Happiness: An Impossible Dream?

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We’ve talked about happiness many times over the years. Probably because it seems an impossible dream for many, especially in today’s crazy world.

The question we often hear is “How can I be happy when the world is going to hell?”

Good question.


We love talking about happiness. Why? Because it’s such an important part of your lives as humans. And yet happiness often eludes most humans.

You even have organizations who specialize in happiness research. While we applaud those dedicated folks who do that, the focus is sometimes too much on the material aspects of human happiness.

We are not saying you do not need the human and physical things of life—food, shelter, money, companionship, etc. You certainly do need those to operate in a reasonably comfortable way in your physical world.

But there is more to happiness than all that.

Many of the happiest people we have known have been those without much money or other worldly advantages. And many of the most miserable have virtually all the worldly advantages.

Happiness, in our view, is simply a choice you can easily make. Or not.

We would go so far as to say you have an obligation to choose happiness.

All of you reading this have chosen to come into this lifetime to help the planet move into and beyond this time of sacred transformation. Otherwise you would not be here.

And the best way you can fulfill your mission is to be happy.

That’s your job in this lifetime.

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In this short talk, Sadhguru talks about happiness, but mostly about why people generally are not happy. This is despite more and more people enjoying a comfortable lifestyle unknown a relatively few years ago.

Are you happy much or most of the time? Or not?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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  1. George Ball

    Thanks John. Continue to carry on.
    Best wishes! George

  2. George Ball

    Yes, I’m going to fight to be happy no matter how hard it is. Joke.
    Fortunately, I am easily amused by taking a distant perspective on things. When something unhappy happens, I tell myself that “Five years from now, I won’t remember this.”

    Carry on dear John. Love, George

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