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NOTE: This post is longer than we usually publish. But I trust you’ll find it useful.

A few weeks ago one of our readers, Christine Disano-Davenport, sent us a letter. She had recently watched a film and read some books about life after death. Though she enjoyed them, they were disturbing to her. As she put it, “…what is bothering me now is that it (the film and books) is shaking my belief about what happens after we make our transition.”

With Christine’s permission to use her name and letter, I’m including below comments from her letter, slightly edited. Our replies follow the comments. (The comments are roughly in the order she wrote them.)

Comment: What is the experience of someone, after they’ve died, who in life had committed murder or had been involved in an abortion?

Reply: There is no guilt or remorse. There is only the recognition that these experiences were ultimately for the highest and best good of all the humans involved. The only judges you ever face are yourselves and other humans.

Comment: Abraham (Esther Hicks) and Kryon (Lee Carroll) have said Hitler, and those affected by him in the Holocaust, co-created that experience. Hitler was applauded when he went back to the world of spirit. Abraham said Hitler went back to pure, positive Source.

Reply: We agree with all that. As we’ve said before, Hitler was a catalyst for good.

Comment: In an abortion the mother and unborn child are a vibrational match in choosing that co-created experience. But if the mother was in the vortex (Abraham’s term for being aligned with spirit), could she even choose abortion?

Reply: Yes, she could. If everyone creates their own reality, then that baby and the mother co-created that situation which resulted in abortion.

Comment: Also, (in the books and film Christine mentioned) the writers said there is cause and effect at work here, and there are consequences to the choices made (to have an abortion). I did not read or see them going to positive Source, at least not right away.

Reply: Stop and think about this for a moment. Cause and effect exist only in your linear time experiences. There is no linear time in spirit. There is only the eternal present. So there are no consequences—only a returning to, and a remembering of, who you really are.

Comment: I understand Hitler did not remember his plan on earth so how could he not feel the horrific effects and the vibrational discord he co-created at death? Does he not have to go through the healing process like most after the transition?

Reply: No, he does not. Everyone goes right back into the light of their eternal being after they make the transition you call death. We do not like that word, as it implies the end of you. It’s only a new beginning. Or, as Abraham puts it, you emerge back into pure, positive energy.

Comment: If abortion is just for the experience as all our deeds seem to be, how is it ok for Hitler and not for others to not reap what they have sown even if they co-created the experience with the so-called victims involved?

Reply: They do “reap what they have sown.” When they are back in spirit they see clearly why they chose their earthly experiences. And they also see why they co-created those experiences with all the others involved.

Comment: Do the afflicted heal immediately and say “Hey, oh yeah, I was killed and in terror but now I am instantly healed and I re-member?”

Reply: Yes, sort of. (See below: “Comment: Does he (Hitler) not have to go through the healing process like most after the transition?”)

Comment:They (those who’ve died) reflected the cause of the effects of their actions, words and deeds and found themselves or can find themselves in a realm, kind of like purgatory but of “like” vibration. I understand Hitler did not remember his plan on earth so how could he not feel the horrific effects and the vibrational discord he co-created at death?

Reply: No one in spirit has those experiences—horror, discord, etc. “Purgatory (or hell) does not exist. Hell and purgatory are simply fictions you’ve created because you think you are not worthy—you do not remember you are God, albeit in human form.

Those ideas are strictly human experiences you’ve chosen to have. While we in spirit do observe you humans having those experiences, we cannot join you in those experiences. But we will join you after you return to spirit. And we’ll have a big party to celebrate your return to love.

You all can choose to do a “life review” after “death”—but you do not do it with any sense of guilt, anger, fear, etc. As we said, those emotions and feelings are alien to those of us in spirit. And they are alien to you when you return to spirit.

Comment:Does he (Hitler) not have to go through the healing process like most after the transition?

Reply: No, he does not. Nor do any of the rest of you. Healing is not needed in spirit, especially after your “death.” The word “healing” implies something is wrong or out of balance. There is nothing wrong or imbalanced in spirit. All is well, all is whole.

Comment: I wonder if I am getting my own answer here haha! Maybe it is different for every soul? I guess Kardec and these Spiritists (in the books and film) try to teach people not to kill, and Abraham and Kyron take it lightly as well. Is it just an experience that we are a vibrational match to?

Reply: You have within you all the answers to all the questions you’ve asked us.

Comment: I would not want to cause intentional wrong if I knew I was going to reflect my own effect in the spirit world and I also would not recommend an abortion to someone if there are consequences to her soul and the souls involved.

Reply: As we said earlier, there are no consequences in the spirit world—only a full remembering of who you are and why you chose your earthly experiences.

Comment: Who is right and what really happens?

Reply: There is no right. There is no wrong. “What really happens” is you choose everything, in flesh or in spirit, for your own reasons.

Life is supposed to be fun. And so is death. Just enjoy it all!


Many people fear death. But that fear is rooted in 2 misunderstandings: What death really is, and what happens after death. Here are Abraham and Esther Hicks talking about this. Listen closely—if you fear death this will ease your fears.

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What do you think is going to happen to you after you die? Did Abraham help you understand life and death more clearly? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.


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21 Responses

  1. Susan

    Since you offered David Hoffmeister’s name a few weeks ago, I have been watching several of his videos. It’s taken me much deeper into A Course in Miracles teaching than I had previously been. So I am offering here one of David’s videos (approx. 15 min. long) which may help mind’s change…


    Thanks for all you do, John!

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Susan, for continuing this thread — and for offering us David’s video. I think anyone interested in A Course in Miracles could benefit from watching him. He’s a powerful and loving teacher.

      Thank you very much, Susan, for your kindness.

    • Christine

      I enjoyed that video! Thank you Susan.. I totally understand what he means by the ego reflecting attack. There is none. What he talked about he said was the central idea of HEALING and a point he made was that no one really goes underneath that thought of “attack.”
      So for many of us,we are blessed to awaken to this truth, but for those who do not brought me to the point of writing to John. Apparently what I am learning from these responses, we all do realize who we truly are when we make the transition. I just wanted to know why people experience different things in all the forms of information mentioned in my posts; spiritual movies made by channelers and channeled books and also NDE’s. Not all souls realized or awakened to the truth immediately from what I read. My questions left out that all stories do come to a point of LOVE and healing in all information I studied, not judgement when making the transition. They just went through different and individual processes in the after life, including different realms. That is what I was questioning with my examples above. I’m sorry I was not clear,more questions lead to more questions. I appreciate everyone’s input! Truly! I’m coming nearer to truthful conclusion! Thank you, thank you!! God Bless!

      • John Cali

        Thanks very much, Christine. I know what you mean — more questions often lead to even more questions. 🙂

  2. Maureen

    It sounds as though this described world of spirit views all human actions whether saint or murderer as worthy of applause……….it sounds as though this world of spirit is in direct contradiction to many of the highest aspirations of human life………sacredness, love, compassion, forgiveness, etc……Is this article suggesting that we applaud those who create suffering because in the scheme of things it’s for highest and best good for all??

    I’m grateful that we all have the opportunity to evolve whether in form or spirit…………I look forward to peace on earth where joy is a natural part of the human experience.

    Thank you.

    • John Cali

      No, the article is not suggesting we applaud those who, as you put it, “create suffering.” We are only suggesting every soul, whether we humans consider them good or evil, has its own path to follow. It is not up to us to judge or condemn them or their paths.

      It’s simply a matter of allowing others to freely make their own choices and create their own realities. This is no way condones violence and deliberate cruelty to any living creature, human or not.

    • Christine

      I agree with Spirits responses and understand and after more contemplation it just raised more questions in regards to my questions. Maybe not so much about fearing death, but more about the growth of the soul and what happens in regards to their free will choices on earth. I always thought your consciousness stayed the same at the transition, but expanded?(that is why I used Hitler as an example) Beliefs, do they transend too, to love and understanding immediately?(i know you answered that in the Ultimate way) I gather we drop the ego, what Abraham’s video is speaking of. Yet wouldn’t that make us all “all knowing” wise beings when get home? I thought there might be a process to getting to that point including the healing from what took place in linear time. But I do understand what Spirit is saying. Are there really earth bound spirits or so called lost souls trapped somewhere from the cause of their earthly experiences? I really understand I have nothing to fear regarding death, I really wanted to know if there was a process that the soul goes through from certain earthly experiences from their free will. I do understand our life review will come from a loving perspective. John and Spirit are putting the pieces of the puzzels together for me. Bashar also has a movie out called “Dearly Departed” that is along the same lines as where my questions arose from. haha! Please forgive my inquisitive pondering. I know I will get the answers, we always do. 🙂

      • John Cali

        Thanks, Christine.

        Well, we are already, in your words, all-knowing wise beings — it’s just that we’ve forgotten that as part of our journey into physical life.

        I believe we grow as much in spirit as we do in physical bodies. But I would substitute the word “expand” for “grow.”

        I do not believe there are “lost souls.” How can you lose who you are, your essence? The word “earthbound” implies to me “stuck.” Again, I don’t believe our souls (our true selves, our spirits) can be stuck.

        Hope that helps.

  3. beachdrifter

    The subject of abortion had puzzled me in the past. I could never really understand, on an emotional level, why people would want to deprive a woman of that very personal choice.

    The people pushing against abortion always felt very off to me.

    Of course I could understand the logic of their arguments – it just never resonated with me. It was like an inner disconnect between human logic, and the emotions I felt in response to it.

    The solution to this came to me through an Abraham tape. I heard them say that the consciousness of the baby only enters the body at the moment of first breath, meaning after the birth of the baby. Until then, it would be the vibration/energy of the mother that carried the day, so to speak.

    This resonated so powerfully with me, and so perfectly explained my feelings that I was at peace about that subject ever since.

    The human logic applied to the subject is simply based upon a lack of information/understanding of who we really are, and all that that entails.

    Everyone is just doing the best they can do from wherever they stand. And you can’t fault anyone for doing that.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, beachdrifter. That was, and is, my personal take on abortion and those who oppose it.

      I remember that comment of Abraham’s from years ago. Their words certainly made my belief in the “rightness” of abortion more comfortable for me. As with you, I resonated powerfully with Abraham’s words, and have been at peace with my position ever since.

      But you make a great point which, fortunately or unfortunately, many folks miss — everyone is doing the best they can from wherever they are. And we have no right to judge them.

      Thanks again!

      • Barbara

        Hi All,
        In his absolutely wonderful and life changing book, “Your Soul’s Gift”, Robert Schwartz discusses abortion and miscarriage (amongst other subjects which are often viewed as controversial from a human perspective but simply as experiences from the soul perspective). Here is a short excerpt on the subject of abortion.


        “Why would a soul associate its energy with a fetus that’s going to be aborted?” “For some of these souls, the experience of that type of shortened pregnancy is like window shopping looking through a window to see what’s on the other side, what it might like to choose. For some souls that is enough. It is enough simply to have a look around, a glimpse, a sense of connection, no matter how small or for how short of a time period. Let us remember that it is the human form that makes the value judgment associated with time. For us in spiritual form, it is all as one. There is no relative value placed upon the experience weighted by the passage of time or not. It just is.”

        Schwartz, Robert (2012-03-27). Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (Kindle Locations 2239-2241). Whispering Winds Press. Kindle Edition.

        • John Cali

          Thanks very much, Barbara!

          I love Bob Schwartz and his writing. He’s a most wise old soul.

          That excerpt you quoted, in my opinion, says it perfectly. I really appreciate you sharing it with all of us.


        • Christine

          Thank you Barbara! I am going to read Robert Schwartz book! I am so grateful for all the input here.

  4. Christine

    Thank You so much John and Spirit for answering my questions. I always resonate with your/Spirits teachings along with Esther Hicks and Lee Carrol, among others. When I watched Astral City movie free on Hulu, which drew me to read the Spiritists organizations channeled works, it confused me as to their messages verses the messages of other channelers. As you have taught me, maybe it is filtered through their frame of reference which appears to be along the lines of religious? The movie and their messages are all about love really not too much about judgement but it did present different realms; one(in my general description)that the fear based/non-awakened went to until they had the realization of love and forgiveness and their also was a hospital for the tragically departed, plus schools and many other things for our souls growth. Their writings did also describe dis-ease and harm that can be created to an aborted soul or suicide. As far as cause and effect, I felt comforted by your/Spirits answer. As in all your answers. I held the belief that we brought our karma back with us in earthly lives to balance out as I imagined we also can do the same in the spirit world. I am getting it though now that we do see this from a loving perspective when we make the transition. I appeciate so much sharing your wisdom with me for my studies and my own expansion. I hope the same for all your readers! Much love to you!

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Christine! We thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

      I was uncomfortable with the idea (or, more accurately, the perception) of karma for many years. It smacked too much of the old Catholic theology I was brought up with — we’re all sinners and we’re gonna pay for it one way or another!

      Now I view karma, not as punishment, but simply as the consequences of our choices. Of course, the word “consequences” implies linear time. In spirit, there is no linear time.

      Much love to you too, my dear,

  5. Mikala

    Twice this year I have come within days of leaving my body. Neither time brought fear, only the joy of knowing I was heading for my new life of unity with my Creator. It appears that I am not finished here since I’m still in body. And that’s OK too.

    There is no death. Death means cessation and I know I will not cease to be. Leaving the body when it is time for us to go, I see this as a new opportunity for new experiences. However, in the new experience there are so many magical, sweet, and joyful choices.

    We have been given the freedom and opportunity for these same choices here on Earth. The love and joy and precious relationships with others are available.
    Co-creating is available – we do this everyday with our thoughts. Why would more joy, more love, more goodness be a fearful thought?

    I find the continuous discord that comes from the judgement of others, the need to condemn others, the need to war with others such a waste of precious time when we could be living in the same wonder as when we leave the body. But that is my view alone, and that is for me alone. Everyone chooses their own path and that is Creator’s choice for us – free will. So it is not up to me to decide how others should use their time here on Earth.

    Our real job (purpose) is to find our way back into the unity of Spirit,and be ready and excited about leaving the discord behind us. We have been blessed immeasurably.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Mikala, for sharing your experiences.

      I’m with you — death is nothing to be feared since it’s an illusion — something that does not exist. I wish everyone saw it that way. If they did our world would change beyond our wildest imagination.

      But, as you said so well, we must allow others their paths, whether we agree or disagree with them.

      Indeed, we have surely been richly blessed to have this lifetime and all that goes with it.

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