How Are Healing Miracles Possible? by John Cali

A good friend, Elsa Santos, emailed us to ask how healing miracles are possible. Elsa was responding to one of our posts, How Can We Help Others Heal?

Following are her questions. (We’ve abbreviated her email to keep this post reasonably short. We may address her other questions another time.)

Here’s Elsa’s email:

Dear John,

Thank you so much, first of all, for all the beautiful work you do with Spirit!

I´m both a healer and a translator, and I’ve had the honor and absolute privilege of translating and subtitling Tuning In in Portuguese.

I am also Lee Carroll´s translator of several books and interpreter on stage when he brings Kryon to Portugal. I am also Eric Pearl’s interpreter, and since I did the first Reconnection seminar as a translator/interpreter, I just had to get involved in that work and practice it as well.

So now, I am also a Reconnective Healing practitioner, and am still in awe with this work every day I practice it. The book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, states clearly (even on the cover) that you must first heal yourself, which is a very different approach from what we’ve always had before….

I see the miracle cures happen before my eyes all the time, but my rational mind keeps wanting to know how is this possible. And has this only been on the planet recently because the veil is thinning and we all have more access to our higher selves? Our total, collective selves?

Thank you so much again!

Much love from Portugal,

Spirit’s Reply

So-called “miracle cures” have existed throughout human history. But they have become more apparent today because, as Elsa said, “the veil is thinning.” Or at least it appears to be thinning.

And she added, “…we all have more access to our higher selves.”

Actually, the veil has never been less thin than it is now. Nor have any of you had less access to your higher selves than you do now.

What has changed dramatically, however, is your awareness of who you really are and of why you are here. With your continually growing awareness, you have what you may call “miracles.” The miracles have always happened, but the difference today is you are more aware of them.

Miracles are nothing strange or supernatural. Nothing in the universe is supernatural. It’s all natural. You use those words “supernatural” or “miracle” for those events you do not yet understand. Miracles, in fact, are the most natural of events.

With this elevated awareness so many of you have today, more and more healers are coming forth. Folks, as Elsa mentions, like the wonderful Eric Pearl. And there are many others—their number is growing.

Having said that, let us talk briefly about what true healing is.

We’ll talk about physical healing here today. But healing can apply to mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. In fact, physical imbalances are always the end result of the other imbalances.

Healing—whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—results from your willingness and openness to be healed.

Most of you, even today, do not really believe you can heal yourselves. But you can.

It is much easier to you to attribute healing power to something or someone outside yourselves. For example, a medical doctor, a spiritual healer, a drug, surgery, etc.

Nonetheless, it is always your belief that is the natural stimulant to real healing. That is what gets all the cells in your bodies to do what they well know how to do—to return to their natural state of wholeness, health, and well-being.

True healing is no more complicated than that.

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Have you experienced accelerated healing in your own life in recent times? Why do you think that’s happening? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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9 Responses

  1. Chuck

    i wanted to comment on the “Veil is thinning part”. Also how they have been talking about the shift around 2012… etc..
    I believe the thinning has been caused due to Internet and instant connectivity.
    Internet came around 1995 ish but got really got strong in applications etc only few yrs back and thats why i feel that date 2012 is pretty dead close.
    Long time back i brushed aside spiritual teachings saying they are just bogus and bullshit… where is the proof? etc..
    Since couple of years when my curiosity increased, due to internet i could see how many many thousands of people have written about spiritual things. I could read sooo much material and explanations and all those led to change my earlier views. If not for internet and speed in getting answers a strongly analytical guy like me would not have turned around. Internet gave me access and searches etc to give me right away answers to questions i was asking. It took me voracious reading for more than a year, while of course experimenting to turn things around for me.
    So i am thinking the internet has created easy communications and resources for millions of people to find and learn quickly.
    In non-internet days, you would have to go Library and sit there and read or buy some book and wait for it to come. Or go to some ashram, group location to learn. There were fewer authors maybe… sometimes by chance you would meet someone knowledgeable etc… So the learning curve to make a shift to higher vibration and knowledge would take years for a common man who is only curious.
    But now things are available at finger tips for anyone who is curious.
    same thing with healing miracles. I have a read quite a bit online and when i read stuff from people who had lot of integrity, sincerity about miraculous healings and i was able to come to conclusion that so many authentic people saying it has to be true.
    Anyway thanks John as always!!

  2. Robin Becker

    Always love the topics John! Right away at the title and your writings as well as Elsa’s and her question..the word BELIEF was in my mind for the answer.

    Healing myself..first I saw a little evidence which caused me to believe in the end result. I was no longer looking outside of myself for the answers. The medical field sure did not in my case help at all. I kept putting my faith and trust in others and I was a train wreck lol. It is all an inside job.

    When we believe it is possible..and look to the end result, we will get there. And we cannot keep questioning things, keeping score. Trust that it will be and allow it to happen.

    Kind of reminds of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz- she kept looking for others to save her, to send her home. In the end she discovered she had the answers all along.

    Releasing resistance. Well-Being is always flowing to us and through us. The only thing stopping it is our resistance and negative beliefs. When we can Let go of all of that and allow the stream of Well- Being to flow freely to us and through us..we are well.

    So to simplify- Let go, let god! Focus on the end result and know it will be! And it happens and people think it was a magical healing. not remembering they held those abilities all along.

    Have a beautiful week ALL ♥

    Love and light,


  3. Claire

    Hi John,
    I’m healing a heart problem linked to stress, many events and people last year in my life give me a terrible pressure. I worked with the Seth books, but I do this for a long time and I recognize that in every time this is a opportunity to remember who I am… and what is the world…
    My father died of cancer in 92 and I learned a lot with the disease. Also learned to see the death differently, I was profoundly happy to talk with him and he was not afraid to die, he thought he had an appointment with the great mystery and hoped to see me later on the other side . At the time of his death, I told him to follow the Light … but I did not even know what I’m talking about …
    Yvan Amar, a french spiritual teacher who was born with a chronic disease said:
    “If somebody cures me and removes my pain, I also wish that he raises me at the level of consciousness that I would have achieved if I had even solved that this pain had to learn me. Otherwise, if he leaves me in the same state of consciousness having removed my pain, he steals me the tool of my growth that this disease can be.”
    Now I recognise that life is the miracle, breath is the miracle… to be on Earth is the miracle… I see better the illusion of separation that I had intuition in my past, and I see a “spiritual conspiracy” with many teachers of non duality helping all over the world. This illusion was the disease of the world and it’s changing. We need to heal for ourself, our family and the Earth.
    Gratitude for the words of Spirit… Faith and trust are challenge of our experiences, we are waking up together in this time… and it’s beautiful, each on its path and as fast as he can.
    I hope you understand my english… I wish you a very good day 🙂

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Claire, for sharing your experiences. I agree with Yvan Amar — there is a difference between curing and healing.

      Thanks again. By the way, your English is better than that of some whose native language is English. 🙂

  4. Joseph

    Spirit hit the nail on the head when he stated,” Healing—whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—results from your willingness and openness to be healed.” As Jeshua and all other masters/avatars would tell you, ‘only you can heal yourself.’ As spirit state, “It is much easier to you to attribute healing power to something or someone outside yourselves. For example, a medical doctor, a spiritual healer, a drug, surgery, etc. Nonetheless, it is always your belief that is the natural stimulant to real healing.”

    It is the individuals willingness to accept and allow in the energy of the practioner that does the actual healing or as some perceive it – the miracle. The practioner/healer is only adding focus and amplification to the energy of love that then is accepted by the patient, thus allowing it into their body and subtle energy fields where it naturally knows where it is needed.

    With the advancement in communication we are of course hearing of more ‘miracles’ and also more are becoming aware of the higher awareness’s that explain what is required for ‘natural healings’ to take place.

    And, yes, if an individual does not believe they can be healed energetically/naturally, they have set up a block to allowing in the love energy needed to clear their discord. “True healing is no more complicated than that.” as Spirit stated.

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