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We are speaking of “Reality” as it exists from the 7th Dimension here.)

There is so much information, ancient and current, about the concept of Twin Flames and how to find them, what they are, etc.

I want to share what the Q4 have shared with me about this concept of “Twin Flames” and finding that one special person in physical form we believe is the other half of the whole we perceive our self to be.

By sharing this information I am in no way implying that what is the current accepted truth of a “Twin Flame” is not Truth.

One thing we are beginning to understand as more of us move into existing more fully in the Multi-dimensional realms is that “Truth” is relative to any given dimension.

My personal experience with “Truth” as it relates to dimensional frequency is that what is seen and known as “Full Truth” within the 4th dimension is not necessarily “Full Truth” in the 5th and 6th dimensions; nor is what is “Full Truth” in the 5th and 6th dimensions necessarily “Full Truth” in the 7th dimension.

What I have experienced is that each dimension gives an EXPANDED version of any given Truth that only exists and operates in such manner within the dimension in which it is known and belongs.

What this means is that just because we know a “Truth”, what it implies and how it operates within Higher Frequency Dimensions does not negate knowing a “Truth” and what it implies and how it operates in lower Frequency Dimensions from being any less True to that Frequency Dimensional Reality.

This is one of the first things to understand and accept about being Multi-dimensional.

With that stated I now share the following.

Twin Flames

This yearning we often feel within our self to seek out and connect with a “Twin Flame” has become a somewhat distorted concept as interpreted as we have moved into denser frequency dimensional realities.

As our Collective Consciousness moved deeper into the lower frequency realms we continued to reinterpret this information as best we could within each consecutively denser realm.

By doing this we kept alive knowledge that we were more than we could easily view and understand our selves to be, yet we lost the fuller understanding of what it really meant.

This deep desire and yearning we have is created by emotions of aloneness and being disconnected from something we cannot pinpoint and name, but never-the-less have a knowing exists. These specific emotions and knowing are a mechanism purposely created and set within our energy matrix to spur us into searching for what it is we know exists that we are to reconnect with.

The Individual Twin Flame

The more expanded Truth of the concept of “Twin Flames” is that what we are truly seeking to reconnect with is an Aspect of Self we often term our “Higher Self.”

This is the portion of our fuller Self that stayed in the Higher Frequency Realities at the point where we began moving into denser frequency realms, and knew this information and knowledge would become distorted and eventually almost completely lost.

Our Higher Self exists within the frequency dimensions that still see, understand and know the fuller truth of this “Reality” we are currently in from a much expanded perspective.

At the Individual level, the Human Aspect of Self we currently exist as is the Masculine Energy Flow Frequency of this “Twin Flame”. The Masculine Frequency is the Active/Conscious frequency, and has a Solar energy influence. It is the God energy.

The Feminine Energy Flow is the Higher Self Aspect of Self currently existing within the Higher Frequency Dimensional Reality from which we began our descent into the denser frequency realms. The Feminine Frequency is the Passive/Subconscious frequency energy and has a Lunar energy influence. It is the Goddess energy.

Why is the yearning/desire to connect with another person in human form as a Twin Flame so strong?

A simple explanation is that we are all a part of ONE Collective Consciousness and we reflect for one another that which we seek. Subconsciously we can see in other humans the energy of the Higher Self.

Finding a person in any lifetime that can reflect this so strongly from the human form is a true gift, and in the denser frequency realities is in many ways a physical “Twin Flame”. But they are not your Higher Self “Twin Flame” Aspect of Self.

The Collective Consciousness Twin Flame

Just as the individual human self we are has a “Twin Flame” Higher Self we desire to reconnect with, so too does the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

The “Twin Flame” the Collective Consciousness wishes to reconnect with is it’s (our) Multi-dimensional Self.

Just as we as the Individual we are feels and perceives its Self to be alone and disconnected, always seeking what will fulfill its Self to a state of Wholeness, so too does the Collective Consciousness experience this.

At this level the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is the Masculine/Active/Conscious Energy Flow Frequency of this “Twin Flame” seeking to reunite its two parts and the Multi-dimensional Aspect of Self is the Feminine/Passive/Subconscious Energy Flow Frequency.

The Feminine Frequencies (Passive/Subconscious) of both these “Twin Flame” Aspects of Self keep a tethering line of subtle subconscious communication between their self and their Masculine (Active/Conscious) Frequency counterpart. That is the work of the Feminine, to hold form, and subtly without force, constantly be receptive to the Masculine Frequency’s actions. In contrast, it is the work of the Masculine Frequency to move in Action creating form, ever seeking and flowing in constant movement and expansion.

The first step in creating a stronger and clearer communications link is to make a connection with and activate the etheric subtle Galactic body. Soon I will share a guided audio meditation leading you through this process.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation
Essence Ka tha’ras

Excerpted from:October 2013 Monthly Frequency Overview


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About Essence Ka tha’ras

Essence Ka tha’ras is a Spiritual Growth Guide and Awakening Facilitator who began assimilating Multi-dimensional Aspects of Self in 1999. Currently she is an Agent of Communication working with the Q4 of Shambahalla & the Ancient-Future Earth City of Light, as well as other Multi-Dimensional Beings. She writes extensively sharing the information received from the Q4 and is also a Master Metatronic Numerologist, as well as an Energy Worker and Reader. She has been making Energetic Essences for over 30 years. She lives in East Texas.

Website: Shambahalla & New Earth
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6 Responses

  1. Shih-Min

    Allow us to clarify, if you feel the need to classify energy/frequency into Masculine and Feminine:

    “Speak your truth fearlessly” is of Masculine Energy.
    “Speak your truth kindly” is of Feminine Energy.

    “Live your truth of harmony, balance, and love, and let your truth shines through your existence, with speech or not” is of your connection to Higher-frequency Consciouness.
    “Live your truth, and meanwhile remain humble and open-minded — meaning that your truth is accompanied by the willingness to learn & improve & expand — ” is of your connection to Multi-dimensional Consciousness.

    So you can see that Feminine Energy is not “passive”, not “constantly be receptive to the Masculine Frequency’s actions.” It takes more spiritual strength to achieve acts of non-violence towards self & others.

    To maintain a subtle&wise balance between our Masculine and Feminine Energy is an important course of learning in our life journey.

    Blessings and love,

    • Essence Ka tha'ras

      Greetings Shih-Min,
      I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the ways in which the Masculine and Feminine frequencies and energies operate in their translation in our present projected time frame reality.
      I especially resonate with this statement of yours…

      “Speak your truth fearlessly” is of Masculine Energy.
      “Speak your truth kindly” is of Feminine Energy.”

      May we continue our Sacred Journey as the Divine Beings we truly are, ever loving and ever expanding.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation

      Essence Ka tha’ras

  2. Corine

    That’s the way I thought just a feb years ago. I felt alone and depressed a lot. I was seeking for a twin flame to complete me! Now I’ve developed and grown a lot and I feel connected all the time and with that the loneliness and depressions disappeared. I love life now,even at ” difficult” moments. when you feel one of the whole,your life changes dramatically and you feel happy all the time. Finding a twin flame is not important anymore !

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Corine. I agree — there’s more to life than finding a twin flame. As you said, if “you feel one of the whole,” it becomes less important.

      I think where some folks go astray is when they’re looking for someone to “complete” them — as if they were not already whole and complete. When you know that — and you’re looking for a partner — you’ll attract someone who feels the same.

    • Essence Ka tha'ras

      Greetings Corine,

      Thank you so much for sharing of yourself and your journey of growth and understanding.

      Just as you and John have stated, it is the seeking outside of our self for that which will make us (feel) whole and complete that we attract to us one who mirrors for us this very image of ourself. In a way you can say this is the Universe sending us assistance in coming to the realization that what we are seeking can only be found within.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation

      Essence Ka tha’ras

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