The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

That’s a pretty strong statement. When I first heard it, years ago, I did not accept it. But now I see the wisdom in it.

So every now and then I take inventory of my life and my work. Not in a critical or judgemental way, but simply to get an overview of where I am in my personal and work life, and in my relationships. This helps me keep my focus on the path I’ve chosen to follow.

I enlist the help of my spirit guides in this process. Since I can be overly critical of myself, it helps to have a loving, objective perspective. And that’s what my guides provide.

In fact, this weekend I’m taking inventory. It’s usually a fun exercise. It makes it easy, though not always effortless, to see myself, my life, my path through the eyes of Spirit. And then to see the changes I need to make. I don’t always see those clearly until I do this self-examination, with Spirit’s help.

Sometimes those changes involve relationships or work or any number of other areas of my life. As I said, it’s usually fun and always fruitful.

I cannot imagine not doing this exercise regularly. It always feels like a new beginning—a fresh start in life. You leave the past behind and get on with the fun and joy of what lies ahead of you.

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