Is It Possible the World Really Will End on December 21? by John Cali

Today is December 1. Just 20 days from now, on December 21, we and our world will be destroyed. Or so the doomsayers, including Hollywood, say.

As “coincidence” would have it, December 21 is also the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere—the darkest day of the year.

There are folks who believe the end is at hand because they believe the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

Even if that was to happen, it would not necessarily happen to everyone on the planet. Yet if the whole world does end, how could some escape that fate?

The spirit guide Seth, as channelled by Jane Roberts, once said there was an alternate reality where World War 2 ended in a nuclear holocaust. Obviously, none of us—or our parents or grandparents—experienced that reality.

I believe there are folks who, on December 21, will experience the end of the world. The rest of us will simply go on with our lives.

So, yes, the world really will end on December 21 for those who believe it will.

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What do you think about the Mayan Calendar and December 21? Are you afraid, or just ignoring it? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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  2. Conshana

    A massive shift in Consciousness would be the same as the world terminating for many. One leaves an old way of life behind, because of the influx of new and more valid information than one was operating with before. John, you have been sharing information on this idea for YEARS, ever since “Sentinels”, and so have other enlightened souls, and the “tipping point” is soon to be reached. Some will be able to handle the change, others will not be able to. And many are foreseeing a mass migration of souls leaving who cannot handle the influx of energy soon to be released. How? Only The Supreme Creator Himself knows, at this moment. And for many of us, that’s okay !!
    A Blessed and Merry Christmas to All.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Conshana!

      A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you too, dear friend and brother!

  3. Ed

    I personally went through a period of about a year, where I really questioned whether the world would end on Dec 21, 2012. I searched, read and watched a lot. I found you John, and others, that through their channeling have helped me remember and learn so much.

    I believe we were headed for the end of the world, which was to begin in 2000, and probably would have finished us off by the end of 2012, but we made it past this “marker” of our demise. It was a prophecy in the bible, by Nostradamus and many more. From my research, humanity has been through this 4 other times over the last 100,000 years, but has been unable to make it to this point … until now.

    We have been in a phase of new growth and awareness for the last 18 years and will continue in it for the next 18 more. Exciting times are here, and we are changing quickly, however we still have a long way to go. Because the changes we will experience on a personal, physical, spiritual and social level are monumental, they will take generations. But we are changing, and those that can step “outside of their reality” and see the big picture, will see that we are making progress.

    God is patient. We are God.
    Learn to love yourself and you will help the world.

    Love & light,


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Ed, for your wise comments. These are indeed exciting times!


  4. Rene

    I’m not really surprised that there are still masses of people believing in what the media and religious groups, Fear based mind control agenda. It’s certainly their choices to believe or not. I do agree John, that for these people their world will certainly end. But for the rest of us that know who we are,,,,Well it’s another day of celebration in paradise,,,,,every second in the Now, and it keeps on getting better all the time. Love and Peace to All.


  5. jerry

    Thanks for this question, John!

    I feel we are participating in something we have never gone through, before. Personally, I am very interested in what this alignment with the galactic center may or may not cause. Gaia moving to a new higher frequency, along with us, while still embodied is intriguing. I don’t know how many years this will take, but, I would like to stay here and go through the process since this is the first time god has done this.

    I hope we all have fun with it and truly realize how powerful we are.


  6. deborah

    I haven’t paid much attention over the years to what the mayan calendar predicts or doesn’t predict, but anything is “possible” so I suppose it’s possible the world could end on the 21st, but I doubt it’s probable it will.

    My friends and I are having an “end of the world” party. Hey, at least it’s a good reason to have a party.Lol

  7. Martha

    hi John,
    My intuition and guidance has shown me that we are coming to the end of a 2,000 year cycle which signals the gradual shift into 4th and eventually 5th Dimensional reality.
    My understanding of this is that we are coming to the end of the old world reality as we have known it but not the end of the world.

    I am excited about this shift! For me it cant happen fast enough. Trying to operate in dense 3D has felt like trying to live your life moving through thick pea soup. Everything I have been shown about living 4 D and 5 D feels positive and wonderful. It seems that in spite of all appearances to the contrary, on the part of the humans Earth has succeeded in making the leap into a higher dimensional way of being. This means we will be joining up, at least those who choose to, with greater potentialities of Light previously beyond our understanding. I attribute this leap to the cultivation and strong desire for Peace Love And Light on the part of millions of human beings over the last 2000 years, who through strong intent, desire, expectation, prayers, meditation, expressions of great music, arts and the cultivation of love and good thoughts, words and deeds and the rays of benevolence emanating from fhe human heart and free will which made this shift possible. It’s ALL a CHOICE.
    I also believe that Earth was kind of an experiment. And much to everyones amazement, we have succeeded! It is all about the Light. It is all about the Love. LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR.
    Having said that, Im not sure whats going to happen, or what it’s actually going to look like.

    John – I am wondering if you can elaborate what you mean by the world ending for some people, but not for others? Im wondering WHAT THAT MIGHT LOOK LIKE?

    in a way, it could be said (and has been) that we currently have been living on a planet containing two worlds, or two separate realities/thought systems.

    The recent elections would be a good example of this. Two paradigms so night and day different they do not even speak the same language.
    The Fear Power Control Base that wanted to reach back and maintain the same old same old and the EMPOWERED LOVE LIGHT INSPIRED BASE that wants to “LEAN FORWARD” and expand creation through enlightened thinking.

    Unlimited universe ~ unlimited realities.
    One thing I know is true: it’s so much bigger than we have been previously led to believe.

    I don’t know what it’s going to look like. And it might get a little rough around the edges. And like any birth, it could get a little messy even.
    But I just know, in full faith, that it will be good.

    This is because my soul has such a strong hunger for the TRUTH that would set me free, it overrides anything that would keep me bound.


    • John Cali

      Thank you, Martha. It’s an exciting time we’re living in.

      You asked: I am wondering if you can elaborate what you mean by the world ending for some people, but not for others? Im wondering WHAT THAT MIGHT LOOK LIKE?

      If you read the related posts at the bottom of this post, you might get some idea of what an alternate reality might look like. I don’t believe it would be radically different from whatever the people believe and expect.

  8. Mikala

    The Mayan calendar does not say the world will end in December. The calendars were written as cycles. The current calendar cycle will end and the next begin. There was a cycle prior to the current calendar. People have used many various writings and events to claim that on such and such a date the world will end. We’ve lived through those dire warnings. Why folks want the drama and fear is beyond me. If you want to know what the calendar is all about, ask a modern day Mayan who still works in the old ways.

    Truth is always a good way to avoid fear.

    And, aren’t we looking to change the world as we know it anyway? Aren’t we looking for a world of peace, love, and light for everyone on the planet? Wouldn’t that demand an end to the way this world is now?

    In my vision I see all children and adults healthy and well fed with a home that is a great shelter, filled with communal love and support. I see people the world over working together and sharing whatever is needed, and equality for all is guaranteed. That will certainly require some radical changes to what we have now.

    Fear? No.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Mikala.

      I agree with you. From what I know of the Mayan calendar, they were not predicting the end of the world — only, as you said, the beginning of a new cycle.

      The biggest change, in my opinion, will be the shift to a higher consciousness — we’re already seeing that. The old ways are crumbling. This truly is a new age, the biggest shift most of us have seen in our lifetimes.

  9. Jeanne White

    Apparently, it is not enough to truly believe with all your heart, mind and soul. Look at the reaction of the republicans to the election. They were gobsmacked. They had no plan B because there was no need for a Plan B. 🙂 Romney did not even have a concession speech written.

    Here is a excerpt from a speech by a modern day Mayan, Evo Morales, President of Bolivia at the UN General Assembly 67 Session

    “And I would like to say that according to the Mayan Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the Macha & the beginning of the Pacha. It is the end of selfishness & the beginning of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism and the beginning of collectivism… the 21st of December this year.

    The scientists know very well that this marks the end of an anthropocentric life and the beginning of a biocentric life. It is the end of hatred & the beginning of love. The end of lies and the beginning of truth. It is the end of sadness and the beginning of joy. It is the end of division & the beginning of unity. This is a theme to be developed, that is why… we invite you, those who bet on mankind, we invite those who want to share their instances for the good of mankind”


    • John Cali

      Thank you, Jeanne.

      That sounds good — “…the end of hatred & the beginning of love.” For years, that’s what many of us have been saying we want.

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