If You Never Quit You Will Always Be A Winner by John Cali

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer. But I didn’t think I had the talent. When I was in college Rod, an older cousin of mine who happened to be a senior editor at Newsweek Magazine, read an article I’d written for one of my classes.

He said it was very good, and I was a talented writer. I wondered if he was just saying that because we were close family. So I let it all go. But I never forgot his words of encouragement. It was obvious he believed in me, though I didn’t believe in myself then.

Many years later I did start writing professionally. One thing led to another, and here I am today doing what I love. This work with Spirit may not have ever happened if it had not been for Rod’s belief in me.

We all need someone, at some point in our lives, who believes in us when we do not believe in ourselves. Rod was that someone for me. Although he’s long gone now, I remain eternally grateful to him for seeing in me what I could not see in myself—and for always supporting me.

Here’s a powerfully touching story of a man who believed in someone and supported him, against all odds.

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Have you ever had someone like Rod, or the father in the video, who lifted you up? Someone who perhaps changed your life? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Chuck

    i have not really had some one person like Rod in my life. But i always looked up to someone and somehow learnt things from them. Earlier it used to some sports stars that i admired for some characteristics, and some other self development gurus but now its been more from Spiritual gurus/experts like Spirit of john.

    For 40 yrs i was always conditioned to think only action gets me results and i was too dependent only on my 5 senses and judgmental and making up my own perception of lack or even +ve things which were still my own perception. Until i started to follow Spiritual advice since year and half and have been pleasantly surprised at how much better it is just to chill and follow your passion, excitement, joy etc. and the sense of peace and ease that accompanied with it.
    That still had some action for me but it was not because i am supposed to, or should do to get certain results i had in my mind to get better than someone etc. Things are much smoother and in flow since i left out attachment and instead just enjoyed what’s in front of me w/o much ego. I am still work in progress but i have a good feeling i am not going to quit this spiritual and inner guidance led way of doing things and be a winner!! So my Rod has been all the amazing teachers of spirituality, about higher self, inner guidance etc who are constantly lifting me up.

  2. Risa Franco

    Yes my husband is a professional artist. He came to the U.S. in 1978 to pursue his dream. He met a lady who taught English and she saw his talent and they supported him by telling him to quit his job bought a house for him to live in and encouraged him 100% to where he is today. The Starr’s have since passed away but were his angels here on earth and life. Hopefully their are more people like them out there. Manuel S. Franco~www.msfranco.com~

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