Is Oneness Possible? By John Cali

In one of our last posts, The Web of Life and Our Global Community, we talked about the oneness of humanity. We’re taking that idea a step farther today.

In the Tuning In movie my spirit guides said God is all that is—literally everything that exists, human and non-human, is God. That, obviously, includes plants, animals, oceans, mountains, etc.

As we said in the above article, “We’re gaining a greater awareness of what our spiritual teachers and guides have been telling us forever—we are all connected. We are one, in every way.

So oneness is not only possible, but it is a fact of life. And that means oneness with all that is. Here is a video that powerfully demonstrates that. Thank you, Barbara, for sending it to us.

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How do you feel about trees? Did the video make you see them in a different way? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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  1. Barbara

    Hi Sarah,

    I deliberately didn’t post a link to the Newbury video because it will make you cry. If you are sure you have tissues to hand, I shall post it at the end of this. I do love the way the wild horse “has a word” with the police horse.


    • Sarah Drury

      Thank you so much, Barbara. What a powerful video and you’re right, I did have a good cry. How sad to see those mighty oaks butchered and the horses felt it too. x

  2. Martha

    I am reminded of the movie “Shadowlands” where the vicar is consoling C.S. Lewis after his wife has died. He says, “We see so little here”..

    This video brought the same awareness, of this MORE THAN/GREATER THAN we humans in 3D up to now could not see. But this is changing with the dimensional shift.

    May my eyes and heart be opened more and more to the Highest Truth which is LOVE inside myself and all around, each and every day.

    I need to spend more time with the dolphins and whales and trees!
    There was a cherry tree in Central Park I used to love to climb when I was a wee small Martha. Sitting there so at home on that smooth shiny limb, it was my own private moment of peace, and I felt free.
    THANK YOU. little cherry tree!


  3. Martha

    Watching this made me feel very very good.

    Thank you Barbara and John, for sharing the wisdom of our tree brothers and sisters

    This is a touchstone for me. A beautiful way to reconnect. I’ve been passing it on and people are loving it.



    • Barbara

      You are most welcome, Martha. I am glad you enjoyed it and are passing it on. I absolutely love trees.


  4. Robin Becker

    Thank you so much for sharing the was beautiful. I never really knew that much about trees but remember as a child I was happiest in one. We had big beautiful Willows and were all climbable and I always felt so good there. Especially when there was a breeze and all the leaves shimmered. I felt and believed that the tree was alive..funny how that stuff fades out as we get move away from our knowing.

    I am really starting to grasp the Oneness of ALL. – Every being, everything and love is what connects it all ♥

    Very inspiring! Thanks John

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Robin. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


  5. Ed Peterson

    A good video, thank you for sharing.
    Yes having watched it, I feel somewhat different about trees although I have personally always felt a strong connection with nature.
    I think it will take many generations before our full understanding of our connection to All That Is, is understood by all, As many that are securely anchored in 3D, will need to follow the traditional life-cycle, before they can reincarnate into a life of understanding.
    The old energy dies hard, and for some, the only way to release it is through death and rebirth. Through generations, we will all move into the new consciousness of oneness, and we will have a world of peace.

  6. Micki

    I love this John, I have worked with plants and trees for over 25 years and what a privilege that was, propagating, growing and planting and watching Mother Nature at her best and what she was giving us. This film is wonderful, it really portrays what I feel about the environment. Thank you and Barbara so much for bringing it to us and proving again the oneness of all.

    Have a great weekend John,
    Love and hugs,

    • Barbara

      Thank you, Micki. It is a beautiful film isn’t it. It’s lovely to see so many tree lovers here.


  7. Sarah Drury

    What a lovely video, thanks to Barbara for sharing it.
    Its amazing to think how we are all so connected and how nature is interdependent. In my view, we are all energy, the whole universe is a vast sea of energy. We’re just vibrating at different rates which creates an illusion of separateness. I do believe that nature can act as an energy recorder to store and transmit information, just like the beautiful trees. I’m studying crystal healing and sound healing at the moment and its totally amazing learning about energy and vibration. We are all so connected, is amazing!

    • Barbara

      You are very welcome, Sarah. I am glad you enjoyed it. I’ve watched it a few times now and it always makes me stop in wonder at the beauty and wisdom of those magical trees.


      • Sarah Drury

        Hi Barbara
        Makes me wonder if they ‘feel’ pain and trauma. As they have their energy aura, like us, do they actually know, for example, it they are having a limb removed? My late husband was a tree surgeon and very knowledgeable about trees. We used to spend hours walking through the very ancient trees at a place called Little Switzerland in Hull. I always feel so at peace and happy when I’m strolling beneath the magnificent trees.

        • Barbara

          Oooh Sarah, you have hit a nerve with me there. I cringe at the sound of a chain saw and yet, I have bonsai trees. Conflict, dilemma….you bettcha!

          When I lived in Edinburgh, after having lived in the country, my home was filled with plants and I had a particular bonsai that had to live outside. So it lived on the outside kitchen windowsill. It was only a few inches tall, but I promised it that when I found my “forever home” (as I thought then) I would plant it in the earth.

          I moved to the country and fulfilled my promise. And now he’s taller than me. What would have been a very expensive Japanese black pine or something, I can’t recall what his label was, is now a very happy, big, free, tree.

          There is a video on Youtube called wild horses of newbury which has always struck me and made me cry many times.

          You know, what I really think the answer is? Reverence! Honour, respect and gratitude. And when I have to prune my bonsai, I always talk to them and they always thrive.

          Reverence. Love, honour and respect, I think are the key to everything.


          • Sarah Drury

            Thanks, Barbara, for your lovely Bonsai story.
            I love what you said about reverence and I was thrilled that your little tree found its home in nature and was able to grow wild and free. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of nature was free to just be, including us humans? I will try and find the wild horses video. Thanks, Barbara and love to you too.

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