Do not ask Spirit to heal the body. Ask rather that Spirit teach you the right perception of the body. ~ A Course in Miracles



Two days ago I was out for a walk in the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a snarling dog hurled himself at me, taking a chunk out of my leg. As I defended myself, he bit me on the wrist. Finally I managed to chase him off. With my leg and wrist bleeding, I painfully limped back home.

The irony is I’ve loved dogs all my life, and have never feared them. I’d also never been bitten. I’ve been walking and running on that same road for years, and had never seen that dog. But, as I realized later, the dog did me a favor.

Anyway, I got home and bandaged my injuries. Then I called the local police, and an officer came right out. Even though this was a relatively trivial event, he was thorough, taking photos and measurements of the bites on my leg and arm.

I went about my day, still a bit out of sorts — this was a new experience for me, and I did not like it at all!

Before I went to bed that night I checked my injuries. My leg had stopped bleeding and was doing well.

When I checked my wrist, to my surprise, there was no wound. No blood, no scab, not even a mark. I spent about five minutes staring at my wrist where it had been bleeding just a few hours before. It took me several more minutes to realize it had healed spontaneously, without me doing anything.

Impossible? Obviously not. Then how did it happen? I don’t know.

But that dog did me a favor because he helped remind me that healing does not have to be difficult or take a long time.

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In this video Abraham explains how some healers can heal others instantly.

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