Last week I had a long, vivid dream. When I finally awakened from it I was drenched in sweat, and feeling emotionally drained.

The details are not important, but in the dream I was in a dangerous situation where I felt vulnerable and threatened—and stuck.

Then it dawned on me I was not stuck there—I was free to end the dream. So I decided to just get the hell out of there. I woke up immediately.

I knew such an emotionally charged dream must carry an important message for me. But I didn’t know what it was.

So I asked one of my spirit guides, to explain. He said there was a situation in my life I needed to walk away from—to just get the hell out of there. I had no idea what he meant, and he did not offer to elaborate.

Within about 30 minutes it all became obvious to me. There was a situation, a relationship with someone I’d been working with. It had long felt vaguely uneasy to me. But I had done nothing about it. I just allowed it to drag on and on.

Then the dream message came to me with startling clarity: Get the hell out of there—in this case, the work relationship. So I ended the relationship that morning.


One of the problems we often see with humans is that you live your lives unconsciously.

That is exactly what John was doing in that work relationship. He’d felt a vague sense of uneasiness about it, as he said. But he did not examine the uneasiness, nor did he do anything to rid himself of it.

Now, we’re not picking on John, as he’s normally pretty self-aware. But he wasn’t in this case.

This what we mean by living your lives unconsciously. The solution, obviously, is to stop doing that—and to live your lives with awareness.

Often when you are not living your lives with full awareness you can step into a place where uneasiness, discomfort, and even pain become so familiar they seem normal. Then you get into all kinds of problems.

So we urge you to pay attention to everything happening in your life. That’s awareness.

The best way to be aware, and to develop the habit of awareness, is to be fully present in every moment. Give your full attention to what’s in front of you in the present moment.

Then you will no longer live your lives unconsciously. You will instead live them with full awareness. You will also notice a far greater degree of inner peace when you live in the present moment.

When you do that you will know, as John did, in his words, “when to get the hell out of there.” But he waited until the universe almost literally forced him out of there, in a rather drastic way. He could have done it easily and effortlessly, simply by being more aware.

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Do you pay attention to your dreams? What important messages have they brought you? Do stay stuck in situations you could easily move beyond? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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