Hard Work

I recently read an interview with a millennial worker. (The millennial generation were born in the last two decades of the 20th century.)

The worker talked about how she put all she had, all she was, into her work. In her words, “I am so obsessed  with reaching…success…that I’ve forgotten how to actually enjoy life.” (Emphasis added)

Her work had become her God.


In your modern world, particularly in Western society, you have replaced the real God with a false god. That false god is “hard work.”

Do you think of yourself as “hard working?” If you’re typical, you probably do. Let’s talk about hard work.

As we observe your world today, particularly your Western world we see so much unhappiness, stress, and joyless, lifeless living.

Your work ethic has become the god you worship. You’ve convinced yourselves hard work is the key to all you seek—peace, joy, great relationships, abundance, and so on.

It may have brought you some of what you seek. Money, for example. But has it brought you true happiness, things that really matter?

In our observation, the answer is a big NO!

You give “lip service” to the idea of God, or a divine being who cares about and loves you. But do you truly believe in Him or Her?

Probably not. Instead, you work hard, struggling to get all the worldly “prizes” you think will make you happy. But none of that ever brings you true and lasting happiness or peace.

We suggest you re-think your lives, your struggles to achieve all you want through “hard work.” Instead, we suggest, you simply relax and let go—and, as you say, “Let God.”

Let God bestow upon you all the gifts, all the abundance, all the love and peace S/He knows you deserve.

It’s all simply a matter of realizing you are a beloved child of God or Goddess. All you seek, as that child, you already possess. You do not have to work hard to deserve it, or to have it.

You are a child of God. Therefore, you are God. All the “hard work” you need to do is to open your eyes and behold the world of joy, peace, love—all the abundance you seek—right there in front of you.

It is all yours for the taking.

Copyright © 2022 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


Japan is widely known for its strong work ethic. Or, more accurately, for its overwork ethic.

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