of us did it out of the greatest love for each other.

      Books which really helped me understand this are:- Michael Newton, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls and Your Souls Plan and Your Souls Gift by Robert Schwartz.

      I hope this helps,

      • Sarah Drury

        Thanks, Barbara, for your beautiful answer. It has really put things back into perspective. We agreed before we incarnated on our challenges, we chose our bodies and circumstances and I really need to remember that. I have had a rollercoaster ride since I was in my late twenties as I have manic-depression or bipolar as its now labelled. My life challenges seem to be about finding and keeping balance and also being there for my young son, who has Autism and learning challenges (in this lifetime!). I really appreciate your answer and also the pain you must have gone through at the time of your pregnancies. Thanks again, Barbara and much love to you. I will look out for those books. x

          • Sarah Drury

            Thanks for posting that, Barbara. I have seen it previously, its a marvellous movie and I love all the channellings. Its interesting what the Pleiadians have to say about genetics. x

  5. Robin Becker

    This is an amazing article. Especially for me. I am proof that our physical health relates to our emotional health. My life was rough before I learned this and my body told the story.
    After years of negative experiences and physical health issues..I hurt my neck and back. I had three surgeries to fix one bad disc in my neck. Now they say there is more damage. I was living in my room. I was so sick, in so much pain..physical and mental. I was a Mom that was starting to push my youngest on to others. I felt she deserved better and I was thinking I wanted to end my suffering and what I felt I was putting my loved ones through. They had me on so much medicine that the whole combination was what I considered hell.

    Some how I attracted the right teachers and learned how we create our own realities. That the body’s health is the result of our vibration/thoughts/feelings. Day by day I made steps to release old negative baggage and worked on appreciating my body. That was hard since it hurt so bad and felt so sick. I laugh now looking back to the days I would appreciate my pinky finger since it was the only thing not hurting. I started to notice results! Little results turned in to big ones. I had to peel layers and layers of emotional thoughts, judgement on self and others, self loathing. Many doubted me because of what the xrays and MRIs showed. I kept at it and was able to start eliminating medications. I was told my high blood pressure was life long and I would always need medicine. I felt confident in my knowing and stopped the medication. I never have had high blood pressure again. One disease or health issue after another slowly went away. My pain levels went from the worst to now only show up if I am negative.

    I feel I have a good connection with my Inner Being..and my Emotional Guidance System- if I am starting to focus negatively..I feel it immediately and know to change the direction of my thought process. We are absolutely the creators of our reality and the health of our physical bodies.

    I love what Barbara is doing. Awakening others to their ability to heal themselves. I feel this is the direction I will go into with my knowing.I love guiding others to their knowing they hold the powers to their own health. The great thing about this knowing is if people do try it sincerely, they will be able to prove it to themselves. That would be giving them the gift of empowerment.

    Thanks again John for another awesome topic. I don’t care to share my negative side of the story but it demonstrates the huge changes one can do just by changing the direction of their thinking. Thank you to Barbara..she is doing what I hope to some day. Empowering others to the wellness of their physical bodies.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Robin, for sharing your long journey back to well-being. You are an inspiration to all of us, and living proof our thoughts create our realities — we are in charge of our own lives.

    • Barbara

      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for sharing your inspirational story of transformation. It’s incredible.

      I’d just like to say that you are already teaching and empowering others by your example. Not only those you meet in the physical world.

      Because of your personal journey, you “know” it is possible to create your reality and your state of health. You know it in the deepest level of your being and that deep knowing, helps raise the consciousness of all humanity. You are already teaching and empowering others in the energetic and telepathic realms.

      I wish you the very best in whatever physical teaching you eventually do and thank you for your kind comments about my work.

      We really are all connected.


  6. Chuck

    Dr. Sarno helped me go from flat on my back to no back pain! It was the first book to really open my mind to another way of thinking. After several different treatments for my back nothing seemed to work, everything from chiropractor to surgery. So when I got his book I was pretty much feeling hopeless that anything could fix it.

    Just before my surgery I was pretty much paralyzed from the pain so much I could not get of the couch I was sitting on. People had to help me get off the couch and into a car to go to the hospital. I then had micro surgery on my two lower disks to removed some burrs. After surgery I was taking meds for the pain and got up to 6-8 a day and it was not taking care of the pain but was now starting to effect my liver.

    I needed to get off the meds and find another solution so I started smoking marijuana and it was helping to relieve the pain but more importantly it was helping me mentally & emotionally with the pain.

    Over time I was good for awhile with occasional flare ups until almost a year later when my back went out completely again for no apparent physical reason, the marijuana would help but it would not completely take it away. My wife trying to help find a solution for me got me Dr. Sarno’s book “Healing back pain.” After reading it my pain went away almost completely and then for good as I kept practicing the mental exercises in the book. I also got his second book called ” The Mind body Connection” which goes into more detail about Psychosomatic pain.

    I remembered just before my surgery the intense emotional pain I was going through at the time. I had been hit with three big blows. I lost my licence to drive, my job, and was excommunicated from the religion I was in for 14 years all in one month! It was no wonder I couldn’t get myself off the couch! Reading Dr. Sarnos book showed me that this pain in my back was not physical it was from all the tension built up from the religion and everything connected to it.

    I had a lot of anger, sorrow, hopelessness overwhelming me with no way to release it with nobody to understand what I was going through. I had lost just about everyone that I knew at the time cause they were all part of the religion and now would have nothing to do with me. In some ways I am still recovering from those three big blows and still have emotional pain in places in my body. I struggle even today with emotional pain from those days but I don’t have the extreme physical pain anymore cause I know it is mental and emotional.

    I have some strong negative beliefs that I need to work on before I can be pain free. Being aware of them is the first step by bringing them into the light of consciousness. But it is hard to let go of the pain since you feel it is part of who you are but in reality it is not and when you realize that you will be free.

    • Barbara

      Thank you, Chuck for sharing your deeply touching story and journey. I have known other people go through similar situations and have seen the despair that can arise from it.

      I am so pleased your physical pain has lessened and I feel sure that with your level of knowledge and consciousness you will clear the remaining emotional “stuff”.

      Good luck with the rest of your healing and learning journey.


  7. Rene

    Greetings John and Spirit!!! I can certainly relate to this weeks message. For 28 years that I’ve been an employee in 3 major aerospace company. The last 15 years was the most brutal as far as stress goes. I was under Chiropractic care for 23 for lower back pain. I was diagnosed with subluxation. I ended my aerospace career when my primary doctor said I would die of a heart attack, I was 53 then. By retiring and living a simple life, all my lower back pain that I’ve learned to accept. Went away completely. I think my attitude and they way I accept things and not sweat the details help me alot too. It is now my priority to live in the now, and completely avoid, at any cause stress.

    Thanks for this sharing this message!!!

    Love and Peace!!


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Rene. Stress is one of the greatest challenges most of us have to deal with in our modern world.


  8. Sarah

    Does anyone have any clues as to what would cause cluster headaches in the right temple/right eye area? My husband is suffering with these at the moment. He works a LOT and has realised that the combination of ridiculous working hours, trying to clear a long standing debt and when he has to ‘come up’ with a lump sum of money (such as rental bond) is when it gets worse. He is also juggling all of this with coming home after a 13.5 hour day and being a great father and husband. He does realise this is probably the cause but is unsure what he can do about it.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Sarah. I am not a healer, but some of the other folks on this forum are — so I invite them to respond to you.

    • Barbara

      Hi Sarah,

      I am not familiar with the term “cluster headaches”.

      I haven’t done much research in to headaches, although it is part of my long term plan to make a recording for headaches and migraine. But if it were me, I’d take a look at the following issues:-

      Tension & stress,
      Inability to resolve emotional upsets,
      Hurt feelings going unexpressed,
      Feelings of inner pressure working on you,
      Feeling unable to control,
      Feelings of fear and anxiety getting the best of you,
      Unpleasant relationships,
      Inability to face an issue,
      Impatience with self that you haven’t done enough,
      Manifesting the need to laugh, sing, praise and express gratitude.

      I hope that helps,


      • Sarah

        Thanks so much, Barbara! My husband has mentioned feeling most of those things to me over the last few months, especially feelings of powerlessness and inner pressure.

        • Barbara

          You are very welcome, Sarah. I hope it helps.

          I also want to thank you, your question inspired me to get on with making a recording for Headaches and Migraine. It’s only at the research stage just now, but I am uncovering some very interesting information. I had no idea we carry/store so much “stuff” in our heads.


  9. Jerry

    Wow, John…you really hit a sore spot… hahaha. I know a lot of people with back issues, myself included. It has been quite a journey dealing with my learning to see what is happening in my life that causes it. One time I went to see a chiropractor because of issues while a caretaker. My body (and mind) were so distorted I could not physically stand up straight. When I walked in to the chiropractors office, he said “What is going on in your life to cause you to be so debilitated!”

    So, yes, I found out our bodies reflect our life! Thank’s so much for your info by Dr. Samo and Barbara Clark.

    Love and hugs,

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