A good friend, Elsa Santos, emailed us to ask how healing miracles are possible. Elsa was responding to one of our posts, How Can We Help Others Heal?

Following are her questions. (We’ve abbreviated her email to keep this post reasonably short. We may address her other questions another time.)

Here’s Elsa’s email:

Dear John,

Thank you so much, first of all, for all the beautiful work you do with Spirit!

I´m both a healer and a translator, and I’ve had the honor and absolute privilege of translating and subtitling Tuning In in Portuguese.

I am also Lee Carroll´s translator of several books and interpreter on stage when he brings Kryon to Portugal. I am also Eric Pearl’s interpreter, and since I did the first Reconnection seminar as a translator/interpreter, I just had to get involved in that work and practice it as well.

So now, I am also a Reconnective Healing practitioner, and am still in awe with this work every day I practice it. The book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, states clearly (even on the cover) that you must first heal yourself, which is a very different approach from what we’ve always had before….

I see the miracle cures happen before my eyes all the time, but my rational mind keeps wanting to know how is this possible. And has this only been on the planet recently because the veil is thinning and we all have more access to our higher selves? Our total, collective selves?

Thank you so much again!

Much love from Portugal,

Spirit’s Reply

So-called “miracle cures” have existed throughout human history. But they have become more apparent today because, as Elsa said, “the veil is thinning.” Or at least it appears to be thinning.

And she added, “…we all have more access to our higher selves.”

Actually, the veil has never been less thin than it is now. Nor have any of you had less access to your higher selves than you do now.

What has changed dramatically, however, is your awareness of who you really are and of why you are here. With your continually growing awareness, you have what you may call “miracles.” The miracles have always happened, but the difference today is you are more aware of them.

Miracles are nothing strange or supernatural. Nothing in the universe is supernatural. It’s all natural. You use those words “supernatural” or “miracle” for those events you do not yet understand. Miracles, in fact, are the most natural of events.

With this elevated awareness so many of you have today, more and more healers are coming forth. Folks, as Elsa mentions, like the wonderful Eric Pearl. And there are many others—their number is growing.

Having said that, let us talk briefly about what true healing is.

We’ll talk about physical healing here today. But healing can apply to mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. In fact, physical imbalances are always the end result of the other imbalances.

Healing—whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—results from your willingness and openness to be healed.

Most of you, even today, do not really believe you can heal yourselves. But you can.

It is much easier to you to attribute healing power to something or someone outside yourselves. For example, a medical doctor, a spiritual healer, a drug, surgery, etc.

Nonetheless, it is always your belief that is the natural stimulant to real healing. That is what gets all the cells in your bodies to do what they well know how to do—to return to their natural state of wholeness, health, and well-being.

True healing is no more complicated than that.

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