Fun At Frank’s Barber Shop by John Cali

Yesterday morning I went to Frank’s Barber Shop for a haircut. We’ve talked about Frank before.

Frank and I were having our usual, friendly chat. He was joking around and laughing, talking about the funny things he often observed about people and the world. I told him he was entertaining, and fun to be around because he was always laughing and joyful.

He paused in mid-stride and became thoughtful for a moment. Then he said, “Well, I’ve been laughing all my life.” (Frank, besides being a barber, is also a semi-professional singer and musician.)

Then we got to talking about the benefits of simply having fun and laughing a lot. Frank is nearly 80 years old, and he’s still going strong. He works every day in his barber shop. And I have no doubt he’s brought more fun and joy into more people’s lives than almost anyone else I know.

It shows too—he’s in better physical shape, and mentally sharper, than lots of folks 30 or 40 years younger. It’s obvious his positive outlook on life has kept him young and active. He’s certainly a great inspiration to me.

Here are a few things Spirit has said over the years about having fun:

  • Seldom does your world define success to include having fun along the way.
  • Your purpose in life is to enjoy the journey—to have fun, laugh, play, romp—to enjoy the pleasures of being physical.
  • You don’t have to work hard or struggle to achieve success. You just have to have fun along the way.
  • Life is not all that serious. It’s supposed to be fun.
  • The quickest way to manifest your dreams is to find joy, pleasure, and passion right where you are now.
  • Life is really simple. It’s all about joy. If you’re finding and living your joy, you are a success.
  • Every thought you think has powerful effects on everyone and everything on the planet. So choose thoughts of love and peace. Have fun. Be joyful.
  • Joy is the only true measure of success.
  • Joy is your life’s purpose.

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Do you have anyone like Frank in your life? Do you believe having fun and laughing can help and even heal you? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Micki

    Hi John,

    YES YES and Yes to all what Spirit says, the older I get the more I find joy in everyday living.

    It is a joy to read this newsletter you and Spirit put out and I wish you and everyone joy in this holiday season and beyond. 🙂

    Love and huge hugs.


    • John Cali

      Thanks a lot, Micki — you’re very kind.

      May you also have a bright and beautiful holiday season!

      Lots of love and big hugs,

  2. claire

    Thank you for this today, John and Spirit. I need this reminder often as I take life far too seriously. I especially need to remember to be mindful of my thoughts.


  3. Robin Becker

    Since learning about the Law of Attraction, I have made great strides in releasing a lot of resistance. The results have been amazing, especially in my health. Each day I do a rampage of appreciation and my intention is to look for things that make me happy, cause me to smile and laugh and hopefully bring that onto others. It really has changed life and how I view it. I love being happy and thrive when around happy people. It makes my day when I know I made a positive difference in another’s day. I do measure my success on how much joy I feel. I don’t know to many right now that I can compare to your barber, Frank. So, I get around children and animals as often as I can..they bring the best attitude to the table. They are just happy being.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Robin, for sharing. Joy and appreciation are, as you said, a powerful healing force. As Abraham Lincoln said, we’re about as happy as we make up our minds to be.


  4. Jerry

    Hi John,

    For me, life is seriously meant to be taken lightly! I see so many people hunched over with frowns on their face and I wonder why they do that to themselves! I always appreciate a smile because it helps me, too.

    My perceptive little granddaughter (aged 6) commented to me one day at the shopping mall when she saw an elderly gentleman walk by with all gray hair, a wonderful smile on his face, his posture straight, shined shoes, pressed pants and said “That man looks so happy and handsome!” He really stood out in the crowd! Living to love life really has it’s benefits.

    As a salesman, I love to interact with people and see if i can make their day lighter ’cause it sure helps me, too!

    I think the richest and most powerful people in the world, are the ones with the smiles and laughter.

    Give our love to Frank and the one in your mirror!


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jerry. Happy people do indeed stand out in a crowd. I agree with you — happy people are the richest and most powerful folks in the world.

      Love to you too, dear brother!


  5. Toni

    I love this reminder, John. I was Frank when I was younger, but I lost some of him along the way. I am determined to get him back.


    • John Cali

      Thank you, Toni. I’m sure you’ll find your Frank again — in fact, I think you already have.


  6. Stephanie

    Laughter is exercise from the inside out …
    I LOVE the list from Spirit …
    What a wonderful reminder …

    Thank you ….

  7. Mikala St. Germain

    John, as you know, I have a little Cherub Angel named Daisy who is always with me, and she has a great and silly perspective on how life should be lived, which is to play, laugh, have fun and totally enjoy every minute even if you have to be ridiculous and silly to make yourself and everyone else laugh.

    She has told me many times that fun and play will always heal and keep you young, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    She is truly funny and always playful. She also visits people who are close to me, my spiritual friends. Right?


  8. Marlene

    I like to be the “Frank” in other people’s lives, particularly my husband’s. He comes from a family of worriers that take life far too seriously. I like to show him the lighter, funnier side of things.

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